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Useful definition—with the perfect infinitive verb there:

“…an exercise in the sense that it exists sole…
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Pi calculus with session type
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EasyCrypt: Computer-Aided Cryptographic Proofs
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Distill is dedicated to making machine learning clear and dynamic
> The web is a powerful medium to share new ways of thinking. Over the last few years we’ve seen many imaginative examples of such work. But traditional academic publishing remains focused on the PDF, which prevents this sort of communication.

Reactive diagrams allow for a type of communication not possible in static mediums. Hover over this diagram to see how a neural turing machine shifts its attention over its old memory values to create new values.
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Recoverability as a First-Class Security Objective: Proceedings of a Workshop | The National Academies Press
The Forum on Cyber Resilience of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine hosted the Workshop on Recoverability as a First-Class Security Objective on February 8, 2018, in Washington, D.C. The workshop featured presentations from several experts in industry, research, and government roles who spoke about the complex facets of recoverability—that is, the ability to restore normal operations and security in a system affected by software or hardware failure or a deliberate attack. This publication summarizes the presentations and discussions from the workshop.
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