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Apple Unveils A Credit Card. Here's What Investors Need To Know - Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) | Seeking Alpha
it would take a long time for Apple to roll out such services, and the introduction of the Apple Card might well be the first step in becoming a financial services giant. In this light, I look at Apple Card more like a smaller step in a long journey rather than a product that will become a sensation and take the company to the next level.
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april 2019 by jaumeb
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Thread 1/4: In my analysis of the letter to investors back at the beginning of the month I pointed out how Ap…
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january 2019 by edelagrave
RT : The battery program was the right thing to do for . Not because they are a charity business but because it mea…
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january 2019 by edelagrave
The battery program was the right thing to do for . Not because they are a charity business but because it mea…
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january 2019 by etalk
Apple suppliers step up expansion outside China | Financial Times
SJ Liao, Pegatron president, said the company would announce a concrete plan for Vietnam soon, but added Pegatron’s pace of expansion outside China might depend on further developments in the US-China trade war.

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january 2019 by jayyy
Daring Fireball: Steve Jobs and Apple’s Last Previous Earnings Warning
Apple’s last earnings warning before today’s, on 18 June 2002 : Apple today announced that it expects to generate revenues ofabout $1.4 billion to $1.45 billion…
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january 2019 by lorenzo

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