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Nicola Griffith: The story of my PhD, Part 2: Decision: Focalised Heterotopia
Over the years I’ve noticed that every reader who has told me my work saved their life, and most of those who say it changed their life, have been marginalised in some way, Othered by the world. What I want my fiction to give these readers is what I want, too: a mirror. I want to see myself represented as a human being who is not oppressed, hunted, or singled out for being a woman, or queer, or disabled. I want to see how it might be to live in a world where it’s possible to unfurl and live to one’s full potential. As a woman, as a disabled woman, as a disabled queer woman, I get so tired both of not seeing myself, essentially being told I don’t exist, and of only seeing myself traumatised, victimised, and afraid. Fuck that. In my fiction, the queer women might be in danger for a variety of reasons—politics, say, or money, or because they make some foolish choice—but the danger stems from their active decisions, their omissions or commissions, not from being a victim because they are women or queer. When you read my fiction, it’s safe to revel in the body and mind of the main character because that body is never going to be targeted because of how it looks or what other bodies it likes to look at.
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At Our Own Peril: DoD Risk Assessment in a Post-Primacy World
the Pentagon study about the downturn of american imperial primacy. Free to dl.
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Rural Economies and College Towns - The Atlantic
This really misses issues of endogeneity (towns don't attract colleges randomly) and limited demand for higher education.
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yesterday by cshalizi
Where many philosophy departments either capitulated or accommodated to the coming wave of leftist politicisation, Sydney's had two leading members, David Armstrong and David Stove, who were associated with Quadrant and the Australian Association for Cultural Freedom, and were not prepared to compromise with the Left. The battle lines of the era, normally dividing parties who had never met each other, were drawn across a department of a dozen people sharing a common room. It is for these reasons that the inside story of that department and its split is of special interest. Those baffled by the developments in universities in the last thirty years have been offered many in-principle analyses, but only a detailed look at events in a single department at the centre of intellectual life will reveal what really happened.
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Another modest proposal
Ban departments that engage in exploitative hiring practices from listing jobs (any jobs) in the MLA Job Information List and from interviewing at the MLA convention.
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A job listing
An academic job, $28,000, probably sixty hours a week.
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Intersectionality as religion
In 1968, the political philosopher Eric Voegelin published a little book called Science, Politics and Gnosticism. In a section of that book entitled “Ersatz Religion,” he argued that modern ideologies are very much like ancient Gnostic movements. Certain fundamental assumptions, Voegelin wrote, characterize both ancient and modern Gnosticism.

The gnostic, Voegelin observed, is fundamentally dissatisfied with his situation and believes that the world is “intrinsically poorly organized” and that salvation from the world’s evils is possible. The gnostic further thinks that “the order of being will have to be changed in an historical process” and that this is possible through human effort. Finally, the gnostic looks for a prophet who shares saving knowledge about how to make the transformation happen. It turns out that the intersectional project accords in every detail with Voegelin’s description.
[Apart from "possible through human effort," gnosticism doesn't sound different from regular religion.]
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