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China blocked Reddit, but access is returning for some users
Over the weekend, Reddit became the latest website blocked by China's Great Firewall, with users finding the site unavailable in mainland China, though Quartz reports that users have said today that they were able to access the site again. Test results from indicate that the site has been blocked consistently from August 9th through today.

Quartz: "According to users’ posts, the crackdown appeared to have started on Friday (Aug. 10). By today (Aug. 13), more people said they were able to access Reddit again. Many, however, report that Reddit remains behind the Great Firewall for them...t’s unclear if geography is a factor for why some people are and aren’t able to access the site. Quartz asked some associates in mainland China to check if Reddit was working for them. A person in Shanghai and another in Hunan said Reddit was loading for them, while others in Shenzhen and Beijing said it wasn’t. According to Reddit posts from Monday afternoon local time, users in Hangzhou and Dongguan reported the site was working while another person in Nanjing said it remained blocked."

According to SupChina, Reddit has been inaccessible inside the country before, but those blocks were temporary.
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14 hours ago by dmcdev
The Uncertain Effects of HTTPS Adoption on Access to Information Worldwide
With the release of Google Chrome version 68, visiting an unencrypted ("HTTP") site will prompt a "not secure" warning. The update reflects the gradual migration from HTTP to the more secure HTTPS encryption protocol, and while the benefits for users' privacy and security are significant, "the implications of this global trend on Internet filtering and access to information are mixed," writes Berkman Klein Center Research Associate Casey Tilton, as government censors must take an all-or-nothing approach to blocking websites that can result in an "overblocking" of certain sites. In Iran, for example, the move to HTTPS has increased access to information since "the Iranian government has not blocked the entirety of Wikipedia since the platform transitioned to HTTPS in June 2015 despite the censors having blocked hundreds of specific Persian-language articles before 2015." Turkey, however, has blocked Wikipedia in its entirety since April 2017 over "a few offending articles."

"For example, before Wikipedia implemented HTTPS in 2015, governments could filter specific Wikipedia articles while allowing access to the vast majority of content on Wikipedia," Tilton writes. "HTTPS makes this type of fine-tuned filtering very difficult, which poses a challenge to government censors. Now that social media platforms and many news sites are encrypted, censors have a hard decision to make: do they block the entirety of popular platforms like Wikipedia, Facebook, or Medium because of a few offending articles or pages? Or do they allow all of the content to remain accessible?...If the current popularity and ubiquity of social media platforms are any indication, the overall share of content hosted by centralized, encrypted social media and publishing platforms will likely continue to grow in the future. And if so, it will become increasingly difficult for a government to censor the content it deems objectionable while avoiding the collateral damage that comes with blocking entire platforms."
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14 hours ago by dmcdev
Ecommerce University | Get data of a specific product by its ID - Ecommerce Discussion
The short of it is: you can access a specific product object using the all_products object and the product handle as an index like so, for example: {{ all_products['the-handle'].title }}
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3 days ago by racl101
On first anniversary of blocking, @RSF_inter restores access to its site in Egypt
One year ago today, the Reporters Without Borders (RSF) website was blocked in Egypt. Today, RSF is marking the occasion by "unblocking" its website via the site mirroring technique known as Collateral Freedom. Over the past year, Egypt has increased its website blocking as hundreds of websites have been confirmed blocked, according to data compiled by OTF-supported OONI and the Freedom of Thought and Expression Law Firm (AFTE), an Egyptian civil society group.

RSF: "Access to hundreds of websites are blocked in Egypt, placing journalists in a virtual jail. To draw attention to this censorship, and to circumvent it, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is making its own website accessible again in Egypt today, exactly one year after it was first blocked there...Various sources have told RSF that deep packet inspection (DPI) is one of the main methods that the Egyptian authorities use to block sites. The few entry and exit points giving access to the Internet in Egypt have been placed under the regime’s control. Packets – meaning requests by users and the data they receive – are filtered at these highly strategic digital toll booths...The installation of DPI equipment and other censorship methods requires the cooperation of mobile phone and Internet operators. Even international operators that claim to observe international human rights and free speech standards – such as Vodafone, which has 6,500 employees in Egypt and 40.3% of its market – are forced to comply with the regime’s oppressive practices. If they didn’t, their employees could be jailed and they could lose their license to operate."

The link to access the RSF website in Egypt:
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3 days ago by dmcdev
Open-Access Journals/Series | American Geosciences Institute
Page of journals openly available on the web monitored by the AGU
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4 days ago by aviris
New Challenges To Californians' Beach Access : NPR
Public access to some beaches in California may be at risk with legal challenges to the California Coastal Act.
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4 days ago by javagar
About Inactive Account Manager - Google Account Help
AKA deadman's switch, though the phone number bit is kinda bad if the trusted contact has no stable phone number...
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5 days ago by asteroza
Ethiopia internet shutdown in eastern Somali region
The Ethiopian government has again cut internet access in in the country, this time in several cities across the country's eastern Somali region amid increasingly violent political clashes between the federal and regional governments. The cities of Jijiga, Dire Dawa, and Harar are among the affected areas, which have been without mobile and broadband internet for several days, Quartz reports.

