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Thanks for Listening - The Chronicle of Higher Education
"I estimate that someone cries in my office at least once every three weeks." -- Same here.
october 2017 by phnk
Why You Should Probably Write Out Your Job Talk
"So my advice is to write out your job talk. This probably applies to you, although it might not. Do not read that script, do not memorize it, but do write it. And don’t worry, if all goes well, no one will ever know." -- I agree. I wrote down every word of every oral presentation I made when I was an undergrad. It taught me how to phrase an oral presentation, and helped me realise some of the subtle differences between an oral script and a written essay/memo/paper/report.
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september 2017 by phnk
The Case for the Politicization of Science - The Atlantic
"If you’re going to do something political, like a march, it should be political."
academia:profession  polisci:protest  science 
april 2017 by phnk
Feminist flamethrowers: Laura Kipnis, Camille Paglia and the modern sex wars -
"Where two of our boldest feminist writers overlap and differ on sex, gender, Title IX and college sexual assault."
academia:profession  violence:rape  usa:higher-ed 
april 2017 by phnk
Should Colleges and Universities Entertain Discredited Arguments? | Tom Pepinsky
"The university should not be a censor, but it sure as hell is a gatekeeper." Discuss.
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april 2017 by phnk
A Cautious Case for Socialism | Kenneth Arrow, Dissent Magazine, 1978
"This methodological preface is by way of apology for the extent to which this paper is an intellectual autobiography. Notice the adjective, “intellectual.” Anyone who knows me will not be surprised; I have always preferred the contemplative to the active life. I prefer the freedom to see matters from several viewpoints, to appreciate ironies, and indeed to change my opinion as I learn something new. To be politically active means to surrender this freedom. I say nothing against activism for others. It is only through the committed that necessary changes come. But each to his own path."
econ:theory  academia:profession 
february 2017 by phnk

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