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Why Are So Few Male Students Studying Abroad? - The Atlantic
Even as new enrollments of international students at colleges in the United States have declined over the past two years, the number of American students studying abroad continues to grow. via Pocket
5 weeks ago by glewmarg
Stop Picking Up Random African Children and Posting Them on Instagram - VICE
This article originally appeared on VICE UK. I realize it's hard to see a black child smiling and resist the urge to pick them up and celebrate their joy, especially considering all the challenges that come with being young and dark in the wild. But: Do not pick up random black children. via Pocket
Abroad  Africa 
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Benefits of Moving Abroad on Your Own
4 Proven Benefits of Moving Abroad on Your Own #MillionaireMob
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6 weeks ago by famousbrownbear
Why Are So Few Male Students Studying Abroad? - The Atlantic
Even as new enrollments of international students at colleges in the United States have declined over the past two years, the number of American students studying abroad continues to grow. Some 332,700 students studied overseas in the 2016–17 academic year, up 17 percent from five years ago and 27 percent from a decade ago.

In 2016–17, women accounted for more than two-thirds of American students studying abroad, a proportion that has remained constant for more than a decade.

women account for 56 percent of the 19.3 million undergraduatesenrolled at U.S. institutions, up from 42 percent in the 1970s

explanation for why men don’t go abroad: complacency. Simply put, they don’t want to leave their friends and their comfort zone. A study of 2,800 students at two- and four-year colleges found that the more male students interacted with their peers—for example, the more they spent time with a friend or dorm hall mate—the less likely they were to go abroad. But peer interaction did not have such an impact on women, the researchers found.
women  study  abroad  USA  education  statistics  gender  gap 
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L-1 one year employment abroad rule
L-1  employment  abroad  TOLLING  period  employee 
8 weeks ago by asuhail
Top 5 Reasons to Leave Afghanistan
If the goal is to establish a stable government to fill the vacuum created by our ousting of the Taliban and al-Qaida, we've done quite a job. Most Americans can accept a Marine's risking life and limb to safeguard our freedoms. But when that Marine is protector of a corrupt and depraved foreign parliament -- one that recently legalized marital rape ... it is not a victory worth celebrating.
maritalrape  abroad  Atlantic 
december 2018 by nightcrawler
Toronto's Incel Van Attack Should Not Surprise Canada
“And Canada’s law is based on British common law, which was very permissive about violence against women and girls,” Bourgeois continued, pointing out that marital rape was legal as late as 1983.
maritalrape  history  abroad 
december 2018 by nightcrawler
"Elizabeth Wolstenholme Elmy and the Victorian Feminist Movement" book excerpts
Criminal Code Bill that she opposed and didn't pass: "Rape is the act of a man, not under the age of 14 years, having carnal knowledge of a woman, who is not his wife, without her consent."

Page 160: "Only those who are constantly called to help and advise suffering wives can know what unspeakable infamies are sometimes hidden under the veil of legal marriage."
maritalrape  history  abroad 
december 2018 by nightcrawler
Arwa Aburawa interviews Maureen Wright for Manchester Radical History
Elizabeth’s abhorrence of marital rape became clear in 1880, when she stood on the platform of the London Dialectical Society to declare her desire to see the practice criminalised. Her opposition was in part built on personal reasons and a desire to see a legal inequality quashed. Wives were often beaten or starved for non-compliance or, as evidence from one notable legal case of 1891 shows, imprisoned against their will. Elizabeth saw the crime of marital rape as one common to women of all classes, and thus a cause of unity. At a moment when even polite society was concerned with the ever-increasing rise in sexually transmitted diseases she found a receptive audience, in some quarters, for her views. That is not to say her path in this regard was an easy one; far from it, for she found herself apologising to her 1880 audience for speaking, as a woman, on so ‘delicate’ an issue in public. Of all the disadvantages married women faced Elizabeth believed this ‘sex slavery’, as she termed, it to be the worst. For all her efforts, Elizabeth did not see a law passed against it in her lifetime – in fact this did not pass the Statute Book until 1991.
maritalrape  history  abroad 
december 2018 by nightcrawler
The Early Feminist Who Used Botany to Teach Kids About Sex
According to [Maureen Wright’s biography Elizabeth Wolstenholme Elmy and the Victorian Feminist Movement: The Biography of an Insurgent Woman], Elmy was the first woman on record to speak publicly against marital rape and argue for its criminality.
maritalrape  history  abroad  Atlantic 
december 2018 by nightcrawler

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