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Our Little Secret
"A dark part of Sam's past comes back to haunt him in the form of an old family friend. A simple dinner at Bobby's spins out of control." (10,843 words)
sam_winchester  dean_winchester  bobby_singer  gen  hurt!sam  understanding!dean  pov:sam  pov:dean  hurt/comfort  confession/secrets  abuse:child(past)  noncon/dubcon  revenge  fandom:spn  author:lastarael 
17 days ago by elwarre
Let Me Help
"The Narada incident has just been dealt with, and Kirk is realizing that he's in worse shape than he would like to admit." (111,306 words) Part 2 of Shades of Blue and Gold
james_kirk  spock  leonard_mccoy  kirk/spock  kirk/mccoy  bamf!kirk  hurt!kirk  ptsd!kirk  guilty!spock  protective!spock  protective!mccoy  friendship  hurt/comfort  ptsd  abuse:child(past)  tarsus_iv  hunger/starvation  noncon/dubcon  recovery  slowburn  preslash  series/verse  fandom:startrek(aos)  author:maifai 
4 weeks ago by elwarre
"Stiles has a taste for him now. All Peter needs to do is wait." (20,838 words) This is a creepier Peter than my tags would suggest, but he's not really *evil* either.
stiles_stilinski  peter_hale  stiles/peter  smart!stiles  hurt!stiles  ptsd!stiles  possessive!peter  understanding!peter  hurt/comfort  angst  touchstarvation  abuse:child(past)  ptsd  recovery  slowburn  first_time  fandom:teenwolf  author:corpium  have:pdf 
6 weeks ago by elwarre
Who Burns Like Fire on the Rushing Sea
"When Adam Parrish attends the Royal Academy, he doesn't expect to get tangled up with the nobility - and he especially does not anticipate Ronan Lynch. As he finds his place in the world, they grow closer, but nothing is ever easy." (63,864 words)
adam_parrish  ronan_lynch  richard_gansey  blue_sargent  adam/ronan  blue/gansey  powers!adam  protective!adam  smart!adam  bottom!adam  warrior!ronan  pining!ronan  top!ronan  royalty!gansey  fairytale/fantasy  drama  issues:class  homophobia  abuse:child(past)  fighting/sparring  slowburn  pining  first_time  rc:au:historical/fantasy  fandom:ravencycle  author:asael  have:pdf 
october 2018 by elwarre
Unto Dust
Tucked away behind all the other boxes was a box with his surname. “Parrish.” A legacy of rage, ledgers of wounds received and catalogs of wounds to be given away. Full of putrid monster blood that seeped through its container to taint everything around it. Echoes that clawed through the walls. "You will never be more than the dirt from which you came." That was Adam Parrish's sole inheritance. And he was now its patriarch. (12,885 words)
adam_parrish  ronan_lynch  adam/ronan  grieving!adam  understanding!ronan  angst  hurt/comfort  grief  abuse:child(past)  established!relationship  rc:postseries  fandom:ravencycle  author:wisteria_leigh 
october 2018 by elwarre
✢ You're Just Too Good to be True
"Blue likes Gansey. Gansey likes Blue. But Gansey can't date Blue until his best friend finds a boyfriend. Who could possibly be brave enough -- or desperate enough -- to date Ronan Lynch?" (30,566 words)
  adam_parrish  ronan_lynch  blue_sargent  richard_gansey  henry_cheng  opal  adam/ronan  blue/gansey  guilty!adam  protective!adam  hurt!ronan  understanding!ronan  pov:adam  hurt/comfort  pretend!relationship  abuse:child(past)  highschool  confession/secrets  first_time  rc:au:no!supernatural  fandom:ravencycle  author:shinealightonme  have:pdf 
october 2018 by elwarre
Qui N’avance Pas, Recule
"Upon reaching a breaking point, a young Nathaniel flees the Nest with his partner in tow to start life anew as Neil in Marseille with Jean ever at his side. It’s not an easy life, not when they often have to lie and steal (or worse) to survive, but they’re together. Upon a dare, Andrew Minyard joined the FBI instead of going pro with Exy – and is still involved in the world of the Moriyamas, in tearing down their empire. Now he has the best chance to break apart its foundations, and to do that he needs the help of a certain pair of criminals." (36,004 words)
neil_josten  jean_moreau  andrew_minyard  neil/jean  neil/andrew  neil/andrew/jean  bamf!neil  criminal!neil  protective!neil  hurt!neil  raped!neil  bottom!neil  protective!jean  hurt!jean  criminal!jean  jealous!jean  top!jean  officer!andrew  jealous!andrew  drama  criminals/mafia  fbi/police  noncon/dubcon  abuse:child(past)  jealousy  polyamory  established!relationship  aftg:au:different!path  fandom:allforthegame  author:nekojita 
september 2018 by elwarre
✢ (The Time it Takes) To Believe in Fate
"When he was 16, Adam walked into a forest in Henrietta, Virginia and exited in 1800s Ireland. The day he spent with the grumpy but attractive farmer lingered with Adam for years, but the forest didn't seem like it would appear again. That is, until Adam returned to Henrietta for his father's funeral and the forest calls him back once more. To Ronan." (100,057 words)
