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UPDATE: 'Explosion' at Phoenix post office involved acetone
PHOENIX (AP) — Authorities in Phoenix say a reported chemical spill at a post office Saturday turned out to involve a shattered glass bottle of acetone, which is used in nail polish remover.

Hazardous-materials personnel and police had responded to a report of a package exploding and Fire Department spokesman said three postal workers had "minor complaints" to their exposure to the then-unidentified chemical.

Fire Capt. Danny Gile later said the chemical was acetone and that "there was no malicious intent suspected" in connection with the package.
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8 weeks ago by dchas
South Philly residents voice concerns over fumes after Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery explosion
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Some residents from South Philadelphia continue to say they are still being bothered by odors and fumes coming from the soon-to-be shuttered Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery.

At 24th and Passyunk Wednesday afternoon, about three-quarters of a mile from the plant, Danny Trignani said he and his wife were driving into the area today when both notice what smelled like a chemical solvent.
"It smelled like acetone, like nail polish remover," he said.

Others said while it is not a constant problem, they smell what appears to be petroleum fumes that can sting their eyes.
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july 2019 by dchas
UPDATE: Marshfield apartment building evacuated after household chemical spill
Four people were sent to the hospital to be checked over after a household chemical mishap and evacuation at an apartment building for the elderly in Marshfield Friday night.

Deputy Fire Chief Troy Weiland tells NewsChannel 7 they got a call just after 9pm that there was a strange smell coming from a hallway in the Cedar Rail Apartments on South Cedar Street.

Once crews arrived on the scene, they traced the smell to one apartment. Weiland says one person had spilled an acetone-based product and used bleach to try to clean it up, creating the noxious fumes.

Residents of the three-story building were evacuated to another owned by the same company. Four people, two residents and the first two police officers on the scene were sent to the hospital to be checked over. At least one had burning eyes. Weiland says the checkup by the doctors was mostly precautionary.
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february 2019 by dchas
LAFD reports now-cleared chemical explosion at Boyer Hall, 1 minor injury
A chemical explosion in a South Campus laboratory that injured a UCLA employee was reported by the Los Angeles Fire Department this afternoon.

LAFD reported an acetone explosion in a laboratory fume hood in Boyer Hall at 2:18 p.m. Ricardo Vazquez, a UCLA spokesperson, said a chemical spill was prevented because the incident occurred under a fume hood.

One employee suffered superficial burn injuries to his hand and has been treated at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, said Administrative Vice Chancellor Michael Beck.

Beck added that UCPD and LAFD cleared the incident this afternoon, and UCLA Environmental Health and Safety is now cleaning up the area.
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february 2019 by dchas
One taken to hospital after exposure to cleaning supplies near Gotha
One person was taken to the hospital Thursday after being exposed to cleaning supplies, according to Orange County Fire Rescue.

The person was cleaning a bathroom and became sick from the acetone, fire rescue said.

It happened about 7:30 p.m. at a home in the 1000 block of Melontree Court near Gotha.

The person was conscious and alert when taken to Health Central Hospital.
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september 2018 by dchas
West Footscray factory fire: Health concerns from smoke, chemicals
A TWISTED 44 gallon drum full of dirty chemicals lies on the ground at West Footscray where it flew through the air propelled by a massive explosion three weeks ago.

The mix of grease, oil and acetone residues ooze out of the drum.

It’s a stark reminder of how dangerous and how out of control the factory fire of August 30 was before it raged — contained by still spewing poisonous smoke — for several days.

Weeks after drums filled with chemicals exploded and black smoke forced local residents to close their doors and windows and wait for clear air, those same residents say they’re experiencing bizarre side effects including nose bleeds, headaches and “weeping yellow pus”.
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september 2018 by dchas
Killeen homes evacuated due to strong odor
KILLEEN, TX - People in several Killeen neighborhoods are glad to be in their homes Saturday evening after a mandatory evacuation. 

Police say a Hazmat was called in to check on strong odor smelling like Acetone in the area of Connell Drive and Melissa Court, just yards away from Peebles Elementary School. 

Homes in the area of W.S.Young were evacuated for about six hours and the streets were blocked off. 

People were asked to go to the Gilmore Senior Center and then later to the Killeen Community Center. 

Fox 44 spoke with several homeowners, who say they are shocked this was not a big drug bust after someone made a narcotics call. 

Officers say that was not the case, but it was a truck that was the culprit. 

Ofelia Miramontez, the spokesperson for the Killeen Police Department says, "The smell was emitting from a ruptured fuel tank from a vehicle containing old fuel."

Linda Ament, a resident says, "I smelled the smell like finger nail polish remover and it made me dizzy and sick and nauseated like I wanted to vomit." 
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september 2018 by dchas
Melbourne fire billows toxic smoke
Toxic black smoke is billowing across parts of west Melbourne as firefighters battle a massive factory fire.

The fire in West Footscray began early this morning and more than 80 firefighters were fighting the blaze.

Residents said they were hearing loud explosions.

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) said 30 trucks and cherry picker aerial appliances were being used at the scene.

MFB acting deputy chief officer Ken Brown said the storage factory acontained acetone and a welding chemical, and explosions posed a risk to firefighters when they arrived.

“We had some 44-gallon drums explode and fly through the air.”
Australia  industrial  explosion  response  acetone 
august 2018 by dchas
Hyderabad: Chemist injured in chemical reactor blast
Hyderabad: A chemist working in a pharma company at Sanathnagar sustained injuries in a chemical reactor explosion on Thursday evening. The incident occurred due to overheating of a chemical and water mixture as a part of regular chemical formulations. The injured has been identified as Varaprasad, 27, employee of Bio-Chemical Synthetics Private Limited located at Jimkalawadi under Sanath Nagar Police Station limits. SI J Venkat said that a case has been booked and the injured has been shifted to hospital. Biochemical & Synthetic Products Limited is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of bulk drugs and intermediates. Around 150 workers work in the company. At 6.30 pm on Thursday, a loud blast rocked the unit and soon there was smoke all over. It was later found out that a chemical reactor inside the unit had exploded.

