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How Liberals Fell In Love With The West Wing – Current Affairs | Culture & Politics
It’s a smugness born of the view that politics is less a terrain of clashing values and interests than a perpetual pitting of the clever against the ignorant and obtuse. The clever wield facts and reason, while the foolish cling to effortlessly-exposed fictions and the braying prejudices of provincial rubes. In emphasizing intelligence over ideology, what follows is a fetishization of “elevated discourse” regardless of its actual outcomes or conclusions. The greatest political victories involve semantically dismantling an opponent’s argument or exposing its hypocrisy, usually by way of some grand rhetorical gesture. Categories like left and right become less significant, provided that the competing interlocutors are deemed respectably smart and practice the designated etiquette. The Discourse becomes a category of its own, to be protected and nourished by Serious People conversing respectfully while shutting down the stupid with heavy-handed moral sanctimony.
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april 2017 by perich
Aaron Sorkin Conjures a Meeting of Obama and Bartlet - The New York Times
erst jetzt gefunden: aaron sorkin hat sich für die NYTimes ein treffen von obama und dem west-wing-präsident bartlett 2008 ausgemalt.
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june 2016 by holtrop
techcrunch.com: The Steve Jobs Movie With Seth Rogen And Michael Fassbender Will Open Oct. 9th
bei mir ist die vorfreude auf aaron sorkin filme oder serien in den letzten jahren stets grösser gewesen als das vergnügen beim ansehen. newsroom war ein totaler reinfall und ne nullnummer. dieser film erzeugt wieder eine grosse vorfreude in mir, aber ich bin schon fast sicher, dass ich am ende enttäuscht sein werde.
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february 2015 by diplix
Review: The Newsroom: “Oh Shenandoah” · TV Club · The A.V. Club
The problem with rape is ultimately that no one can ever truly prove something that comes down to, “he said/she said.” Because of that, because Don is a journalist and feels a moral imperative to abide by “innocent until proven guilty” and despite him admitting that the other party was sketchy and had everything to hide, he has to believe him in the face of Mary’s accusations. He has to believe him. A woman saying “No,” and getting raped means less than a man saying, “No, I didn’t rape her.” Don goes on to say that the boys could be punished too, with a lack of future prospects, thanks to online accusations. Losing entrance to Stanford Medical or the interest of NFL scouts because Aaron Sorkin doesn’t understand that the NFL only cares about someone assaulting a woman if it’s caught on tape and, even then, not until that tape is leaked to the public.

Aaron Sorkin doesn’t understand who the victim is. He doesn’t understand how empathy works. And he, as a rich, powerful, white man in the United States, doesn’t understand that he is among the most privileged people in the world. “Oh Shenandoah” tries to assuage our ill-feelings about rape by rampantly defending the rights of famous people from paparazzi, because the complaints of Erin Andrews demand to be heard and validated. This wouldn’t be so troubling if we hadn’t just seen an anonymous college student tracked to her dorm room through rudimentary journalistic stalking and questioned about her rape before being told she shouldn’t tell the world who violated her. Sorkin thinks that women need protecting, especially if they have a target on their back. What he fails to realize is that every woman has a target on her back.
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december 2014 by rufous
10 episodes that show The West Wing was drama first, politics second · TV Club 10 · The A.V. Club
Considering the show ended just eight years ago, it is a bit early to make this statement, but there’s a significant argument for the following: The West Wing may prove to be the most influential television show of the golden age of television. Not because The West Wing did for the medium what The Sopranos did or Mad Men continues to do, and not because the show is really that brilliant. But outside the realm of television, this series shaped government. The West Wing changed American politics. It was instrumental in creating a sense of mission and purpose about government in a particularly cynical and despairing age. And that, in turn, inspired young people, who went in droves to work for campaigns, make calls for progressive candidates, and agitate for change in government. Simply put, it’s hard to imagine Obama For America’s success without its fictional precursor, Bartlet For America—the campaign for President Bartlet’s re-election in the show.

