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Autistic Hoya: Ableism/Language
"This is a list of ableist words and terms for reference purposes. Some of the entries are slurs, some are descriptions of disabled people or other people with pathologized identities/bodies/experiences, some are slang that derive from ableist origins, and some are common metaphors that rely on disability and ableism. [...] This is a living document, constantly growing, expanding, and changing. [...] After the list of ableist words and terms, I have included lists of alternatives to ableist slurs, descriptions, and metaphors, if you're interested in unlearning the patterns of linguistic ableism in your own language."
language  ableism 
12 days ago by shello
Klar! Barrierefreie Bahn für alle - Barrierefreie Bahn
Ob mit Rollstuhl, Rollator, Fahrrad, Koffer, Kinderwagen oder sonst wie unterwegs. Die Bahn ist für alle da und ist für alle selbst verständlich zu jeder angebotenen Zeit barrierefrei nutzbar.  Leider ist das auch im Jahr 2019 nicht immer und nicht überall in Deutschland so. Deswegen machen wir uns stark und sagen: Schluss mit Diskriminierungen bei der Bahn! Wir wollen eine barrierefreie Bahn.
disability  travel  ableism  lang:de  activism  web  revisit 
21 days ago by archangel
Why am I being told as a disabled person that disability is an excuse. this is and it is not ok…
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7 weeks ago by mgifford
Date and Switch (2014)
Jed's thoughts: Kinda Fourth Man Out meets Bill and Ted? Solid dialogue, good bro relationship, and lots of fun minor characters played by familiar faces, but I strongly disliked the straight main character and the casual ableism and racism were gross.
comedy  r  2010s  m/m  f/m  white  america  english  gay main character  bro vibes  coming out  coming of age  racism  ableism  happy ending  drugs  high school 
9 weeks ago by franklymyqueeridontgiveadamn
Stop Depicting Technology As Redeeming Disabled People
Disabled people generally don’t lead tragic lives, despite what our culture tells us. My simple search for the right cob of corn is in no way inspiring. Many disabled people, amputees included, have good lives, and many of the barriers to our normalcy and inclusion are matters of social stigmas and poor accessibility planning, rather than ones “solved” with technologies donned by individuals. This dominant cultural narrative about overcoming, about disability as burden, and about disabled-technologized bodies as inspirational makes it harder, not easier, for disabled people to be included in social life, to adapt to newly acquired disability, and to accept and adapt new ways of doing things. We don’t need redemption; we need better narratives.
disability_studies  assistive_tech  ableism 
10 weeks ago by crystaljjlee
Anchor and Hope (2017)
Jed's thoughts: This is such a good movie about humans being human. I was never really tempted to judge whether I liked these characters or approved of their decisions--they're just people, living lives that seem both surreal and intimately real. It's about two women who live on a boat, one of whom wants to have a baby, and their goofy friend/potential sperm donor who visits them on the boat. The writing and acting is all phenomenal, it's frequently funny and just as frequently touching. I'm not tagging "happy ending" because it wouldn't be everyone's definition of one, but it's the kind of ambiguous ending that feels fulfilling and right for the story, not the kind that seems wedged in to deny the characters happiness (cough Mario cough). The racism isn't a theme, but there are two notable scenes, one a microaggression during sex that is reacted to immediately and one a racist Halloween costume that is treated as unobjectionable. There's also some horsing around in bed that borders on noncon touch; I didn't read it as such but some may wish to tread carefully. Um, and here's an bizarre content note for you: sex at a cat funeral.
drama  comedy  2010s  f/f  white  uk  english  spanish  lesbian main character  pregnancy  miscarriage  ableism  racism  established relationship  animal harm  vomit 
11 weeks ago by franklymyqueeridontgiveadamn
Ideal Home (2018)
Jed's thoughts: I would never have expected Paul Rudd to come anywhere near pulling off "snobby rich gay dude with a hipster beard" but holy hell does he steal the show in this irreverent, snarky, Bad-Santa-esque story about a couple having to take care of a kid they have no clue how to handle. (This premise is becoming an oddly popular trope in queer film.) They don't really become good parents by the end, or even decent people, and I wouldn't recommend this one to everyone, but if you like sharp dialogue and you can laugh at over-the-top shitty parenting, you might be into this. Note: it has a lot of cultural appropriation in it, and the relationship between the main adult characters is pretty toxic if you take it seriously.
comedy  drama  unrated  2010s  m/m  white  america  english  gay main character  kids  homophobic slurs  drugs  ableism  substance abuse  established relationship  found family  happy ending  older main character 
april 2019 by franklymyqueeridontgiveadamn
They call me Stacy on Twitter: "I wrote an article last year about how we underdefine "diversity" in LIS (and just about everywhere else) and how that underdefinition is a subtle & critical part of upholding white supremacy and the status quo. So let's go
"I wrote an article last year about how we underdefine "diversity" in LIS (and just about everywhere else) and how that underdefinition is a subtle & critical part of upholding white supremacy and the status quo.

