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How Argyle Data Uses Facebook’s PrestoDB and Apache Accumulo to Detect Fraud - The New Stack
Argyle utilizes Presto in conjunction with Apache Accumulo, a distributed key/value store which according to the site is “based on Google’s BigTable design and built on top of Apache Hadoop, Zookeeper, and Thrift.” Argyle uses these data analytics technologies to extract data from telcos and assemble them into key/value stores. This makes query response times 
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april 2018 by ceophs
Apache Accumulo 1.7.3
RT : Apache v 1.7.3 is released with a sizable set of fixes. Release notes at
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april 2017 by aratob
locationtech/geomesa: GeoMesa is a suite of tools for working with big geo-spatial data in a distributed fashion.
"GeoMesa is an open-source, distributed, spatio-temporal database built on top of the Apache Accumulo column family store. GeoMesa implements standard Geotools interfaces to provide geospatial functionality over very large data sets to application developers. GeoMesa provides plugins for exposing geospatial data stored in Accumulo via standards-based OGC HTTP services and cluster monitoring and management tools within the GeoServer administrative interface."
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february 2016 by ebouchut
Now, What Is Hadoop? - by @merv
"Analysts too: I’ve discussed it several times, including a post a year ago called What Is Hadoop….Now? tracking the path from 6 commonly supported projects in 2012 to 15 in June 2014, across a set of distributors that included Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR and IBM. “Support” here means you pay for subscription that explicitly includes the named project."
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july 2015 by jonerp

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