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After his Social Policy in Iraq class, Nate sometimes heads over to the river and runs himself into the ground.
a:kaneko  fandom:generationkill  wordcount:1-5k  rating:nc-17  pairing:colbert/fick 
january 2013 by arzoensis
Ocean, by Kaneko
Summary: At some point during the paddle party, Rudy announces that they should all go down to the beach and watch the sun rise over the ocean. It's a hundred percent the gayest thing he's ever said.
f:generation.kill  otp:personal.feelings.sir(colbert/fick)  team:bravo.2  ty:fic  rt:general.audiences  wc:1k  th:warstory  ty:audiofic  rd:templemarker  a:kaneko  y:2009 
june 2012 by adastra03
Tourists, by Kaneko
Excerpt: It's shocking to Brad sometimes that they're actually doing this. He'd never thought Nate would want it. Brad can't believe he wants it. Brad's been in love with the Marine Corps since he was 12 years old and killing imaginary dragons in his imaginary dress blues. He'd never thought he'd risk that love for anything.

I am absolutely in love with this story.
f:generation.kill  otp:personal.feelings.sir(colbert/fick)  th:dadt  ty:fic  rt:not.rated  wc:2k  th:warstory  ty:audiofic  rd:luzula  a:kaneko  y:2009 
june 2012 by adastra03
Most Likely To
If there had been gossip after the reunion, Brian's life might have looked something like this.
f:breakfastclub  a:kaneko 
may 2012 by ew_no
Fifteen Detentions
Bender has 15 detentions, his friends try to keep him sane.
f:breakfastclub  a:kaneko  yes 
february 2012 by ew_no
Intersections, by Kaneko
John's Antarctica is miles and miles of emptiness flitting beneath him and no one sitting beside him. It's nothing like Afghanistan at all.
f:atlantis(sga)  otp:where.we.are.in.the.universe(john/rodney)  ty:fic  rt:explicit  wc:24k  a:kaneko  y:2009 
march 2011 by adastra03
Most Likely To by Kaneko [Bender/Brian | Explicit | 8,140 words]
Brian's life after high school, told through bits of gossip. Ugh, this is so so good. The characterization is really fantastic, and I love the way the author develops the relationship between Brian and Bender. The story is structured around pieces of HS-reunion gossip, and it feels very organic and unforced. New Breakfast Club fic is always one of the highlights of Yuletide for me, and this not only doesn't disappoint, but is one of my favorites in the fandom. Highly recommended.
fiction  TheBreakfastClub  a:kaneko  wordcount(5):5.000-9.999  nc-17  bender/brian  futurefic  yuletide  yuletide2009  mustreads 
december 2009 by chaneen
"Wait-" John holds up his hand. "You think of me as the mailman?" He's weirdly hurt, even though it's not like they've had any deep discussions or anything. He hadn't realised he'd wanted Rodney's approval until now.

"Really hot mailman," Rodney says apologetically, like that makes a difference.

"Well." John flails for something to hurl back. "I thought you were an evil scientist hell-bent on destroying the world with an evil new weapon of your own evil design."

"Wow, that's... insulting." Rodney pauses. "Or flattering. I don't know which."
f:sga  fic  a:kaneko  john/rodney  backstory  earthside  FAVE 
november 2009 by sandalstrap
kaneko: After That by Kaneko
Nate doesn't think of himself as a civilian; not yet. Maybe he never will. When he's asked what he did before Harvard, he says things like: "I'm- I was in the Marines". The past tense feels awkward. But in the mirror, the outline of his body is softening. When he pokes his stomach, he can feel a layer of fat that wasn't there before. There's no denying that some kind of transformation is happening.

He still has some of his conditioning, though - as he makes his way home, his legs slowly unfuck themselves. The sky turns black. It starts to drizzle. Nate pulls the hood of his sweater over his head.

In the seminar, the discussion had been about the distortions of a military presence.

Nate had thought about Sergeant Patrick, still doing PT on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He'd had a sudden clear image of Brad looking down the sightline of his M-4.

"The soldiers over there aren't distortions," he'd said.
Fandom:GenerationKill  A:kaneko  Plot:post-Iraq  pairing:Brad/Nate 
june 2009 by elizaria

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