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office365 - Office error: "We weren't able to register your device and add your account to Windows." - Super User
Office error: “We weren't able to register your device and add your account to Windows.”
Office  Outlook  error  We  weren't  able  to  register  your  device  and  add  account  Windows 
15 hours ago by jgear
🏅App of the Week 🏅Everyone's favorite content app Pocket gets a few upgrades
Save and read news & articles
Classic app, new features. Everyone’s favorite read-it-later app now includes an updated article dictation voice and new layouts, colors, and fonts.
**  Pocket  is  essentially  a  bookmark  app  that  lets  users  aggregate  articles_  videos_  websites_  and  anything  else  that  you  would  be  able  to  bookmark  with  your  web  browser. 
november 2018 by matzner
The email format is simple. The subject line is the bookmark title, the first line of the email is the URL, followed by an optional description and optional line of tags. Here's a sample email:
Subject: This year's potato harvest
Another fine Wisconsin festival I want to attend.
wisconsin t fair potato ha
There are two special one-letter tag shortcuts. Including the single letter p in the tags line will make your bookmark private, while t will mark it as unread.
Posting by email is turned off by default. To enable it, go to the settings page and click the appropriate checkbox. Once you've turned the feature on, you'll see the email address you can use to post bookmarks.
Be  careful  not  to  share  this  email  address;  anyone  who  has  it  will  able  to  post  to  your  account. 
august 2018 by stematt

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