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RT : The is revolutionizing our lives. How does play into it and what does it all mean?…
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10 hours ago by stealingsand
Using aria-live
Many web pages today have their content dynamically changed using Javascript. An example of this is the search page on this blog. When the page is initially loaded, the only content in the <main> section of the page is a search form. But, when you type in a query such as “css” and search, several articles related to that term begin to appear on the page.

If you are looking at the page, it is obvious when the articles appear because you can see the content change. However, if you’re using a screen reader, there is no way to tell exactly when this happens. The aria-live attribute allows us to tell assistive technology what parts of the page are likely to change. With this information, it can listen for changes to those particular elements and notify the user of any updates made.
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11 hours ago by tamouse
Mismatch is a community and a digital magazine dedicated to
advancing inclusive design. Founded by Kat Holmes, author of Mismatch: How
Inclusion Shapes Design.
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yesterday by aperfect
Funkify | A disability simulator for the web
Funkify is a brand new extension for Chrome that helps you experience the web and interfaces through the eyes of extreme users with different abilities and disabilities.

Funkify is created by a team of usability and accessibility experts in Sweden. The project is financed by The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (Post och telestyrelsen, PTS).

Please note that Funkify is under construction – a lot will happen during 2018, so stay tuned!
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yesterday by archangel
How to Configure Salesforce for your Blind and Low Vision Users
While the answer to “how do I optimize apps for blind or low-vision users” will likely vary from scenario to scenario, this post will give you the tools you need to provide the best possible experience for any users in your organization with these disabilities. Since Lightning Experience provides many accessibility features out of the box, our focus here will be on usability, consistency, and efficiency for users who are blind or have low vision.
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yesterday by owenblacker
RT : We () recently changed our internal accessibility channel name from "" to "" du…
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yesterday by sarcas
Contraste is a simple app for checking the accessibility of text against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Contraste allows you to quickly know if a combination of colors, for a text and a background, passes accessibility thresholds defined by the W3C, and thus is accessible to users with visual impairements.
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2 days ago by codeyard
WebAIM: CSS in Action - Invisible Content Just for Screen Reader Users
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2 days ago by jennettefulda
Provide a single color value and Palx returns a full-spectrum color palette, well suited for UI design and data visualizations that work harmoniously with brand colors.
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2 days ago by robertocarroll

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