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baby birds and other adventures - dirgewithoutmusic - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Harry did not know this and would not know this until Mrs. Granger mentioned it casually over a Christmas dinner years and years later-- but she and Mr. Granger reported the Dursleys for child abuse and neglect, over and over.

The reports got lost-- minds scrubbed down, papers vanished-- but they kept calling in reports. They considered kidnapping. They couldn't imagine why the wizarding world might want to keep their chosen one somewhere so toxic, why they might want to keep this underfed child and his messy hair with those people.

"My mother left me a blood protection spell," said Harry, whose scar had not ached in years. He poked at his mashed potatoes under the focused attention of Mrs. Granger's stern little forehead wrinkle. "I had to live with family, blood family."

"Then they should have made them treat you right," Mrs. Granger said, as though it was that simple.

Mr. Granger gave Harry another helping of peas.
fic  HarryPotter  au  character:HarryPotter  character:HermioneGranger  character:OC  abused!character  character:RonWeasley 
19 days ago by kuiskata
In Between Love and Hate
Tobirama has been hiding his dynamic for years even though it's been slowly killing him. So, when he strikes down Izuna and Hashirama blames him for it he decides that making things right is worth what he has left. Only, Madara doesn't agree with his ideas and decides to make things a bit more complicated.
author:emilx311  fandom:Naruto  pairing:Madara/Tobirama  complete  angst  D/s  hurt/comfort  abused!character  au 
february 2019 by yuurei
The Trickster's Tale
Loki is banished from Asgard almost immediately upon his return. Abandoned and alone, he sinks from anger to depression and self-harm as he loses all hope of love or redemption. When all hope seems lost, however, and Loki is nothing but a broken, defeated shell of his former self, help comes from the most unlikely source.
author:inactivatedaccount  fandom:MarvelComics  angst  abused!character  complete  drama  hurt/comfort  PTSD  au  gen  character:Loki  character:TonyStark  non-con 
december 2018 by yuurei
Tell Me The Reason Why
Harry is rescued at eight from his abusive uncle by five teen soldiers who've just won their own war. Under their tutelage, Harry comes to Hogwarts with skills the Wizarding world doesn't expect and brothers who won't let Harry go without a fight.
author:sensiblytainted  fandom:HarryPotter  fandom:Gundam  pairing:0102  pairing:0304  character:HarryPotter  angst  hurt/comfort  abused!character  protective!character  badass!character  future!fic  au  hiatus  kid!fic 
december 2018 by yuurei
Over the years, Dean's learned a lot about himself, and the way he loves those around him. Now Cas is back from the dead, and he came back human - and hurt. As Dean soothes Cas' wounds in the front seat of the Impala, an ache in his heart drives him to find words to explain.
author:almaasi  fandom:Supernatural  pairing:Castiel/Dean  abused!character  oneshot  fluff 
august 2017 by yuurei
Safe and (the) Sound
Tony dropped out of college to get away from his abusive father. When his longtime boyfriend reveals similar tendencies, Tony refuses to endure another moment of it, running away with nothing more than the cash in his pockets. He makes it to Virginia, where he's taken in by Bucky, a restaurant owner looking for an extra hand who's willing to be paid cash under the table.

Bucky's been struggling for years: to keep the beachside restaurant he inherited from his parents above water (both financially and literally); to live down the fact that he's gay in a small southern town; to get over the man who's owned his heart since he was fourteen. But he's never had to struggle as hard as he is now, to keep his hands off Tony.
author:27dragons  author:tisfan  fandom:MarvelComics  pairing:Bucky/Tony  au  au:human  angst  abused!character  hurt!Tony  wip  domestic!fic  UST  hurt/comfort  friendship!fic  family!fic 
july 2017 by yuurei
Lay a Strong Enough Foundation (We'll Pass it On to You)
Furihata could pinpoint the exact day his world started to fall apart. He was seven years old.

