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- Day two: Currently listening to a fascinating ‘Stock Assesment & Modelling Overview presentation…
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RT : Twitter, if these timings have whetted your whistle, I've workshops coming up in , , ,…
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RT : There's FOUR Essential Video Skills dates on the horizon. , , and . Each one…
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RT : Coming up this month in . will host discussing their research on and Da…
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Enhance Your Aberdeen Garden with Gravel This Year
By utilizing gravel in your garden design, you can improve drainage and make the most of your gardening space.
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april 2019 by Adventure_Web
Aberdeen council tax to increase by 4.5% - BBC News
Aberdeen's council tax is to increase by 4.5%.

Up to 200 posts could go as part of more than £40m of cuts that were approved following a four-hour meeting on Tuesday afternoon.

However community centre, libraries, school crossing patrollers and public toilets escaped threatened cutbacks.

The Conservative and Labour administration's proposals were backed by 23 votes to 19 over an SNP amendment, with three abstentions.

https://twitter.com/Davyshanks/status/1102921915650527233 - The local authority needs to close a funding gap of more than £40m.

An annual £30 charge for brown bin collections is being introduced.
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