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The Home of the R-factor
We propose to solve the credibility problem by assigning each scientific report a simple measure of veracity, the R-factor, with R standing for reputation, reproducibility, responsibility, and robustness
january 2018 by bfirsh
APA Style Blog: DOI Display Guidelines Update (March 2017)
‘’And here’s how that looks in an APA Style reference:

Morey, C. C., Cong, Y., Zheng, Y., Price, M., & Morey, R. D. (2015). The color-sharing bonus: Roles of perceptual organization and attentive processes in visual working memory. Archives of Scientific Psychology, 3, 18–29.
Note the secure https and the simple url prefix

Although we recommend moving to the new format, in APA Style manuscripts, we will be accepting the older formats (doi:10.1037/arc0000014 or or the new format (”
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december 2017 by heinzwittenbrink
Coupling Pre-Prints and Post-Publication Peer Review for Fast, Cheap, Fair, and Effective Science Publishing
Coupling Pre-Prints and Post-Publication Peer Review for Fast, Cheap, Fair, and Effective Science Publishing
november 2017 by bfirsh
A JavaScript library for web-based content editing.
october 2017 by bfirsh

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