Sources from the company said that six workers were working at the reactor. As a regular process, they mixed acetone with water and were heating the mixture. Usually it has to be heated to a maximum of 75 degrees, but due to overheating, the mixture reacted, leading to the blast. All the workers were out on a tea break and escaped.
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april 2018 by dchas
A chemical spill, unchecked eyewash stations, poor training: Audit details Cal State's lax lab safety
In May 2016, two bottles tumbled off a poorly supported shelf and broke, leading to a chemical spill in a Sacramento State University lab.
The liquid got onto one student's legs and soaked another's feet.
Five employees cleaned up the mess, even though no one knew for sure what it was and whether it was dangerous. They called fellow employee Kim Harrington, their union representative, to let her know what happened.
The spill initially was thought to be all acetone — a solvent used in many nail polish removers that can irritate the nose, throat, eye and skin at moderate to high levels of exposure. The campus did not identify the liquid until the next day, when staff determined that the broken bottles contained not only acetone but another more harmful solvent called dimethylformamide, a known liver toxin that can cause abdominal pain, dizziness, skin problems and nausea.
"No one knew exactly what it was so they cleaned it up the wrong way," Harrington said. "Two students were burned, and our staff was exposed to it. That started us down the road of trying to figure out … how safe is this environment?"
us_CA  laboratory  follow-up  environmental  acetone  solvent 
april 2018 by dchas
Woman critical after man pours acetone on her on Near North Side
CHICAGO -- A woman was hospitalized in critical condition Wednesday night after a man poured nail polish remover on her during a fight in their Near North Side home.

The pair, both 59 years old, were involved in the fight shortly after 8 p.m. at their home in the first block of West Chicago, when the man poured "a quantity of a toxic chemical" on the woman, according to Chicago Police.

A police source said the man doused her in acetone, the active ingredient in nail polish remover.

The woman "inhaled the substance, resulting in severe respiratory distress," police said. She was taken in critical condition to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

The man has been located, police said. The nature of their relationship was not disclosed - police referred to him as an "acquaintance" - but the incident may have been domestic-related.
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october 2017 by dchas
Acetone Fumes May Have Caused House Fire Near Camdenton
CAMDEN COUNTY, Mo. — Fire damaged a home on State Route V, Saturday afternoon, and authorities think the flammable chemical acetone might be to blame.

According to the Mid County Fire Protection District, firefighters were dispatched to the house fire on State Route V just before 4 p.m. on Aug. 5. Crews found the fire had begun on the home’s lower floor but had spread to the upper floor and attic. They were able to bring the fire under control within 30 minutes, according to the district.

The home was damaged by smoke and heat as well as fire, but no one was injured.

The Mid County Fire Marshal is investigating, but the district says the fire appears to have been accidental, caused by the unintentional ignition of acetone fumes.
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august 2017 by dchas
Storage company Vopak fined for chemical emissions
Vopak Logistics Services USA, part of the Dutch chemical storage company Royal Vopak, was fined $2.5 million for violations of the Clean Air Act, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said on Wednesday.

The EPA claims the company’s mismanagement of equipment released chemicals — including acetone and benzene — into a wastewater treatment system. EPA also alleged that Vopak didn’t follow federal regulations for flaring.

As part of the settlement with the EPA, Vopak will install infrared cameras to detect pollution coming from chemical storage tanks at its Deer Park facility in Harris County.

Chemical emissions, such as chemical solvents or car exhaust, can interact with the atmosphere in the presence of sunlight to create ozone, which can be harmful to human health. The Clean Air Act regulates ozone amount present in the atmosphere.

Vopak’s fine will be split between federal government and the state of Texas. The settlement is still subject to final court approval and a 30-day public comment period. Click here for information on how to comment.
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may 2017 by dchas
Explosion, fire in chemical vault at Johnson Truck Bodies
Firefighters and emergency personnel responded to Johnson Truck Bodies, in Rice Lake, shortly before 3 p.m. Wednesday, April 12, after a reported explosion and resin and acetone tanks were found on fire.
An alarm company first notified the Rice Lake Fire Department around 2:58 p.m., with the first units on scene by 3:02 p.m. Plant personnel said an explosion and fire occurred in a chemical vault and all personnel were accounted for. 
At about 3:15 p.m., Rice Lake police shut down Main Street in the vicinity of the fire and downwind from the smoke.
Firefighters used Class B firefighting foam and the sprinkler system to extinguish the fire, which was put out by 3:21 p.m.
No employees or firefighters were injured. The streets were reopened by 4 p.m.
The chemical fire involved both resin and acetone, used at the plant. The explosion occurred in the plant’s chemical vault, which sustained heavy structural damage. 
us_WI  transportation  explosion  response  acetone  resin 
april 2017 by dchas
Chemical spill closes I-75S
HENRY COUNTY, Ga. - Emergency crews were on the scene of an overturned tanker truck at I-75 South near I-675 on Monday.

The Henry Co. Fire Dept. said the accident caused a chemical spill and had I-75S blocked as the accident was investigated.

According to Captain Michael Black with the Henry Co. Fire Department, 250 gallons of acetone was spilled on the 75/675 connector going southbound.

Thankfully, no one was injured.
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april 2017 by dchas

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