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Connor ToKW outfit appreciation
Because it makes him look badass (not that he generally doesn't look badass but it makes him look even more badass) and it shows his gorgeous skin and muscles more than the European clothes, and I have a bit of a kink for people who aren't bothered by wearing less than the people around them, especially if it's a perfectly innocent "where I was raised this is a perfectly appropriate thing" thing. And he looks more comfortable/confident in it, and that's sexy.
So I want The Outfit to get appreciated by someone, anything from looking, through looking and fantasizing, innocent compliments, not-so innocent flirtirting up to straight-up partially clothed passionately vigorous sex.
TLDR: Connor looks good in the ToKW outfit. Someone (Aveline? She's not in ToKW but she could probably appreciate a nice, gorgeous guy) notices he looks good.
No creepiness or noncon please.
Part6  AC3:The_Tyranny_of_King_Washington  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  genre:slash  genre:het  kink:clothing 
september 2017 by asscreedarchive
DLC!WashingtonxConnorxWashington-This Day Aria
((repost from an earlier part))

Any of you remember the Canterlot Wedding episode from My Little Pony? I will give my first born if you make a similar scenario happen only with a brainwashed Connor going to marry the fake DLCKing!Washington and daddy Haytham trying to put a stop to it only to discover the real Washington is trapped in some unknown dimension by the DLC!Washington using the Apple.

*Bonus: Having some smut involved between DLC!Washington and Brainwashed!Connor.
Part6  AC3  AC3:The_Tyranny_of_King_Washington  status:filling  -Repost  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:Haytham_Kenway  character:King_Washington  character:George_Washington  pairing:Connor/Washington  pairing:Connor/King_Washington  AU:apple_shenanigans 
july 2017 by asscreedarchive
Connor - Red Willow Tea aftereffect
Even after returning to the "true" reality, it appears that the Red Willow Tea Sky Visions have a continued effect on Connor...

- The usually quite chaste Connor finds himself now more intensely stirring in a sexual way.
- discovers over time that he is changing - the Wolf Form seems to have the most influence. Essentially a slower transformation into a werewolf, instead of all at once.
- it is becoming more difficult to fight against instincts.

- Whether he finds a way out from this is up to you.
Part6  AC3  AC3:The_Tyranny_of_King_Washington  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  genre:gen  AU:werewolves 
january 2015 by asscreedarchive
DLC! Washington/Charles, master/slave + mind control repost
Despite all the shit Charles tended to give Washington, Washington genuinely seemed to like Charles. What if the reason for that was because Washington was in love with him? Then, Washington gets his power, both Apple and political. Now that he's got complete control over this new country and a new way of looking at things, he's going to try a new way of getting Charles to "fall in love" with him aka mind control. It's pretty easy with Haytham out of the way (whether or not Washington killed him or something else is up to writeanon) and so he uses his power to make Charles worship the ground he walks on just like he did with Haytham. Maybe he also uses this "new" Charles as an example to everyone else of what will happen if they oppose him since he must be pretty powerful to bring someone like Charles to his knees. I would kind of really love it if Washington kept him on a leash and walked him around everywhere like Charles did with his dogs. And also maybe he forces Charles to give him blowjobs in public/do other various sexual things, which of course, mind controlled as he is, Charles is more than happy to do. I would also love it if maybe Connor sees this and actually feels bad for his once mortal enemy because no one should be put through something like that. Whether or not Connor tries to help is, again, up to writeanon, I just really want Connor to take pity on Charles, at least.
Part6  AC3:The_Tyranny_of_King_Washington  status:unfilled  -Repost  character:Charles_Lee  character:King_Washington  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  pairing:King_Washington/Charles  genre:slash  kink:brainwashing  kink:sexual_slavery  kink:leash  kink:exhibitionism 
august 2014 by asscreedarchive
ToKW: Ziio Drinks the Tea
What if during the razing of the village, Kaniehti:io is not killed but rather is severely wounded (by the Apple, getting shot three times, or both)? Immediately rushing to her aid, her son Ratonhnhake:ton, who is just a child in this fanfic, charges at Washington and Putnam. Instead of killing the child, Washington upon being shown by the Apple the strong potential he has to be a fearsome warrior, chooses instead to kidnap Ratonhnhake:ton and have him trained to be the ideal soldier/assassin/bodyguard. Upon recovering from her injuries and finding that her son has been kidnapped, Kaniehti:io realizes that as she is now, she is not strong enough to take down Washington and save her child. And so, she drinks the tea. Points if: -At some point, she comes across Haytham who, after going mad from the tea, has been in exile for the past few years and works together with him to kill Washington and save Ratonhnhake:ton. -Washington, amused by the child's defiance against him and wanting to break Ratonhnhake:ton first, chooses not to use the Apple on him just yet; consequently, Ratonhnhake:ton keeps trying to escape.
Part6  AC3:The_Tyranny_of_King_Washington  status:unfilled  character:Ziio(Kaniehtí:io)  character:King_Washington  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  genre:gen  AU:misc 
july 2014 by asscreedarchive
Assassin!Haytham maybe?
Saw a sketchy art of a possible Assassin!Haytham in Tumblr who dual wields swords (like his dad!). It'd be nice to see Haytham as an assassin and what changes would happen if he was. Maybe it could be set around TOKW-verse cause Ziio did mention that Connor's father was from a 'Brotherhood' which might've meant Haytham was an assassin? Aw, anon just wants to read some Assassin!Haytham...
Part6  AC3  AC3:The_Tyranny_of_King_Washington  status:unfilled  character:Haytham_Kenway  genre:gen  AU:allegiance_switch 
july 2014 by asscreedarchive
Corrupted by the Apple Connor
Connor when confronting Washington in ToKW was asked what he would have done had he had the apple instead, to which Connor replies he would've used it for the good of the people, than Washington asks Connor when he shakes the earth (bear power) does he feel like a slave to the people, or wishes to be their master, to this Connor avoids answering. Let's say Connor finds the apple before the officer Washington got it from had, but doesn't get any visions warning him of the corruption of it's power. He may have kept it secret at first so the Templars won't find it but starts using it to protect his people (sequence 10?) against Achilles warnings. Overtime his personality starts to change as he uses it more and more often, the corruption becomes clear when he uses it to aid him in finding and killing Lee. It can go farther until his ideals of freewill begin to change and can no longer tell friend from foe, even using it on his recruits and those he once called friends. (...)
Part6  AC3  AC3:The_Tyranny_of_King_Washington  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:Haytham_Kenway  genre:gen  AU:evil 
january 2014 by asscreedarchive
anything, as long as it's ToKW
I'm playing ToKW. And I know it's going to end. And that makes me have a sad. Please, anything ToKW. Why is Ziio still alive? (until she dies, of course). Why does Haytham's hidden blade look like that? What did Washington do to consolidate his hold on everyone? Etc.
Part6  AC3:The_Tyranny_of_King_Washington  status:unfilled 
december 2013 by asscreedarchive
Connor on Connor Self-cest Action
Don't know if this has been done already, but what if Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton (Connor) meets his counterpart Ratonhnhaké:ton from the ToKW DLC with the aid of Washington's Apple?

