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'The Class Ceiling' Decodes the Cultures of Elite Workplaces - The Atlantic
When two sociologists interviewed highly paid architects, TV producers, actors, and accountants, they encountered work cultures that favor the already affluent.
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Don’t Clam Up When Life Brings You Down
Why do we of­ten feel the need to pre­tend our lives are bet­ter than they re­ally are? When you’re fight­ing to keep your­self go­ing, some­times what can help is a proper, out-loud ac­count­ing of what you’re go­ing through. Ad­mit­ting that your life is not ex­actly the Coun­try Fair Jam­boree may be the first step to get­ting it there.

At a low point in my life, when it was a chore just try­ing to keep out of bed, I ven­tured into a bar that I knew wasn’t very pop­u­lar. There I sat down in front of a bar­tender who turned out to be ex­actly my age.

I as­sumed he was do­ing bet­ter than I was, so when we started talk­ing, I scarcely went into my trou­bles. But he, too, was in a trough of one of life’s waves. With­out hes­i­ta­tion, he told me that he was col­lect­ing un­em­ploy­ment, his hours at the bar were few, and he couldn’t find work in his ac­tual pro­fes­sion.

That bar­tender be­came my friend. I re­spected his can­dor, which made it eas­ier for me to share my own prob­lems. When he first told me that he was push­ing 40 and un­able to find work, he didn’t come across as frag­ile. In­stead my thought was: “This guy is im­pres-sive. He’s solid in his be­lief about him­self. He has a prob­lem to deal with, and he knows there’s no point in try­ing to save face by pre­tend­ing it’s not there.”
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You Haven't Achieved Anything Yet - Siddha Performance
There is perhaps no greater limiting factor in a man’s life than society and his peers. Because they place socially acceptable limits upon him. They are the nail in his coffin!
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