Quartz: "Over the past weekend, federal troops were deployed to the eastern Somali regional state, leading to a standoff with local police, lootings, and death. The region’s leader Abdi Mohamoud Omar, better known as Abdi Iley, was forced to resign and replaced by his finance minister Ahmed Abdi Mohammed. Following the unrest, officials cut off internet access to the region, with no explanation from either the ministry of communications or the sole mobile operator and internet provider Ethio Telecom. The move is indicative of an old Ethiopian government trick, blocking the internet or access to specific social media sites like Facebook and Twitter during anti-government protests or unease...'People in eastern Ethiopia deserve better from the federal government,' Berhan Taye, who leads digital rights group Access Now’s Keep It On campaign, said on Twitter. 'Access to information and freedom of expression are not a luxury dispensed at the convenience of the federal government. They are constitutional rights.'"

An Access Now-led coalition sent a letter to Ethiopia's Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) requesting that internet access be restored.
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5 days ago by dmcdev
Baidu ready to beat Google if U.S. firm returns to China: CEO
Amid the outcry over leaked reports of Google's plans to re-enter China with a censor-approved search engine, the CEO of Baidu - China's most popular search engine - does not appear phased by the potential new competition. In a WeChat post, CEO Robin Li said in part (translated from Chinese): "If Google decides to return to China, we have enough confidence to take them on once more, and win once more."

Reuters: "Li was reacting to an article posted by state media outlet People’s Daily which said Google was welcome in China but must abide by local laws. The report has since been removed from People Daily’s Twitter and Facebook accounts...Google declined to comment on the report and Li’s comments. News of Google’s plan to return with a censored search app, criticized by human rights advocates as a blow to global free speech, comes at a time when China has stepped up scrutiny of business dealings involving U.S. tech firms[.]"

- In a related update, The Intercept reports today how exactly Google is developing its China-proof search engine, detailing how the company is using "a de facto honeypot" to build its knowledge of what is allowed on the Chinese internet: "Google analyzed search terms entered into a Beijing-based website to help develop blacklists for a censored search engine it has been planning to launch in China, according to confidential documents seen by The Intercept. Engineers working on the censorship sampled search queries from, a Chinese-language web directory service owned by Google...It appears that Google has used as a de facto honeypot for market research, storing information about Chinese users’ searches before sending them along to Baidu. Google’s use of offers an insight into the mechanics behind its planned Chinese censored search platform, code-named Dragonfly, which the company has been preparing since spring 2017."
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5 days ago by dmcdev
Facebook is now a major mobile browser in U.S., with 10%+ market share in many states | TechCrunch
Most of the data around web browser market share puts Google Chrome or Safari at the top – with their percentage of the market varying by platform and region. But new research from analytics provider Mixpanel finds that many sources are overlooking a major contributor of mobile web browser events here in the U.S.: Facebook.
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5 days ago by beep
A Generation Grows Up in China Without Google, Facebook or Twitter
With popular social media sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram blocked (not to mention thousands of other websites), Chinese teenagers are not only unaware of these platforms but are also "uninterested in knowing what has been censored online, allowing Beijing to build an alternative value system that competes with Western liberal democracy," Li Yuan reports for the New York Times. Li Yuan notes that this outlook represents "a departure even from those born in China in the 1980s," with the "rebels" of yesteryear largely gone.

NYT: "Wei Dilong, 18, who lives in the southern Chinese city of Liuzhou, likes basketball, hip-hop music and Hollywood superhero movies. He plans to study chemistry in Canada when he goes to college in 2020. Mr. Wei is typical of Chinese teenagers in another way, too: He has never heard of Google or Twitter. He once heard of Facebook, though. It is 'maybe like Baidu?' he asked one recent afternoon, referring to China’s dominant search engine...Many young people in China have little idea what Google, Twitter or Facebook are, creating a gulf with the rest of the world...Many young people in China instead consume apps and services like Baidu, the social media service WeChat and the short-video platform Tik Tok. Often, they spout consumerism and nationalism."

The article points to research shared in this newsletter yesterday, conducted by two economists from Peking University and Stanford University, which explored Beijing university students' use of censorship circumvention tools and the factors that make their use more or less likely, which found that "...simply offering the tool did little to change behavior or beliefs, as there doesn’t appears to be much natural demand for the material that the government considers off-limits. But the tool had a big impact on those who were encouraged to use it." [The Impact of Media Censorship: Evidence from a Field Experiment in China (pdf)]
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