I don't really care how you set it up or if Washington is involved or not, but I want Connor on Connor smut. Hey, at least self-cest is almost like masturbation!
Part6  AC3  AC3:The_Tyranny_of_King_Washington  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  pairing:Connor/Connor  genre:slash  kink:selfcest  AU:apple_shenanigans 
september 2013 by asscreedarchive
The Tyranny of Emperor Kenway
What if instead of Washington getting the Apple of Eden, Haytham Kenway got a hold of it? Connor wakes up in a lovely mansion, with fine clothes, and servants who all address him as Young Master Kenway. Upon further investigation, it is revealed that Haytham seems to think he raised Connor, and that Connor is a templar, and a rather high ranking one at that. Oh, and on a side note, the Templars rule over the colonies with an iron fist.

The DLC rules are the same, Connor remembers everything about being an Assassin and such, but he seems to be the only one who remembers the real world. And now he has to figure out how to stop his father, and set the world right again. Will he try to reason with Haytham, or resort to force right away?

Also, some bonus points if all the Templars act really buddy buddy with him, especially Charles Lee, and are really surprised and can't figure out why Connor suddenly hates them so badly. (...)
Part5  AC3:The_Tyranny_of_King_Washington  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:templars(AC3)  genre:gen  AU:apple_shenanigans  AU:allegiance_switch 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
(ex-)President Washington vs King Washington
George Washington just wanted to retire quietly to his pretty little estate at Mount Vernon. He didn't want (or expect) for some doppelganger dickwad to come along and start wrecking absolutely everything. It's a very unwelcome surprise when he realises there's some nutter with an Apple of Eden doing God-Knows-What to New England.

Clearly he can't just sit by as some guy destroys everything he and his comrades have worked so hard for. This 'King George' is going down.

...yeah, IDK either, I just want to see the 'real' Washington fighting the DLC Washington.
Part5  AC3  AC3:The_Tyranny_of_King_Washington  status:unfilled  character:George_Washington  character:King_Washington  genre:gen 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
DLC AU. Washington's Alternative story. ConWash
By day, he's a strong willed commander who is admired and respected, at night, he's simply man suffering from heartbreak. He has fallen Connor, but after what he done to his village...and his mother, he knew he didn't have a chance. If only he could take it back...and that opportunity comes in a form of a glowing sphere. It promises him power a chance to undo his mistakes, and become a great leader. Washington is hesitant at first until the power of the apple seduce him into saying yes. At first he does what sets out to do. Washington used the apple to bring back Connor's village, and loved ones. Also becoming a powerful leader who beat his enemies back, claiming his countries freedom. His intentions were all for good...but we know how it ends. Washington goes mad, and all his previous intentions are lost. He even forgets the person he loves, but the name 'Connor' continues to haunt him. (...)
Part5  AC3  AC3:The_Tyranny_of_King_Washington  status:filled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:George_Washington  pairing:Connor/Washington  genre:slash  AU:apple_shenanigans 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
DLC!WashingtonxConnorxWashington-This Day Aria
Any of you remember the Canterlot Wedding episode from My Little Pony? I will give my first born if you make a similar scenario happen only with a brainwashed Connor going to marry the fake DLCKing!Washington and daddy Haytham trying to put a stop to it only to discover the real Washington is trapped in some unknown dimension by the DLC!Washington using the Apple.

