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Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures | ISSN 1555-9351
Citation: Hanna, Julian. ““Future Shock”: Manifestos in the Digital Age.” Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures no. 20, 2019. doi:10.20415/hyp/020.ex02 Abstract: The manifesto is currently one of most useful and vital online forms.
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21 days ago by therourke
The Sublime Language of My Century | Public Seminar
But maybe it would be interesting, politically and aesthetically, to take the other fork of the binary here. Instead of the idea that this is not capitalism, ts better, what if we explored the idea that this is not capitalism, but worse? This also meets a lot of resistance. This I can tell you from experience, having tried to write variations on this text for fifteen years. Nobody wants to leave the certainty of the devil they know, or think they know, for something that promises to be worse.
philosophy  tech  capitalism  accelerationism 
january 2019 by sudocurse
Left Accelerationism and Xenofeminism (Helen Hester+Nick Srnicek) - YouTube
helen hester (xenofeminism) and nick srnicek (accelerationist manifesto)
october 2018 by sudocurse
Markets and Antimarkets in the World Economy
De Landa asserts that capitalism has always relied on anti-competitive practices, prices have never been objectively set by supply/demand (but imposed from above by decision makers with power), and therefore capitalism is a separate entity from the market— an “antimarket”. He explains the emergent properties that are lost in traditional and marxist analysis, and then suggests some mechanisms by which economic coherence could be approached without antimarkets.
capitalism  economics  accelerationism 
october 2018 by sudocurse

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