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This Is a Bully’s Language – Marcel Slimjim – Medium
I’m 24, and I’m lucky because none of my friends have died. This should not be something anyone has to say, but here we are. Not everyone I know is as fortunate as I am. It’s not every couple months…
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2 hours ago by thejaymo
11 Major Signs of Emotional Abuse in a Relationship | Allure
"1: They frequently direct angry outbursts at you.
2: They criticize the way you look or how you dress.
3: Your partner insults and curses at you when they're upset, then begs for your forgiveness later.
4: They text and call you constantly to check in.
5: They refuse to leave your personal space.
6: They try to control the people you spend time with.
7: They use gaslighting tactics to manipulate you into doubting your experiences.
8: They speak for, or over, you.
9. They show physical aggression, whether or not it's directed at you.
10. They pressure you into having sex with them.
11. They shut down and withhold emotional intimacy."
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Jessica Valenti on Twitter: "Middle age adult men do not have 16 yr old “girlfriends” - they have victims https://t.co/31Zb9saHoy"
"Middle age adult men do not have 16 yr old “girlfriends” - they have victims"

re: John K. of Ren and Stimpy
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2 days ago by po
Rose-Colored Glasses and Emotional Abuse | MetaFilter
(On Chris Hardwick being an abusive jerk:)
“The number of Nerdist employees, past and present, who have come out to vehemently second this (along with discussions about his unabashed racism) has been startling if only because of the apparent consensus– the only people I’ve seen defending him have been people who don’t seem to know him at all.”
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3 days ago by handcoding
Rose-Colored Glasses: A Confession. – Chloe Dykstra – Medium
(Trigger warning: If abuse, sexual assault, or anorexia makes you uncomfortable, you might want to avoid this one.) Over the years, I’ve attempted to write this, quite literally, 17 times. I’ve…
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3 days ago by wn
日本から「児童虐待」が絶対なくならない理由といま必要な10の対策(井戸 まさえ) | 現代ビジネス | 講談社(1/4)










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3 days ago by incep
Migrant children in custody surges from Trump family separation policy - Business Insider
The Trump administration's new "zero tolerance" policy toward migrants who cross the US border illegally has driven up the number of migrant children held in government custody without their parents, the Washington Post reported Tuesday.

The US Health and Human Services Department said it was holding 10,773 migrant children in custody as of Tuesday — up 21% from the 8,886 it was holding a month earlier.
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