So let's go ahead and define it so I can keep procrastinating.

Dr. Joyce Bell has described “diversity” as “happy talk”—a vague, superficial concept tossed about for its optimism and more importantly for its ambiguity. It obscures social inequities in favor of platitudes about the enrichment of unspecified difference.

And just a small note to add here: do not use “diversity” as shorthand for black and brown folks or any other marginalized identities. If you mean race or racism, say it. If you mean gender or transmisia, say it. If you mean disability or ableism, say it. Say what you mean.

Dr. D-L Stewart says diversity is rhetoric that asks insufficient questions—“who’s in the room?” rather than “who can’t get into the room?” It celebrates numbers increases while ignoring harmful and abusive systems. *cough* ALL of higher ed *cough cough*

This what we get when we frame diversity as a strategy—the thing we should focus on to fix the fact that we lack diversity. On the surface it makes sense: “I don’t have any toast in the house; the best way to fix this is to find toast and bring it in—toastify the house!”

But this strategy completely ignores and doesn’t address the actual issue—you don’t have a toaster.

When we think of adding diversity as the solution to our homogeneity, we fall into what Lorna Peterson calls the “interior design theory.” Add a little color, a queer lamp, a neurodivergent chair, and the environment is vastly improved without challenging the underlying structure

A Jez Humble quote has been floating around lately, and though they were discussing software development systems & workflows, the sentiment applies pretty much universally.

“If you bring good people into broken cultures, you don’t fix the culture, you break the people.”

Diversity is not a strategy; it’s an outcome. Diversity is the sunshine that brightens a room when we open the curtains and clean the grime off the windows. It is the heat that warms the house when we unclog our furnace and improve our insulation (yes i hate winter).

Diversity is one result when we dismantle systemic barriers in our fields and institutions. It is one metric (and an important one) of our anti-oppression and equity work as we progress towards lasting systemic change.

Now back to my review of a book coincidentally produced by the white cis-heteropatriarchy dominated children's & YA publishing industry. ttfn🖖🏾

Wow y'all, this got way more attention than I was expecting. Folks have been asking about how to find the article so here:

Collins, A. M. (2018). Language, Power, and Oppression in the LIS Diversity Void. Library Trends 67(1), 39-51.

It's behind a paywall, so DM me if you don't have institutional access.

Also I HIGHLY recommend reading the entire Summer 2018 issue of Library Trends--Race and Ethnicity in Library and Information Science: An Update @LibraryNicole, Issue Editor

1) diversity and even equity have been underdefined or flat out defined incorrectly in LIS and elsewhere, but that doesn't mean they don't, in fact, have definitions or that they aren't essential concepts for anti-racism & anti-oppression.

2) These terms are not "hard to define;" they are hard to define without disrupting white supremacy and other systems of oppression. Making these concepts of systemic change work for a status quo agenda takes a lot of linguistic effort, but wow are we good at it.

3) I have also seen a rampant misuse of "intersectionality." This isn't the same as misdefining "diversity" and is directly in service of systemic racism. Using it without understanding it is not okay; appropriating it to twist or soften its meaning is not okay. Please don't.

If you want a better understanding of intersectionality, I'm attaching @kat_blaque's excellent thread on it. You can also Google any of Kimberlé Crenshaw's amazing TEDTalks.

TL; DR diversity is not how we get equity; equity is how we get diversity.

