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[1607.02215] Dawes Review 5: Australian Aboriginal Astronomy and Navigation
The traditional cultures of Aboriginal Australians include a significant astronomical component, perpetuated through oral tradition, ceremony, and art. This astronomical knowledge includes a deep understanding of the motion of objects in the sky, which was used for practical purposes such as constructing calendars and for navigation. There is also evidence that traditional Aboriginal Australians made careful records and measurements of cyclical phenomena, recorded unexpected phenomena such as eclipses and meteorite impacts, and could determine the cardinal points to an accuracy of a few degrees. Putative explanations of celestial phenomena appear throughout the oral record, suggesting traditional Aborig- inal Australians sought to understand the natural world around them, in the same way as modern scientists, but within their own cultural context. There is also a growing body of evidence for sophisticated navigational skills, including the use of astronomically based songlines. Songlines are effectively oral maps of the landscape, and are an efficient way of transmitting oral navigational skills in cultures that do not have a written language. The study of Aboriginal astronomy has had an impact extending beyond mere academic curiosity, facilitating cross-cultural understanding, demonstrating the intimate links between science and culture, and helping students to engage with science.
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Tammy Beauvais Designs
"A Native Woman Owned & Socially Responsible Company Since 1999"
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APTN - Aboriginal Peoples Television Network
From Wikipedia: "The Aboriginal Peoples Television Network is a Canadian broadcast and Category A cable television network. Established in 1992 with government support to broadcast in Canada's northern territories, since 1999 APTN has had a national broadcast licence."
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White Wolf : Australia returns 50,000 hectares of land to Aboriginals.
Australia returns 50,000 hectares of land to Aboriginals.

An aboriginal tribe in Australia have been granted their native land back, after what has become one of the most protracted and fraught land battles in Australian history.

The Larrakia Aboriginal people are the traditional owners of the Darwin region, spanning most of the Cox peninsula.

The Larrakia people have had the longest-running claim on the land, known as the Kenbi Land Claim; Dating as far back as 1789 the claim has been through two hearings, three federal court reviews, and two High Court appeals.

The 37-year long dispute was settled in April, transferring ownership of the land from Australias federal and territory governments to a group of Larrakia Aboriginal people.

Today, the final agreement, which consists of 55,000 hectares, was handed back to the Larrakia people by Australias Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull.

Today we formally recognise what Larrakia people have always known, that this is Aboriginal land, that this is that lands of the Larrakia people. I acknowledge that Larrakia people have cared for this country for tens of thousands of years, that your songs have been sung since time out of mind. And those songs have held and passed on the knowledge of your customs, your traditions, your law and I pay my deepest respects to you and your elders, past and present, Turnbull said at the ceremony.
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Map of indigenous land
Learned of this map via Mashable post: https://mashable.com/article/indigenous-map-america/ - according to which: "The map was created by Victor G. Temprano, a Canadian who was "born in traditional Katzie territory and raised in the Okanagan" and who began work on the project in 2015. It currently covers the USA, Canada, much of Mexico, Australia, South Africa, and expanding amounts of territory in South America."
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RT : Rheumatic heart disease going undiagnosed by NT's fly-in doctors, cardiologist warns.

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