Furihata's life has always been a mess. He knows it, he's used to it, and he doesn't want to let anyone else have to deal with it. So when the imposing Rakuzan captain finds out his situation and (for some unfathomable reason) wants to help, he's not sure how to react. He doesn't need anyone's help, especially with the Generation of Miracles attempting to get involved now. Because he's fine. Really. He's fine.
author:taetaenoway  fandom:KurokonoBasket  pairing:Akashi/Furihata  kid!fic  angst  drama  hurt/comfort  abused!character  domestic!fic  wip 
june 2017 by yuurei
Return to Romance
It was the happy ending nobody had expected – especially Yami. He knew he should be grateful but living had never been part of his game plan before. Then Kaiba decides it's time to repay his debts. But rivalry and obligation don't quite add up to friendship, much less romance.
author:nenya85  fandom:YuGiOh  wip  pairing:prideshipping  switching  angst  drama  hurt/comfort  PTSD  abused!character 
june 2017 by yuurei
Hello Kitty Kaiba
It's business as usual in the Yu-Gi-Oh! world… monsters are attacking, Yugi and friends are about to save the day and Kaiba's their reluctant ally. Friendship and trust seem irrelevant until a cat-headed goddess decides to meddle.
author:nenya85  fandom:YuGiOh  pairing:prideshipping  complete  preslash  hurt/comfort  abused!character  angst  protective!character  au 
june 2017 by yuurei
Smoke Sapphire - Thorinsmut - The Hobbit (Jackson Movies), The Hobbit - J. R. R. Tolkien [Archive of Our Own]
After the events of the Hobbit, Bilbo returns to the Shire alone and heartbroken.
but he won't stay that way forever.

Bofur fell in love with Bilbo the moment he fell through his doorway, but Bilbo never had eyes for anyone but Thorin.
years after the BOFA, maybe he'll finally have his chance.
fic  LOTR  Bilbo/Bofur  character:BilboBaggins  character:Dis  character:Bofur  character:Bombur  character:Dwalin  character:Nori  Dwalin/Nori  soulmates!au  hurt-comfort  angst  PTSD  abused!character  character:OC 
may 2017 by kuiskata
I Can Make You Scared
So this is how it goes. Best day of Dean Winchester’s life. Loses his job, finds out he’s been cheated on, gets dumped, all in the course of one fucked up Thursday. Drinking himself into oblivion is the natural response, right? A chance encounter in a dingy dive bar gives Dean a new friend who sees his problems and likes him anyway. Now, as Dean struggles to pick up the pieces of his life, Castiel just might help him put them back together in a way he never expected.
author:dangerousnotbroken  fandom:Supernatural  pairing:Castiel/Dean  au  au:human  angst  hurt/comfort  abused!character  domestic!fic  D/s  BDSM 
may 2017 by yuurei
Trickster Souls
Tony Stark is a Guide and has known that most of his life, but all the money and time hasn't let him find his Sentinel.

Justin Hammer is a dedicated pain in the ass and not someone Tony willingly associates with.

Until a chance incident at an Expo reveals that Justin's a Sentinel, and in desperate need of help.
author:ringshadow  fandom:MarvelComics  rarepair  character:TonyStark  hurt/comfort  PTSD  protective!character  crossover  wip  fandom:TheSentinel  abused!character 
april 2017 by yuurei
The Dark Guardian
Some children are afraid of the dark. But not all. There are those children who find comfort and protection in the dark. No one can get to them then. They are safe. Their protector comes with the shadows, not the light.

In which Pitch Black is also the Guardian of Abused Children.
author:intheshadows  fandom:HarryPotter  fandom:RiseoftheGuardians  angst  hurt/comfort  abused!character  complete  gen  family!fic  character:HarryPotter  character:JackFrost 
march 2017 by yuurei
One Thing Stays the Same
"Steve Rogers wakes up after being frozen for forty years to find his favorite godson is now older than him. Being the only living link to his past, Steve eventually reaches out to him, worried he won’t remember him or that Steve’s intruding on his life. Tony shuts that paranoia down immediately."

But with non sexual age play.
author:SailorChibi  gen  family!fic  character:TonyStark  character:SteveRogers  hurt/comfort  protective!Steve  abused!character  oneshot 
december 2016 by yuurei
Wolf in the House
“What? It’s totally an improvement. He’s not scowling, or dating bad guys, or slinking around in unsanitary places. Still a bit paranoid, but what can you do. At least he’s a lot easier to get along with when you can buy his affections with ear rubs.”

“And you always wanted a dog,” Sheriff added wryly.

“And I always wanted a dog.”
author:JoeLawson  fandom:TeenWolf  au  future!fic  werewolves  angst  abused!character  complete  domestic!fic  preslash  character:DerekHale  pairing:Derek/Stiles  character:SheriffStilinski 
december 2016 by yuurei
Father Figures
Heimdall would never have brought a Jotunn child into Asgard to be raised as his own son, but if he had, he would have done a far better job of it than the Allfather.

Or the one where Heimdall becomes Loki's substitute father figure in the face of Odin's A+ parenting.
author:aceofannwn  fandom:MarvelComics  gen  abused!character  family!fic  angst  character:Loki  oneshot 
december 2016 by yuurei

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