Don't tell me how you're diversifying your institution; tell me how you're dismantling barriers. Don't tell me how you're "evening the playing field" in LIS; tell me how you're changing the game."
diversity  inclusion  inclusivity  exclusion  race  racism  gender  sexism  transmisia  disability  ableism  dlstewart  amcollins  language  equity  oppression  whitesupremacy  change  statusquo 
march 2019 by robertogreco
Rubella gave me a disability. This is my message to anti-vaxxers (Opinion) - CNN
think about that every time there's an outbreak, too. I think about the fact that it's not just an ableist decision not to vaccinate -- it's a selfish one. It's a decision that doesn't consider the consequences for other people.
vaccine  science  disability  vaccination  Ableism  opinion  disease  measles 
february 2019 by Felicity
Sick Woman Theory – Mask Magazine
Compare Rachel’s experience at the hands of the medical establishment with that of Kam Brock’s. In September 2014, Brock, a 32-year-old black woman, born in Jamaica and living in New York City, was driving a BMW when she was pulled over by the police. They accused her of driving under the influence of marijuana, and though her behavior and their search of her car yielded nothing to support this, they nevertheless impounded her car. According to a lawsuit brought against the City of New York and Harlem Hospital by Brock, when Brock appeared the next day to retrieve her car she was arrested by the police for behaving in a way that she calls “emotional,” and involuntarily hospitalized in the Harlem Hospital psych ward. (As someone who has also been involuntarily hospitalized for behaving “too” emotionally, this story feels like a rip of recognition through my brain.) The doctors thought she was “delusional” and suffering from bipolar disorder, because she claimed that Obama followed her on twitter – which was true, but which the medical staff failed to confirm. She was then held for eight days, forcibly injected with sedatives, made to ingest psychiatric medication, attend group therapy, and stripped. The medical records of the hospital – obtained by her lawyers – bear this out: the “master treatment plan” for Brock’s stay reads, “Objective: Patient will verbalize the importance of education for employment and will state that Obama is not following her on Twitter.” It notes her “inability to test reality.” Upon her release, she was given a bill for $13,637.10.
The question of why the hospital’s doctors thought Brock “delusional” because of her Obama-follow claim is easily answered: Because, according to this society, a young black woman can’t possibly be that important – and for her to insist that she is must mean she’s “sick.”
ableism  gender  protest  public-discourse  political-economy  to-write-about 
february 2019 by Vaguery
Contra* podcast — Mapping Access
"a podcast about disability, design justice, and the lifeworld. Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play, or play from our website."

[See also:

"In this first episode of the podcast, we talk to design researcher Sara Hendren, who teaches at Olin College of Engineering, about disability, critical design, and poetic creation.

Show notes and transcription



Critical Design

Theory of critical design revised by disability

Writing as/part of critical design

Disability politics in relation to design

Translational work and science communication; critical design as a “friendly Trojan horse”

Things as an index of ideas

STEAM, knowledge, and power


Sara Hendren (

Abler blog (

Adaptation and Ability Lab (

Wendy Jacob and Temple Grandin, Squeeze Chair (

Sketch Model project at Olin College (

Ivan Illich, Tools for Conviviality (

Karen Barad, Meeting the Universe Halfway (

Aimi Hamraie, Building Access: Universal Design and the Politics of Disability (


Introduction Description:

The podcast introductory segment is composed to evoke friction. It begins with sounds of a wheelchair rhythmically banging down metal steps, the putter of an elevator arriving at a person’s level, and an elevator voice saying “Floor two, Floor three.” Voices begin to define Contra*. Layered voices say “Contra is friction…Contra is…Contra is nuanced…Contra is transgressive…Contra is good trouble…Contra is collaborative…Contra is a podcast!…Contra is a space for thinking about design critically…Contra is subversive…Contra is texture…”

An electric guitar plays a single note to blend out the sound.

The rhythmic beat of an electronic drum begins and fades into the podcast introduction.


Episode Introduction:

Welcome to Contra*: the podcast about disability, design justice, and the lifeworld. This show is about the politics of accessible and critical design—broadly conceived—and how accessibility can be more than just functional or assistive. It can be conceptual, artful, and world-changing.

I’m your host, Aimi Hamraie .  I am a professor at Vanderbilt University, a designer and design researcher, and the director of the Critical Design Lab, a multi-institution collaborative focused on disability, technology, and critical theory.  Members of the lab collaborate on a number of projects focused on hacking ableism, speaking back to inaccessible public infrastructures, and redesigning the methods of participatory design—all using a disability culture framework. This podcast provides a window into the kinds of discussions we have within the lab, as well as the conversations we are hoping to put into motion. So in coming episodes, you’ll also hear from myself and the other designers and researchers in the lab, and we encourage you to get in touch with us via our website, or on Twitter at @criticaldesignl

In this first episode of the podcast, we talk to design researcher Sara Hendren, who teaches at Olin College of Engineering, about disability, critical design, and poetic creation.

Sara and I talk about her work in the fields of critical design and assistive technology, including how she came to this work, how she is thinking about strategy and practice, and also her current work on bridging the humanities with STEM education."]
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