The West Wing was born out of Aaron Sorkin’s own rose-colored view of government. The first few seasons are written in direct and defiant response to the demoralizing liberal administration of the late ’90s—a White House embroiled in a sex scandal in 1998, and a gridlocked Congress partially shutting down in 1995. Sorkin’s President Bartlet, played by Martin Sheen, was in some ways the anti-Clinton—an academic from New Hampshire who came unwilling to politics, a Nobel Prize-winning economist who first wanted to be a priest. Where the Clinton administration and the government tactics of the end of the 20th century inspired cynicism, The West Wing exhorted idealism. Around Bartlet, Sorkin created a group of lovable and nerdy political operatives—the policy wonks, speechwriters, and personnel who showed up to work every day out of a strong and almost pathological sense of public service.
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may 2014 by rufous
Aaron Sorkin is sorry for some things about The Newsroom · Newswire · The A.V. Club
After two seasons of weathering criticisms from journalists who would question his methods, likely out of fear and cowardice, Aaron Sorkin has answered the backlash to The Newsroom the way Aaron Sorkin knows how: with an Aaron Sorkin speech. The setting was the Tribeca Film Festival, where Jon Favreau (the former Obama speechwriter, not the other one) asked Sorkin about what he’s learned about the press, after two years of appearing to scold it about how it does its job. Unexpectedly for a man who often seems to respect only those members of the media he himself invents, Sorkin apologized—to them and to everyone.

“I’m going to let you all stand in for everyone in the world, if you don’t mind. I think you and I got off on the wrong foot with The Newsroom and I apologize and I’d like to start over… I think that there’s been a terrible misunderstanding. I did not set the show in the recent past in order to show the pros how it should have been done. That was and remains the furthest thing from my mind. I set the show in the recent past because I didn’t want to make up fake news. It was going to be weird if the world that these people were living in did not in any way resemble the world that you were living in… Also, I wanted the option of having a terrific dynamic that you can get when the audience knows more than the characters do…

What Sorkin does know, however, is that he’s finally getting better. “I feel like I’m just now starting to learn how to write it,” he said of The Newsroom, framing the first two seasons as “a learning curve, and unfortunately, those lessons are learned in front of several million people.” Now that the show is entering its third—and final—season, Sorkin says, “I wish that I could go back to the beginning of The Newsroom and start again.”
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april 2014 by rufous
Shelter, Part 7/7
Newark Airport was crowded and dingy, but it was a kind of crowded Jesse was comfortable with; New Jersey had a very particular kind of rudeness that felt like home. An elderly woman in leggings tried to run Jesse's feet over with her suitcase and the guy selling coffee cursed him out counting out exact change. It was nice.

Emma met them at the sidewalk, leaning against her terrible beat-up old car. Blue paint was scraped off in a few places, showing red paint and silver underneath. Hallie ran over and gave Emma a big hug. "I can't wait to sleep in my own bed," Hallie groaned. "Did your cousin like our apartment? Is my stuff okay?"

"She didn't touch anything, I promise," Emma said. She gave Jesse a long up and down glance. "So… Things didn’t work out, huh?"

Jesse shook his head. "No, not exactly."
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april 2013 by adelate
Shelter, Part 6/7
Much to Jesse's amusement Andrew seemed to think he needed to compensate for suddenly being allowed to spoil Hallie by being extremely strict with her. It was hilarious for two reasons; first, because Andrew had no idea how to be strict with Hallie. He tried sounding very stern and scary about how much homework she'd have to do for the science camp and she got more excited about it. Second, because Andrew was terrible at being strict or stern. He told Hallie she wasn't allowed to have ice cream with lunch, and she gave him a tragic pouty look that would have made Jesse roll his eyes and laugh at her. Andrew caved immediately.

By the time they got home Andrew looked exhausted and Hallie was tired from running around all day. Andrew tried to tell her something about bed time and being well-rested for the audition tomorrow and she just waved him off and went upstairs on her own.

"I can't believe you do this all day," Andrew groaned, leaning against Jesse's shoulder. Jesse was beginning to feel prickly all over from too much sun. "I’m ready to go back to being irresponsible and spoiled."
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april 2013 by adelate
Shelter, Part 5/7
"Hey," Emma said. "Jesse? Hey, Jesse, sit down for a second."

He didn't really hear her until he felt her hand on his elbow, and then he didn't entirely figure out what words she was saying until she walked him out to the front and pushed him into one of the chairs. Emma crouched in front of him, looking concerned.

"You've been standing there with water spilling out of the sink and nothing in your hands," Emma said. "You've been kind of sad all month and a little bit out of it, but… Are you okay? Seriously." She turned his wrist over and checked his pulse, and then put the back of her hand against his forehead.

"I'm fine," said Jesse. "Sorry. I just… I was thinking about stuff."

"I said your name four times and you didn’t even blink. What the hell, Jesse?"
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april 2013 by adelate

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