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'There is no such thing as past or future': physicist Carlo Rovelli on changing how we think about time | Books | The Guardian
“If I observe the microscopic state of things,” writes Rovelli, “then the difference between past and future vanishes … in the elementary grammar of things, there is no distinction between ‘cause’ and ‘effect’.”
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Alex Allmont
"Play House is an automata that generates slow hypnotic acid house through mechanisms built from LEGO Technic."
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IT.podcast.s07.e01: BMG Live at No Way Back - 10th Anniversary by ithqdetroit | Free Listening on SoundCloud
IT.podcast.s07.e01: BMG Live at No Way Back - 10th Anniversary by ithqdetroit Here is BMG DJing at the No Way Back 10th Anniversary in Detroit. After Erika’s set, he played a solo live set composed specially for this party, followed by this DJ set, directly before Patrick Russell took over sometime around 6AM.
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Notre Dame clears building after small explosion in laboratory
Authorities evacuated an academic building at the University of Notre Dame following a small chemical explosion in a laboratory.

University spokesman Dennis Brown says the explosion occurred Monday morning on the third floor of the Stinson-Remick Hall of Engineering.

He says “a staff member was working with some acidic solutions and there was a small explosion. The acid washed up onto her so she was treated immediately.”

Brown says the unidentified staff member was transported to a hospital as a precaution.

The building was expected to reopen later Monday.
us_IN  laboratory  explosion  injury  acid 
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