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Accessible Links Re:visited | Filament Group, Inc., Boston, MA
RT @scottjehl: Nice new post on the @filamentgroup blog: “Accessible Links Re:visited” by @maggiewachs
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yesterday by blake
5 Common Misconceptions About Web Accessibility
1. Only helps a few people. 2. Less important than functionality. 3. Really time-consuming. 4. Optional. 5. Accessible can't be pretty.
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yesterday by spaceninja
A Developer’s Guide to Better Accessibility
"In your day-to-day work, you can improve the accessibility of your output by learning and following the Five Rules of ARIA. Following these rules will get you pretty far in your goal of building an accessible web application, but you also need to test your work."
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yesterday by spaceninja
Automating Your Accessibility Tests
Seren Davies reminds us that unlike Christmas, accessibility testing should not come but once a year with a look at how to apply automated testing. By configuring tests to run against each commit, you can ensure that your site’s accessibility compliance need not be left to chance.
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yesterday by spaceninja
A Content Slider
Here, we shall be creating something that fulfills the basic purpose of a carousel — to allow the traversal of content along a horizontal axis — without being too reverential about the characteristics of past implementations.
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yesterday by jayfree

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