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Managing focus for accessibility
“If I’m building a single page web app, what should happen to focus when the user clicks some navigation?”
robdodson  2018  video  accessibility  a11y  focus 
6 hours ago by handcoding
The King vs. Pawn Game of UI Design · An A List Apart Article
“Here’s Josh’s thinking: when you strip the game down to its core, everything you learn is a universal principle.”
accessibility  design  buttons  games  learning 
8 hours ago by leereamsnyder
tota11y An accessibility visualization toolkit
herramienta para visualizar problemas de accesibilidad
21 hours ago by gorilas
WebAIM: Color Contrast Checker
herramienta online para chequear contraste de color
accessibility  generator  color  contrast 
22 hours ago by gorilas
CSS outline property - outline: none and outline: 0
web acerca del problema de accesibilidad al quitar el outline en una web
22 hours ago by gorilas
What is web accessibility? |
Alastair Campbell's blog on web accessibilty - good thorough overview
accessibility  citizensonline  nomensa 
yesterday by oddhack
Articles - Axess Lab
Axess archive of accessibility articles
accessibility  citizensonline 
yesterday by oddhack

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