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Accelerator Selection Tool –
The Accelerator Selection Tool is a public resource designed to help social entrepreneurs and impact accelerators more easily navigate the rapidly expanding ecosystem of support organizations. Developed in collaboration with more than 10 organizations—and distributed by a network of partners who provide the tool as a free resource to their community—the Accelerator Selection Tool provides the most comprehensive listing of impact-focused accelerators, incubators, business plan competitions, and fellowship programs in the world. Scroll below to access the tool.
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8 days ago by MF_reads
Show keyboard shortcut underscore in menus - Linux Mint Community
Gist of it: In dconf-editor, I disabled the org.gnome.desktop.interface automatic-mnemonics setting, and all accelerators appear immediately now.
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12 weeks ago by nullrend
Google launches accelerator to increase diversity in podcasting | TechCrunch
The accelerator aims to remove access barriers to podcasting and to increase the diversity of the podcast industry. {TechCrunch}
Offers free educational tools and will showcase their work.
“Training is a primary way to close the skills gap that keep many from being successful in podcasting"

Learned about through Eugene Leychenko (wrkprty).
As part of the program, which kicks off in January, 12 teams will receive seed funding, training and mentorship.  google  accelerators  podcasts  prx  megan-rose-dickey 
october 2018 by yolandaenoch
IMHO & are more successful as learning environments than as business incubators…
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august 2018 by ricmac
Interesting article on NZ by showing the tension between gov't aiming to generate pools of ta…
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august 2018 by ricmac
Mini antimatter accelerator could rival the likes of the Large Hadron Collider -- ScienceDaily
Researchers have found a way to accelerate antimatter in a thousand-times smaller space than current accelerators, boosting the science of exotic particles.
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august 2018 by xer0x

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