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'Dropout' rate for academic scientists has risen sharply in past 50 years, IU study finds: News at IU: Indiana University
"Between 1960 and 2010, we found the number of scientists who spent their entire career in academia as supporting scientists -- rather than a faculty scientist -- has risen from 25 percent to 60 percent," said Staša Milojević, an associate professor in the IU School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering, who led the study. "There seems to be a broad trend across fields in science: It's increasingly a revolving door."
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yesterday by craniac
'Dropout' rate for academic scientists has risen sharply in past 50 years, study finds
Half of the people pursuing careers as scientists at higher education institutions will drop out of the field after five years, according to a new analysis from researchers at Indiana University Bloomington. That number contrasts sharply with the departure rate of scientists in the 1960s, when a much higher fraction spent their full careers in academia. Back then, it took 35 years for half of the people entering the field at the same time to drop out.
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2 days ago by emkay
What is it like to understand advanced mathematics? Does it feel analogous to having mastery of another language like in programming or linguistics? - Quora
Many great and interesting answers. One quote that I think it astonishingly useful is: "One of the main skills of research scientists of any type is knowing how to work comfortably and productively in a state of confusion."

The type of learning we do in most classrooms - where we're studying a known path - is very different than exploring the frontiers of knowledge, finding a new path.
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2 days ago by mindways
Opinion | What Straight-A Students Get Wrong - The New York Times
What Straight-A Students Get Wrong -- If you always succeed in school, you’re not setting yourself up for success in life. Dr. Grant is an organizational psychologist and a contributing opinion writer.
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3 days ago by sparky_005
Opinion | What Straight-A Students Get Wrong - The New York Times
In a classic 1962 study, a team of psychologists tracked down America’s most creative architects and compared them with their technically skilled but less original peers. One of the factors that distinguished the creative architects was a record of spiky grades. “In college our creative architects earned about a B average,” Donald MacKinnon wrote. “In work and courses which caught their interest they could turn in an A performance, but in courses that failed to strike their imagination, they were quite willing to do no work at all.” They paid attention to their curiosity and prioritized activities that they found intrinsically motivating — which ultimately served them well in their careers.
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4 days ago by civilstat
The Department of Special Collections - Speranza, alby_mangroves - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
It was a messy thing of leather and papers and rope. It looked like Phillips had carelessly thrown a bunch of documents onto an old piece of black leather and then rolled the whole thing up and tied it . . . The papers inside were all different sizes, everything out of order and haphazardly stacked, like someone had been in a hurry and just grabbed it all.

Excellent outsider (a special collections' archivist/librarian) pov. Believable treatment of historical documents ftw!
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4 days ago by neverhaveaclue
A Cornell professor’s trick for getting 1700 peer reviewed publications
How did he compile over 1700 refereed publications? Nick Brown tells the story.  academia 
4 days ago by chris.leaman
How to write a great research paper
About Simon Peyton Jones This talk offers seven simple, concrete suggestions for how to improve your research papers. You may also find my talks on how to write a great research proposal and how to give a great research talk useful.
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6 days ago by chris.leaman
CFP — AU: Alternate University
AU: Alternate University is a fanfiction-inspired collaboration which imagines an alternate universe of academe. Produced by those who do not have ownership stakes in academia— adjuncts, ex-academics, graduate and undergraduate students, staff, non-academic community members— AU will challenge readers to confront an uncanny and surreal world, familiar yet decidedly not our own: one in which department meetings morph into activist collectives, or “diversity and inclusion” programs are run by black and brown teenagers, or in which sexual harassment reporting procedures actually work.
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8 days ago by gwijthoff

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