*Bonus: Having some smut involved between DLC!Washington and Brainwashed!Connor.

(Sorry. I realized I had some typos when I first put this up. Please ignore the post before.)
Part5  AC3  AC3:The_Tyranny_of_King_Washington  status:filling  -Repost  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:Haytham_Kenway  character:King_Washington  character:George_Washington  pairing:Connor/Washington  pairing:Connor/King_Washington  AU:apple_shenanigans 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
King Washington, punishment, AU
King Washington has captured all the rebel forces ammassed against him, including those he thought loyal to him (the Templars). He needs to make an example of them, but he finds the thought of sex slaves and rape distasteful- he has the lovely Queen Martha (I think that was his wife's name? Please correct me if not). He does not want to torture them himself: his guards are not creative under the Apple's power and the only men he has who are experiences with torture are either needed elsewhere or were the resistance.

An idea forms. Why not force the prisoners to punish each other? He has a special arena built in the throne room and invites nobles and the wealthy and the important to watch the spectacle. It's an excellent sport, taking random pairs and threes of the prisoners and giving them instructions and instruments necessary (guards keep a close eye on everything, of course, and he has the protection of the Apple should anything go awry.) (...)
Part5  AC3:The_Tyranny_of_King_Washington  status:unfilled  character:King_Washington  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:Ziio(Kaniehtí:io)  character:templars(AC3)  genre:slash  genre:het 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
King Washington/Haytham
Haytham's fate isn't what Kaniehto thinks it was. Turns out he's been captured by King Washington. The Apple doesn't seem able to brainwash him into singing his praises like all the other slaves, but perhaps that's part of why Washington is so interested in him.

Feel free to use or not use any of the theories floating around, like Haytham having been an Assassin in that timeline or having drank the tea. Haytham remembering the events of the main game like Ratonhnhaketon does is also an option.

Mainly, I want to see King Washington having his way with Haytham, and an eventual rescue by Ratonhnhaketon.
Part5  AC3:The_Tyranny_of_King_Washington  status:unfilled  character:Haytham_Kenway  character:King_Washington  pairing:Haytham/King_Washington  genre:slash  kink:non-con 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
Art prompt. TTOKW This was basically what I thought of when Ziio spoke to Ratonhnhaketon about the Red Willow and Tea. I don't care if Haytham is a Templar or an Assassins in this (though in the picture he is an Assassins), that's up to writer!Anon, I'd just really like to see this! If writer!Anon wants to make a longer fill/need more plot ideas, maybe Haytham survived the ordeal? But was tormented by or couldn't control whatever spirit he saw in the Sky World? Maybe he met Ratonhnhaketon later on who helped him?
Part5  AC3:The_Tyranny_of_King_Washington  status:filled  character:Ziio(Kaniehtí:io)  character:Haytham_Kenway  pairing:Haytham/Ziio  genre:het  AU:not_dead 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
How about we celebrate the fact that Kanen is alive in The Betrayal? The way Connor was so happy so see him alive and well got me all giddy inside.

So let's have Kanen and Raton having amazingly good, frantic "you're alive" sex.

Aside from that, nothing is true and everything is permitted so feel free to throw in whatever kinks you would like.
Part5  AC3:The_Tyranny_of_King_Washington  status:unfilled  character:Kanen'tó:kon  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  pairing:Connor/Kanen'tó:kon  genre:slash 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
King Washington wants Connor to be his queen.
Even the Mad King gets lonely from time to time, and so seeks a companion all the while spreading his destructive power. He has a thrown built next to his for this reason; however, anyone he placed there would be booted out quickly as they came. Washington just can't find anyone he deems WORTHY to sit by him, and is becoming bitter. While spreading his destruction, he is confronted by a native in wolf headdress. At first he thinks nothing of Connor, but after shooting him the apple sends Washington images and memories of Connor from another life. At that moment Washington realizes that this was the one he was searching for, the one worthy to be next to him, but before he can act Connor escapes. Now the hunt is on.

Five months later, Connor awakes and is told of Washington relentless search for him. Not being able to stand innocents suffering because of him, he wants to confront him again, much to his clan's protests. Before he can, he is captured and taken. (...)
Part5  AC3:The_Tyranny_of_King_Washington  status:filling  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:King_Washington  pairing:Connor/King_Washington  genre:slash 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive
Ziio, Tyranny of GWash AU.
So I came out of the dlc just wanting more ziio. Can I get the AU where ziio manages to steal the apple from George Washington and tries to put things to rights?
Part5  AC3:The_Tyranny_of_King_Washington  status:filled  character:Ziio(Kaniehtí:io)  genre:gen 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive

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