  adam_parrish  ronan_lynch  blue_sargent  richard_gansey  henry_cheng  noah_czerny  adam/ronan  smart!adam  timetraveler!adam  hurt!adam  depressed!adam  abused!adam  pining!adam  immortal!ronan  hurt!ronan  alcoholic!ronan  addict!ronan  reluctant!ronan  pining!ronan  pov:adam  mystery  drama  angst  timetravel  magic  homophobia  addiction  abuse:child(past)  first_time  fandom:ravencycle  author:lydiastjames  have:pdf 
july 2018 by elwarre
The Years of John Doe
"Mary Hatford dies not in California, but along the Canadian border, sending Nathaniel nameless and running scared. Call it luck, call it a twist of fate, call it whatever you want, but Nathaniel tumbles onto the streets of Detroit and right into the hands of one Natalie Shields. Ash covered, burnt and bloody, and completely alone, Nathaniel finds himself becoming someone new with the help of this raven-haired girl he should know not to trust. Going by John Doe, he's mute and ruthless and a member of the Detroit Bloodhounds. Natalie and John fight and they lie and they attempt to face their own demons. They find unexpected allies in each other and John finds that he's breaking the promises he made his mother left and right. The only question is, will it be worth it? John doesn't know, and he isn't even sure if he'll live long enough to find out." (18,780 words)
neil_josten  renee_walker  gen  bamf!neil  hurt!neil  abused!neil  scarred!neil  raped!neil  pstd!neil  mute!neil  streetkid!neil  student!neil  adopted!neil  bamf!renee  protective!renee  hurt!renee  streetkid!renee  student!renee  adopted!renee  pov:neil  pov:renee  friendship  character_study  angst  abuse:child(past)  permanent!injury  disability  noncon/dubcon  ptsd  streetkids  cps/fostercare  highschool  aftg:preseries  fandom:allforthegame  author:story_telling_sage  have:pdf 
july 2018 by elwarre
✢ Tenuous
"Neil Josten is trying to learn to be a normal person. He has an apartment and a cat. He goes to therapy every Wednesday. He has friends and attends their study group regularly. He eats lunch with his best friend's brother. The hardest part is letting people in, but he thinks that one day he'll get there." (7341 words)
  neil_josten  andrew_minyard  aaron_minyard  neil/andrew  ptsd!neil  understanding!aaron  pov:neil  character_study  friendship  illness:mental  ptsd  mpd/did  abuse:child(past)  recovery  college  preslash  aftg:au:different!path  fandom:allforthegame  author:undertow 
may 2018 by elwarre
✢ You Say I'm a Dreamer
"Neil Josten wouldn’t say his life was very magical.
His dreams on the other hand. They always seem too real. And then there's the fact that he finds himself returning to one person's dreams." (58,530 words) I quite enjoyed this one.
  neil_josten  andrew_minyard  kevin_day  neil/andrew  powers!neil  protective!neil  hurt!neil  tortured!neil  scarred!neil  protective!andrew  hurt!andrew  drugged!andrew  pov:neil  angst  action  dreams/visions  torture  abuse:child(past)  noncon/dubcon  drugs:prescription  confession/secrets  misunderstanding  slowburn  first_time  fandom:allforthegame  author:idnis  have:pdf 
may 2018 by elwarre
We're Just Strangers
"AU where Neil is in witness protection but still ends up an Exy junkie, Andrew doesn’t play Exy and needs a fake date to Allison and Renee’s wedding, the Moriyama’s aren’t criminals but Riko is still a dick, and Kevin has been living with his father since age 17 and just wants his friends to stop being dramatic so he can play Exy in PEACE" (83,662 words)
neil_josten  andrew_minyard  kevin_day  nicky_hemmick  neil/andrew  undercover!neil  understanding!neil  scarred!neil  ptsd!neil  understanding!andrew  ptsd!andrew  protective!andrew  pining!andrew  angst  hurt/comfort  misunderstanding  criminals/mafia  undercover  abuse:child(past)  ptsd  scars  pretend!relationship  slowburn  pining  first_time  aftg:au:different!path  fandom:allforthegame  author:whenwordsflyoffthepage  have:pdf 
april 2018 by elwarre
Linguistic Ambiguities in Vulcan Ethical Codes
"The thing people always forget is that it was a Vulcan ship that reached Tarsus IV first." (5770 words) Sequel: "Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations"
james_kirk  spock  gen  bamf!kirk  hurt!kirk  abused!kirk  smart!kirk  character_study  abuse:child(past)  tarsus_iv  hunger/starvation  recovery  academy!fic  languages:multiple  st:preseries(aos)  fandom:startrek(aos)  author:elumish 
april 2018 by elwarre
I Wanna Hold You Like You're Mine
"I'm sorry? Who are you? And how would you know if Isak was really gay?" "I’m Even, and how about because I'm his fucking boyfriend?" Huh. This was news to Isak. (24,360 words)
