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It’s official: EU Company Registers to go open data (subject to…) – OpenCorporates
We’ve blogged about earlier stages in this process, but this is a huge step for corporate transparency and integrity, meaning that in the future everyone will have access to official company register data, including company ownership, a far cry from where we are today. Of course, this is not the end of matters. There’s both an implementation process (comitology), deciding the exact details of what will be included, and the transposition of the directive into national law. There may also be arguments by member states that there are compelling reasons for delaying (mainly because they have treated company registers as sources of revenue rather than foundations for trusted, fair and transparent business).
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5 days ago by paulbradshaw
Delaware Supply (@delawaresupply) • Instagram photos and videos
5,993 Followers, 964 Following, 245 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Churchkey (@churchkeydc)
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5 days ago by mkatase
Making a metric – The Economist
This coding exercise saved us from a significant amount of tedious document gathering. But alas, the next step in our project involved extracting pay figures from each of our financial statements, one by one. For this task, we enlisted the help of two data-entry professionals from Upwork, a freelancing platform. The assignment, which involved downloading each SEC filing, manually searching for the relevant data and pasting it into a spreadsheet, was completed by each freelance analyst independently. Any discrepancies, which occurred less than 5% of the time, were resolved by us. By outsourcing this work to skilled freelancers, we could focus our attention on reporting and analysis.
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5 days ago by paulbradshaw
Facebook (FB) Removes a Record 2.2 Billion Fake Accounts - Bloomberg
“The larger quantities of fake accounts are driven by spammers who are constantly trying to evade our systems,”

Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg said the company has vastly increased its spending to police its products.

“The amount of capital that we are able to invest in all of the safety systems that go into what we are talking about today -- our budget in 2019 is greater than the whole revenue of our company in the year before we went public in 2012,” he said.
Facebook  statistics  fake  spam  accounts  interesting 
13 days ago by dandv
SPECIAL REPORT: The truth about how faith groups are funded by Bolton Council | The Bolton News
Bolton Hindu Forum (BHF), Bolton Christian Community Cohesion (BCCC) and Bolton Council of Mosques (BCoM), and Bolton Interfaith Council received £2.1 million. More than half of the cash went to BCoM.

Other Christian charities received £2.5 million, including £1.4 million for Urban Outreach and £702,859 for the YMCA.

Bolton Christian Community Cohesion received £377,872 and Zac’s received £20,000.
bolton  dj  ldr  bcom  mosques  faith  accounts  charities  expenditure  urbanoutreach 
17 days ago by paulbradshaw
Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014
Outlines when all councils and other public bodies must make accounts available for inspection
accounts  councils  law 
19 days ago by paulbradshaw
The Peoples Audit – Join The Conversation
In 2015, local residents in England acquired a legal right to inspect, question and challenge items in their council's accounts. Our Aim is to raise awareness of these rights and share lessons learned.

Councils have had time to prepare for this but, like members of the public, it is new to them as well.

We have prepared some detailed guidance of the public's rights to audit council accounts and some audit request templates to help you get started. If you have some lessons to share please do so and we will update the websites and post updates of lessons from around the country as they come to our attention.
accounts  audit  councils  people 
19 days ago by paulbradshaw
Keighley investigation: How a grandmother blew whistle on town council - Yorkshire Post
“I realised they had taken out a loan of £1.1 million to be paid back over 50 years to pay for the Civic Centre; I was really shocked. It would be my great grandchildren’s children paying back that debt.”

On looking deeper, she discovered a catalogue of poor decision making and woeful financial planning which she believed amounted to incompetence.

Claims for payment from consultants had been submitted on “scraps of paper”, valuable items were missing from the asset register and payments for work or services had been made to family members without authorisation. Mrs Mitchell, who lives in Keighley, along with friends and family established a campaign group, Cavetown Council, in February 2013 to lobby for changes. They were told that the Local Government Ombudsman did not investigate parish and town councils and so, after much research, she and eight electors exercised their right to object to the council’s 2012/13 accounts which they put to outside auditors.
accountseg  accounts  councils  yorkshire 
19 days ago by paulbradshaw
Local Audit (Public Access to Documents) Act 2017
Inspection of accounting records by journalists and citizen journalists
(1)Section 26 of the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 (inspection of documents etc) is amended as follows.
(2)In subsection (1) (persons who can inspect accounting records and related documents) after “persons interested” insert “ or any journalist ”.
(3)After that subsection insert—
“(1A)In subsection (1) “journalist” means any person who produces for publication journalistic material (whether paid to do so or otherwise).”
law  accounts  councils 
19 days ago by paulbradshaw
he new owners had no apparent strategy for addressing the club’s financial problems.

No new equity was invested.
Further loan finance was needed, including a £4m loan at an eye-watering 24% interest.
Group companies have since faced a succession of winding up petitions from HMRC and others.
On more than one occasion player and staff wages have not been paid on time.
Despite some cost cutting, the parent company’s operating loss for 2016/17 escalated to £13.5m from the previous year’s £8.1m.
The club and its parent company have consistently failed to file their accounts at Companies House by the due date.
The club has been frequently in breach of EFL regulations and subject to sanctions.
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20 days ago by paulbradshaw
Corporation Tax service
IT Workforce Corporation tax submissions to HMRC and Companies House
24 days ago by stewymac07

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