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Should Colleges and Universities Entertain Discredited Arguments? | Tom Pepinsky
"The university should not be a censor, but it sure as hell is a gatekeeper." Discuss.
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12 days ago by phnk
A Cautious Case for Socialism | Kenneth Arrow, Dissent Magazine, 1978
"This methodological preface is by way of apology for the extent to which this paper is an intellectual autobiography. Notice the adjective, “intellectual.” Anyone who knows me will not be surprised; I have always preferred the contemplative to the active life. I prefer the freedom to see matters from several viewpoints, to appreciate ironies, and indeed to change my opinion as I learn something new. To be politically active means to surrender this freedom. I say nothing against activism for others. It is only through the committed that necessary changes come. But each to his own path."
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8 weeks ago by phnk
Should social science be more solution-oriented? : Nature Human Behaviour
RT @profjasonpotts: Walks into Research Committee meeting. Slaps @duncanjwatts latest paper down on table. *This is what we believe*
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january 2017 by phnk
A conversation with writer and troublemaker Carl Elliott, Part II | genomeboy
"The trouble with being raised in the South is that you are driven by this twisted sense of shame and honor that compels you to do things that everyone else sees as moronic, insane or self-destructive." -- On whistle-blowing about a botched clinical trial.
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february 2016 by phnk
French Politics - Abstract of article: French political science: Strengths and weaknesses
"French political science has faced many obstacles. The most significant were the influence of neighboring disciplines such as law, sociology and history; the centralization of recruitment at the national level; the small number of research centers, particularly in the regions; the small number of teachers and researchers; the expatriation of young researchers to the United States and Canada; the loss of influence in certain areas, including the study of elections, the analysis of political parties and the study of public institutions; the absence of research in some sectors, including international political economy; the nature of political science journals; the small number of ‘think tanks’; the lack of international openness; the weak presence of French researchers in international congresses and the language barrier; and the absence of a true translation policy of fundamental works of Anglo-Saxon or Hispanic political science by publishing houses or university presses. Fortunately, French political science also has strengths. They include the attractiveness of the institutes of political studies; the influence of cultural areas specialists, including the Arab world and Africa; the role of major research centers oriented abroad; the research centers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the discipline’s influence in certain sectors, including public policy, European studies and international relations; the practice of foreign languages by young researchers; and the analysis of strategic and security issues."
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june 2015 by phnk
Measuring what policymakers want from academics - The Washington Post
"…consistent with Kristof’s lament, political science finishes dead last, followed closely by public policy and then “international affairs.”"
april 2015 by phnk

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