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Disparate institutions find a common core curriculum reaps significant benefits (essay)
As a result, a core curriculum provides curricular coherence and cultivates a sense of belonging to an intellectual community. ... The benefits that flow from a liberal arts core experience are especially significant for those students whom higher education has historically failed. Course requirements are unambiguous to students: no digging through an overwhelming catalog of options that may or may not fulfill vague graduation requirements. Students have a more academically cohesive and “career-aware” experience that makes the value proposition of staying in college clearer.
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Conference speakers say the liberal arts must return to a purer form to survive [St. John's]
Agresto said that much humanities instruction has been co-opted by hyperspecialization and especially by critical theory. He said overly-critical approaches at once demean the subject matter and limit students’ free inquiry.
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Columbia Professor Takes On Overhaul of Core Curriculum
"The core curriculum is always evolving and it has to evolve," Montas said. "Perhaps a better way of putting it is that the core curriculum is not a tradition of thought but a tradition of debate."
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A construção deste blog foi motivada pela “quase-completa” ausência no Brasil de debates, pesquisas, colóquios, seminários, teses, dissertações, artigos etc. sobre as desigualdades de Gênero na Arquitetura, Urbanismo e no Planejamento Urbano – ou no chamados Estudos Urbanos. “Quase-completa” porque sabemos que há iniciativas isoladas que não estão mobilizadas coletivamente a fim de ganhar força no mundo acadêmico. Por esta razão, gostaríamos que este blog fosse um instrumento de mobilização e de encontro, de troca de informações.
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yesterday by brunoamadei
Discussione tesi di Dottorato in Teologia - Specializzazione in Teologia Dogmatica | Pontificia Università della Santa Croce
Pure Nature: Recent Debates in English-Speaking Theology
di John Watson
Relatore: Rev. Prof. Santiago Sanz
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2 days ago by benjekman
Interactive chart showing bachelor's degrees in the United States.
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Semantic Scholar - An academic search engine for scientific articles
An academic search engine that utilizes artificial intelligence methods to provide highly relevant results and novel tools to filter them with ease.
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3 days ago by otlib
porcupine-girl: ryukodragon: drcalvin: ...
ok so let’s talk a bit about jobs vs passion. my last fulltime job was at a big game development studio; the kind of job you’re (supposedly) passionate about. most of my colleagues adored the games we made, and so they didn’t care that the company had a major diversity problem, that our salaries were below average, that we didn’t get overtime compensation yet stayed ‘til 11PM more often than what’s
3 days ago by olanthanide
Where Does the Time Go? – Words In Space
In recent months I’ve met with a number of advisees and freshly-PhD’d job candidates and junior scholars who’ve wanted to talk about the day-to-day responsibilities of a faculty member. I will humbly admit that I’m (apparently) seen as someone who’s fairly productive, and who puts a lot of energy into her teaching — and these folks want to know how I structure my time. Quite a few of our conversations end with some variation on this theme: “Wow, they sure don’t tell you that in graduate school” — “that” meaning the amount of time dedicated to things other than the romanticized “life of the mind,” as well as the number of competing demands for one’s time and attention. [Others have attempted to quantify and itemize professors’ labor: see this 2014 Boise State study; this 2016 THE survey of various studies; and this list from the American Association of University Professors. And plenty of scholars, from Karen Gregory to Mel Gregg, have critiqued labor in the academy.]
3 days ago by gwijthoff

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