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The Voice First Revolution is Accelerating as Microsoft and Amazon Join Forces | HuffPost
The Voice First Revolution is Accelerating as Microsoft and Amazon Join Forces
The  Voice  First  Revolution  is  Accelerating  as  Microsoft  and  Amazon  Join  Forces 
september 2017 by gdw
► 2014 Cadillac CTS | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
► 2014 Cadillac CTS Cadillac these days released the all-new 2014 CTS sedan, which ascends into the coronary heart of the midsize luxurious marketplace with expanded effectiveness, elevated luxurious and innovative technological innovation. The 3rd-generation CTS sedan is dependent on the superior-undertaking rear-push architecture of the award-profitable ATS activity sedan, moving Cadillac into the prestigious […]
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2008 Cadillac CTS. In Depth Tour, Test Drive. | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
2008 Cadillac CTS. In depth tour, Examination Travel. 2008 Cadillac CTS. In depth tour, Examination Travel. Backlink on facebook A different website link to get hold of with me 2008 Cadillac CTS. In depth tour, Examination Travel.
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Modified BMW E92 M3 | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Modified BMW E92 M3 BrianZuk data a really tastefully modded E92 M3, sounds and looks necessarily mean! BrianZuk’s Fb Listed here! Modified BMW E92 M3
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bouncy-ball delay
delay effect with accelerating echoes
delay  effect  with  accelerating  echoes  ball  tball  physical  modeling  code  sc 
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The Future of Audio Engineering | Tape Op - the Creative Music Recording Magazine
The future of audio, music, film making, game design, TV, industrial apps - any creative media - becomes effectively unbounded. Personally, I dream about recording music directly from my thoughts: a non-invasive brain-machine music interface. It turns out that this dream is moving from science fiction to reality. And if we chart a conservative two-year doubling period for cortex sensing resolution, by the early 22nd century our non-invasive brain interfaces will be about 20 orders of magnitude more powerful than today. Will high resolution brain sensing truly give us the ability to think music and imagery directly into our computers? Or does this simply blur the line between our brains and our computers, so that the entire paradigm of augmented thinking and collective knowledge is radically shifted? At that point - when we have billions of devices globally networked, and each device is trillions of times smarter than the combined intelligence of all humanity - what will our species become? What will our collective thought processes look like? Will our future notions of "art" resemble the forms of art we cherish today?

The machine is getting closer to us. Our creations are becoming more lifelike, more like us. Machines were once "out there" as separate ideas doing separate work. Moving forward, smart machines will become an increasingly intimate part of daily life; they'll exist on our heads, closer to our senses, and in the infrastructure of our homes, vehicles, and businesses. I find this both exciting and frightening as radically new opportunities, and profound social challenges, await us. 

One hundred years ago, Oscar Wilde noted that life imitates art. Today, technology mimics science fiction. In the not-too-distant future audio engineers will have a Holodeck on their head. The future of music, audio, filmmaking, gaming - any creative media construction, from inception, to post-production, to delivery - is truly boundless and limited only to our collective imagination. 
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Sprint to the finish — Medium
"Sprint to the finish - How Shopify brings ideas to customers in a week"
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Growling/Clunking noise in rear while accelerating hard in 1st or 2nd ?? - Subaru Legacy Forums
When I accelerate HARD in 1st or 2nd gear... at around 4,000 RPM and up, I get a growling noise from the back...

I originally thought it was maybe the tires slipping / grabbing for grip... or the exhaust hitting the swaybar during squat (I am lowered 1") ...
Then I was thinking that maybe it is my center differential spinning. I have no other drivability problems... no vibrations... no other noises.....

What is the symptoms of a center differential being overwhelmed by torque?
Does anyone else seem to have this problem?

Again... it is only under hard acceleration at higher RPM's. It really sounds like it is coming from the back.
subaru  outback  noise  rear  accelerating  diagnostic 
may 2013 by bfritz

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