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the morning paper | an interesting/influential/important paper from the world of CS every weekday morning, as selected by Adrian Colyer
an interesting/influential/important paper from the world of CS every weekday morning, as selected by Adrian Colyer
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yesterday by amy
The perilous whiteness of … pumpkins? - The Globe and Mail
The deep silliness of race and gender ‘studies’ is no longer a joke
yesterday by sfriedenberg
Bristol university borrows £200m for new campus
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“We have to continue our academic endeavour but also to operate in a very business-like way,” said Hugh Brady, vice-chancellor of the university. “It’s about the further globalisation of higher education, the competition from other global institutions . . . people are increasingly mobile,” he added, before pulling out a glass pipe and inhaling deeply
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2 days ago by yorksranter
Tower of Song | the theoryblog
Junior scholars and grad students and contingent academics can create forms of visibility and legitimacy within the blurred space between media and institutional scholarship that do not match their institutional status, or lack thereof.
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3 days ago by rachaelsullivan
In Memoriam Denis Dutton
In the late '90s, I started an awkward—some might say excruciating and as yet incomplete—transition from graduate student to freelance journalist. For the young, lordly know-nothing, this might seem like a natural progression. It's not. Early on in your new career, you discover that no one gives a fig about your soon-to-be-former pretensions. They want your prose to be precise and matter-of-fact; they want you to get to the point, and briskly; and they don't, as a rule, find you charming. Every word you write for a general interest publication is examined through the anticipated experience of an imagined ideal reader, leaving no eye whatsoever trained on your genius. It's the best capstone to a liberal education one could ask for.
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3 days ago by xianoforange
of course, there’s the backchannel – Freddie deBoer – Medium
This is the problem with the backchannel. When within-group criticism is only voiced privately, there’s no opportunity for the group to evolve, to shore up its weakness, to evaluate its own problems, to correct its own course. And political movements have to evolve or die. It’s a classic cause of political self-destruction, when a group’s inner dynamics become so ossified and conformist that no one is willing to point out the group’s problems. That’s the condition in far too many left spaces today: a near-total inability to point out the cracks in the foundation for fear of being shamed yourself.
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3 days ago by cjmcnamara
Freeing Speech: Free Speech, Milo, and the University - Mere Orthodoxy
Perhaps one of the greatest reasons to move beyond a negative liberty framing of freedom of speech is because it dulls our awareness of many of the most pressing contemporary threats to this freedom. The negative liberty framing can suggest speech is something that will take care of itself, provided that no constraints or limits are placed upon it. However, as we recognize that free speech is a fragile species of social condition that requires careful collaborative cultivation, we may become more alert to the social, institutional, and technological realities that, while not uprooting it, profoundly stunt its development.
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3 days ago by cjmcnamara

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