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FPGAs Have the Wrong Abstraction
Can FPGA develop like GPUs develop to become more generic specific program solvers? What hardware abstraction language do we need to develop? Where does the road go.
programming  FPGA  design  abstractions 
3 days ago by gyger
Mathematicians Seal Back Door to Breaking RSA Encryption | Quanta Magazine
Digital security depends on the difficulty of factoring large numbers. A new proof shows why one method for breaking digital encryption won’t work.
Cryptography  HEALTH  abstractions  cambridge  computer  crypto  encryption  equations  factoring  factors  math  mathematics  maths  notes  number  numbers  of  polynomial  prime  rsa  science  security  theory  university 
january 2019 by xer0x
The Map Is Not the Territory
A superb article on the limitations of abstractions and models
abstractions  finance  mapping  psychology 
may 2018 by robmiller
The Law of Leaky Abstractions – Joel on Software
actors arrive in the wrong order Hollywood Express rearranges them
programming  software  abstractions 
february 2018 by miketmoore

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