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loadout.ink - Stat Calculator + Gear Planner for Splatoon 2
Gear planner and stat calculator for Splatoon 2. Create gear configurations and see the effects on your stats.
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november 2017 by stargOOse
This is such a great idea! focusing on the person and rather than the !…
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september 2017 by dshaw
Social Issues: The Tough Stuff . Your Child's Social Life . Going to School . Education | PBS Parents
There is no friendship (or childhood) that won't have its ups and downs. Here are some insights to help you understand the difficult social issues affecting kids and help you decide what to do.
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january 2017 by n2teaching
Do our brains have extraordinary untapped powers? | Education | The Guardian
Allan Snyder, director of the Centre for the Mind at the University of Sydney in Australia, has been testing this idea. In one small study published in 2003, Snyder and his colleagues found that inhibiting this brain region with magnetic pulses led to small improvements in the artistic and proofreading abilities (pdf) of some participants. Their subsequent studies show that the same treatment can induce savant-like number skills (pdf) in volunteers, significantly improving their ability to accurately guess the number of items shown to them on a computer screen, and can also reduce the likelihood of recalling false memories.
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september 2016 by fjordaan
How long does it take to lose a skill?
At some point in everyone's life, they return to a craft or ability they had once mastered only to discover that now ... not so much.
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december 2015 by joeo10
Ahora podés decirlo con respaldo científico: tu perro te presta atención | Cromo
“Aunque no podemos decir hasta qué punto ellos entienden la complejidad del contenido verbal, el estudio sugiere que los perros prestan atención a esta información en el discurso humano y perciben su contenido en una forma similar a la de las personas”, concluyó Ratcliffe.

Esto puede servir de consuelo para quienes creen que sus perros los escuchan, ya que comprueba que cuando miran a alguien con esa cara atenta que suelen poner, es porque están prestando atención a lo que les está diciendo.
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november 2014 by jikatu
An Alphabet of Accessibility Issues – The Pastry Box Project
"This alphabet soup of accessibility is not a collection of personas. These are friends and family I love. Sometimes I’m describing a group. (One can only describe chemo brain so many times.) Some people are more than one letter. (Yay genetic lottery.) Some represent stages people were in 10 years ago and some stages we know they will hit — we just don’t know when.

Robin Christopherson (@usa2day) points out that many of us are only temporarily able-bodied. I’ve seen this to be true. At any given moment, we could be juggling multiple tasks that take an eye or an ear or a finger away. We could be exhausted or sick or stressed. Our need for an accessible web might last a minute, an hour, a day, or the rest of our lives. We never know.

We never know who. We never know when.

We just know that when it’s our turn to be one of the twenty-six, we will want the web to work. So today, we need to make simple, readable, effective content. Today, we make sure all our auditory content has a transcript, or makes sense without one. Today, we need to make our shopping carts and logins and checkouts friendly to everyone. Today, we need to design with one thought to the color blind, one thought to the photosensitive epileptic, and one thought to those who will magnify our screens. Today we need to write semantic HTML and make pages that can be navigated by voice, touch, mouse, keyboard, and stylus.

Tomorrow, it’s a new alphabet."
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september 2014 by robertogreco
Unusual Drama School in Rome Is Set to Expand - NYTimes.com
'“These people are socially accepted. They travel the world. They are happy in what they do. Many would argue that this is more important than being healthy.” Walter Procaccio, a psychiatrist who is studying the theater’s courses, sees the experiment as important. “Recognizing their ability and not their disability”'
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september 2014 by pagecarr
studio : lab : workshop | Abler.
"I’ve been saying for some years now that my wish is to be as close to science-making as possible: that is, not merely teaching complementary art and design practices for young scientists in training, but to be in the formative stages of research and development much further upstream in the process. Asking collaboratively: What research questions are worthy questions? What populations and individuals hold stakes in these questions? Are there important queries that are forgotten? Could parallel questions be pursued in tandem—some quantitative, others qualitative? And how do we engage multiple publics in high-stakes research?"

To put it another way: What happens when extra-disciplinary inquiry lives alongside traditional forms of research—especially when those traditional forms occupy the disciplinarily privileged status of the STEM fields? Inviting both generalist and specialist approaches starts to hint at what a “both-and” disposition could look like. As here in David Gray’s formulation of specialists and generalists:


Breadth, he says, is the characteristic of the generalist, and depth the characteristic of the specialist. A thriving academic research program surely needs both: but not just in the forms of symposia, scholarly ethics, or data visualization to (once more) “complement” or even complicate the science. It’s the last note of Gray’s that I’m particularly paying attention to, because it’s what good critical design and hybrid arts practices often do best: They act as boundary objects.

Gray says those objects can be “documents, models, maps, vocabulary, or even physical environments” that mark these intersections of broad and deep ideas. Well, I’d say: especially physical environments and phenomena. At the scale of products or screens or architectural spaces, these objects can act as powerful mediators and conduits for ideas. They can become modes of discourse, opportunities for public debate, sites of disciplinary flows.

It’s these kinds of objects that I’d like to be a feature of the studio/lab/workshop I’ll bring to Olin: An ongoing pursuit of ideas-in-things that live at all the various points along a continuum between practical use, on the one hand, and symbolic or expressive power on the other. Two poles in the manner still most accessibly captured by Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby—both of which I’d like to be present.

And what does this mean for the habits of mind we cultivate? I return often to the ideas of Jack Miles in this essay—also about generalists and specialists, with a key useful heuristic: that specialists tend to embody the disposition of farmers, while generalists tend to embody the virtues of hunters. Both are necessary, and both need each other. The careful tending to a field whose needs are more or less known, protected, and nurtured further, on the one hand. And the more landscape-crossing, round-the-next-bend pursuit of the not yet known and its promised nourishment, on the other.

I want students to try out and value both operative modes, no matter where their own career paths take them. Knowing that others are also asking valuable questions in different disciplinary ways ideally breeds humility: a sense that what one has to offer could be enriched when conjoined in conversation with others whose expertise may not be immediately legible from within a silo.

And not just humility: I want students in engineering to know that their practices can be both private and public, that their status as citizens can be catalyzed through making things. Things that may be practical, performative, or both.

In practical terms, we’ll be looking at labs like Tom Bieling’s Design Abilities group in Berlin, Ryerson’s EDGE Lab, the Age and Ability Lab at RCA, and the newly-formed Ability Lab at NYU Poly. But we’ll also be looking methodologically at Kate Hartman’s Social Body Lab at OCAD, at the CREATE group at Carnegie Mellon, and of course Natalie Jeremijenko’s Environmental Health Clinic.

Possible paths to pursue: A “design for one” stream of prosthetic devices made for one user’s self-identified wish or need. An ongoing partnership with any of a number of schools or clinics in the Boston area where provisional and low-tech assistive devices could make education more responsive to children’s up-to-the-minute developmental needs. Short-term residencies and workshops with critical engineers and artists working with technology and public life. Public, investigative performances and installations that address issues of ability, dependence, and the body in the built environment.

These things will take time! I can’t wait to begin."
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june 2014 by robertogreco

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