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Make Peace, Not Chess: The philosophy and design behind Paco Ŝako — Cardboard Vault
There are 4 main rules:

‍Create a union by uniting your piece with any of the pieces of the other player.
‍Both players can move a union around the board, but only based on their own piece in that union.
Take over a union by playing another of your pieces into the union. The released piece can move out onto a free square OR can jump into an existing union, all within the same move.
Create a chain reaction - As long as each piece released from a union jumps directly into a new union each time, you can make multiple moves within one turn.

With these four rules the Paco Ŝako gameplay is created.

The goal is to create a union with the other player’s king. The player who creates a union with the other players’ king will win the game.
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