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Heavy Metal and Natural Language Processing - Part 1
As you can see, Five Finger Death Punch have the highest number of swear words in their lyrics, and Pig Destroyer have the most complex wordplay. It also suggests that bands that swear more seem to use more complex words.
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19 hours ago by Chichibio
Sapping Attention: "Peer review" is younger than you think. Does that mean it can go away?
So what? Obviously peer review didn't *really* come into being in the historical profession in 1995. That's ridiculous! Books and journals had various forms of outside referees in the mimeograph/carbon copy age as well. But the point is this: something did change, and more recently than we might think. Peer review was created, rather than always existing in the humanities; its rhetorical adoption in those fields as a core term may be less connected to eternal ideas of scholarship, and have more to do with the effort to make them more like the sciences in the postwar university. Be skeptical of the administrative-ese, buzzword-inflected vogue for the digital humanities all you want: but also, be aware that if you say "peer review is fundamental to sound scholarship," you're speaking in the buzzwords of not long ago, yourself.

I wouldn't argue in good faith that peer review is new, so it's bad. It might be that the scholarly practices from 1970 to 2010 are indeed worth preserving. But at the same time, I'm not sure that digital scholarship could ever fully reconcile itself to peer review in the traditional sense without transforming it enough that we'll need a whole new phrase to describe the new regime to come.
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yesterday by jfbeatty
k'eguro on Twitter: "Proposals for radical ideas in strict academic forms. Radical thinking requires radical forms. It's an elementary lesson."
"Proposals for radical ideas in strict academic forms.

Radical thinking requires radical forms.

It's an elementary lesson.

Perhaps more academically inclined people should co-edit with poets. Figure out *why* form matters.

I am most blocked when I resist the forms ideas need to emerge."

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3 days ago by robertogreco

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