isak_valtersen  even_bech_naesheim  emma_larzen  isak/even  student!isak  ptsd!isak  pining!isak  student!even  protective!even  understanding!even  pining!even  asshole!emma(skam)  angst  schmoop  friendship  theater  highschool  illness:mental  ptsd  abuse:child(past)  pretend!relationship  pining  first_time  skam:au:boarding_school  fandom:skam  author:giraffingallday  have:pdf 
march 2018 by elwarre
“You don’t really want to date me, Even. Believe me,” Isak says. “I don’t?” Isak just shakes his head. There’s nothing for him to offer a guy like Even. He should be treated like royalty, pampered every day. That’s never going to be Isak. He doesn’t have that kind of affection in him anymore. There’s nothing left. (104,140 words)
isak_valtersen  even_bech_naesheim  isak/even  student!isak  addict!isak  top!isak  student!even  bottom!even  pov:isak  pov:even  schmoop  angst  hurt/comfort  illness:mental  self_loathing  drugs:recreational  addiction  homophobia  abuse:child(past)  confession/secrets  college  hothothot  kink:fingering  kink:rimming  kink:switching  first_time  series/verse  skam:au:different!meeting  fandom:skam  author:nofeartina 
march 2018 by elwarre
A Lonely Path
"At age ten, Harry disappeared. Four years later, a suspiciously familiar boy is found. Remus accepts the task of reintroducing him to the wizarding world, Harry resisting all the while. Between meddlesome ministers and mad escaped convicts, Remus attempts to discover the truth. Where has Harry been? Will he ever learn to trust?" (144,353 words - abandoned WIP)
harry_potter  remus_lupin  sirius_black  albus_dumbledore  neville_longbottom  hermione_granger  gen  bamf!harry  independent!harry  homeless!harry  hurt!harry  kidnapped!harry  scarred!harry  protective!remus  understanding!remus  guardian!remus  kidnapper!sirius  ptsd!sirius  friendship  hurt/comfort  confession/secrets  abuse:child(past)  scars  homelessness  ptsd  kidnapping  escape/rescue  hp:au:different!hogwarts  fandom:harrypotter  author:la_baguette  wip 
march 2018 by elwarre
Remedy for the Malady
"Erik Lehnsherr is in love with his childhood best friend, Charles Xavier. But Charles is harboring dark secrets and spiraling out of control, trapped in a vicious cycle of self-hatred and loathing. While his mother and step-father try to keep him isolated and submit him to the warped teachings and guidance of the Catholic priest, Father Shaw. Erik has to learn that love won't be enough to save Charles while trying to help him defeat the demons both inside his head and without." (37,003 words - abandoned wip)
erik_lehnsherr  charles_xavier  raven  irene_adler(xmen)  sebastian_shaw  kurt_marko  sharon_marko  charles/erik  raven/irene  hurt!charles  ptsd!charles  abused!charles  protective!erik  pining!erik  priest!shaw  abusive!kurt(xmen)  pov:erik  angst  friendship  issues:cults/religion  homophobia  abuse:child(past)  noncon/dubcon  confession/secrets  ptsd  pining  preslash  fandom:xmen  author:waitfornight  wip 
february 2018 by elwarre

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raped!kirk  raped!neil  raped!sam  raven!neil  raven/irene  raven  rc:au:historical/fantasy  rc:au:no!supernatural  rc:postseries  recovery  reincarnation  reluctant!andrew  reluctant!daryl  reluctant!ronan  reluctant!spock  remus_lupin  renee_walker  revenge  richard_gansey  rick/michonne  rick_grimes  rodney_mckay  roger_peralta  ron_weasley  ronan_lynch  roommates  royalty!gansey  sam/dean  sam_wilson  sam_winchester  samuel_kirk  scarred!daryl  scarred!harry  scarred!kirk  scarred!neil  scars  schmoop  scott_lang  sean_cassidy  sebastian_shaw  self_loathing  selfharm  series/verse  severus_snape  sex:rough  sex:shower  sex:telepathic  sharon_marko  sick!fili  sick!harry  sick!kirk  sick!neil  sirius_black  skam:au:boarding_school  skam:au:different!meeting  slowburn  slytherin!harry  smart!adam  smart!charles  smart!kirk  smart!q  smart!stiles  socialworker!dudley  socialworker!hermione  spies/assassins  spn:preseries  spock/uhura  spock  sports  st:au:modern  st:au:no!starfleet  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understanding!clint  understanding!daryl  understanding!dean  understanding!draco  understanding!eames  understanding!even  understanding!fili  understanding!harry  understanding!jack  understanding!mccoy  understanding!narcissa  understanding!neil  understanding!paul  understanding!peter  understanding!phil  understanding!remus  understanding!ronan  understanding!severus  unmagicked!severus  unspeakable!draco  vampires  virgin!daryl  wade_wilson  wanda_maximoff  warrior!ronan  wd:au:no!walkers  wd:postseries  wd:season7  wd:season:6  whipped!harry  whipped!kirk  whipped!neil  whipping  winona_kirk  wip  x:firstclass   

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