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Chinese official denied visa to attend U.S. planetary science conference -
Jim Head, a professor of geological sciences at Brown University and organizer of the “Microsymposium 58” meeting held before the start of the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, said that he was informed by Yu just before the start of the event that the U.S. embassy in Beijing had denied his request for a visa to attend the conference.

Head said that the denial came after Chinese government officials approved Yu’s plans to speak at the conference “Approval for this visit came from the highest levels of the Chinese space program and, in fact, from the Chinese government,” he said.

He said that he was unaware of the reason the U.S. government gave for denying a visa to Yu, of if any reason was provided at all. The embassy did not respond to a March 19 email seeking information about the denied visa. That denial did not extend to other Chinese scientists: Head said more than 20 people from Chinese universities, academies and scientific institutes were at the symposium.

As part of the Chinese government approval process, Head said that Yu was authorized to provide “important” updates about the China’s plans to send missions to the moon and Mars, but he did not elaborate on the substance of those updates.
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