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Black sheep and mischief by grim_lupine
A bird alights on Thor’s shoulder and pecks his cheek twice, hard enough to make him wince.

“What are you doing?” it warbles in his ear.

“Wondering what my brother is doing up at this hour, little bird,” Thor replies. “Will you go ask him for me?”
gen  a:grim_lupine  *MarvelUniverse  marvel:thor  FANFIC  c:Loki  c:Thor  short:1.000-6.000  @AO3 
december 2017 by endeni
black sheep and mischief, by grim_lupine
A bird alights on Thor’s shoulder and pecks his cheek twice, hard enough to make him wince.

“What are you doing?” it warbles in his ear.

“Wondering what my brother is doing up at this hour, little bird,” Thor replies. “Will you go ask him for me?”
f:mcu  u:marvel  a:grim_lupine  c:thor  c:loki  t:family  |favorite  l:1-5k  |gen  d:2017 
november 2017 by Tafadhali
smoke and mirrors, by grim_lupine
“Morning — ” Yuuri says as he enters the room, and stops in his tracks.

“Morning, Yuuri!” Viktor says as he turns from the stove, long-haired, slim-hipped, and beaming. He is inescapably teenaged.

“...I'm going back to bed,” Yuuri says, and turns right around and retreats.

[Viktor wakes up in his sixteen-year-old body; Yuuri comes to the rescue.]
f:yuri.on.ice  p:katsuki.yuuri/victor.nikiforov  a:grim_lupine  t:bodyswap/transformation  t:established  l:1-5k  |slash  d:2017 
january 2017 by Tafadhali
beating like a hammer - grim_lupine - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
The thing is, being eighteen fucking sucks.

It’s been long enough since he did this the first time that he doesn’t remember what it felt like, but all Mike knows is that his skin feels too tight and he’s got way too much energy and no way to burn it off, and he’s constantly frustrated and snappish, veering from contentedness one moment to touchiness the next all-too-easily. And then there’s Jeff.
a:grim_lupine  c:mikerichards  c:jeffcarter  f:hockey  f:kings  l:oneshot  l:short  l:5k-10k  o:slash  o:rpf  o:ageregression  s:jeffmike  r:nc-17  t:fic 
october 2013 by sunonacloud
tongues and quiet sighs - grim_lupine - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
All in all, they get along fairly well, most of the time. If Aleksis finds himself watching Sasha with an eye that’s more appreciative than assessing at times, well, that’s his own business; Aleksis certainly isn’t going to bring it up, and if Sasha hasn’t done anything about it by now (he doesn’t fool himself that she hasn’t noticed), she probably never will.

At least, that’s what Aleksis thinks, right up until she does. [2682]
fic  m:pacificrim  pre-movie  c:pr:aleksis  c:pr:sasha  theme:first-time  theme:RST  kink:devirginization  multipleorgasms  p:pr:aleksis/sasha  genre:het  r:nc-17  a:grim_lupine  @ao3 
august 2013 by scorpionvoices
The Things We Do For Love
13,700 words | (White Collar!AU) Mark leans forward. The orange washes out his already pale skin, and his head of curls is a mess; but there’s something so assured about Mark Zuckerberg that not even prison can take that from him. It’s as if he’s so convinced that he is the most brilliant person you will ever meet, he manages to convince everyone around him as well.
“Special Agent Hughes,” he says quietly, formally, and something like warning bells begins ringing distantly at the back of Chris’s head.
“I have a proposition for you.”
Mark/Eduardo  tsn  10-15  ***  a:grim_lupine  NC-17 
july 2013 by goingmissing
Unexpected Relations
28,000 words | [Step-brothers AU] It’s true, there’s remarkably little awkwardness between Mark and him. Maybe it’s because they’re both mature enough to work past any that might arise, for the sake of their parents. Maybe it’s because Eduardo can see that Mark is a better person than he seems to think he is, and Mark doesn’t care that Eduardo doesn’t always feel like being kind and giving, that sometimes he just wants to say exactly what he’s thinking.
Maybe it’s because they’d both been looking for the kind of friend that would understand them fully, and it just so happened that this is the way they met.
NC-17  Mark/Eduardo  25-30  hs!au  a:grim_lupine  tsn 
july 2013 by goingmissing
beating like a hammer; grim_lupine
The thing is, being eighteen fucking sucks.

It’s been long enough since he did this the first time that he doesn’t remember what it felt like, but all Mike knows is that his skin feels too tight and he’s got way too much energy and no way to burn it off,
a:grim_lupine  rpf:hockey  wordcount:5-10k  rating:nc-17  pairing:carter/richards  add:ageregression  *♥ 
april 2013 by arzoensis
shaking like an earthquake; grim_lupine
Jeff starts growing his hair out a little bit; not a lot — his hair gets kind of...fluffy when it’s too long, he’s well aware of this — but just enough that you could twist your fingers in it and pull, if you wanted to.
a:grim_lupine  rpf:hockey  wordcount:1-5k  rating:nc-17  pairing:carter/richards  *♥ 
march 2013 by arzoensis
do it every time (you're killing me now); ellievolia, grim_lupine
It starts the first time they all go out when Jeff's on the team — he gets separated from the rest of them and starts talking to a pretty, red-haired girl who's clearly interested, though that fact seems to be escaping Jeff. Around the sixth time that she smiles up at him and sort of bumps his arm, Jeff's eyes widen, and even from across the bar, Eric can see him flush in sudden comprehension. Eric's eyes narrow as he watches them intently; he can’t hold back a frown when they leave together, but that's just because Jeff's his rookie and he's supposed to be looking out for him. No other reason at all.
a:ellievolia  a:grim_lupine  rpf:hockey  wordcount:5-10k  rating:nc-17  pairing:skinner/estaal 
january 2013 by arzoensis
long distance; grim_lupine
“So, you Skype your boy a lot or something?” Kaner asks when he’s been there for a little while and heard Segs talk about Tyler enough to catch a clue. There’s something odd in his voice--a little plaintive, like he’s asking, so how do you deal with it?

Segs hesitates, shrugs. Says, “Yeah, something like that.”

Inside his head, Tyler laughs.
a:grim_lupine  rpf:hockey  wordcount:1-5k  rating:r  pairing:brown/seguin  pairing:kane/toews  add:telepathy  *♥ 
january 2013 by arzoensis
steal some covers; grim_lupine
Three times they fell asleep together without talking about it, one time they didn’t fall asleep together but wished they could, and the one time they finally talked about it.
a:grim_lupine  rpf:hockey  wordcount:1-5k  rating:r  pairing:carter/richards 
january 2013 by arzoensis
smooth; grim_lupine
“You gonna let me?” Mike says, coaxing, challenging.

It’s weird, the thought of it—makes him feel hot and a little embarrassed, thinking of what he’d look like after Mike puts her hands all over his legs and—

‘Hot and a little embarrassed’ turns way too easily into turned on, for Jeff; he knows it, Mike knows it, takes full, gleeful advantage of it. You gonna let me? she asked, and the truth is, there isn’t much of anything Jeff wouldn’t let Mike do.
a:grim_lupine  rpf:hockey  wordcount:1-5k  rating:nc-17  pairing:carter/richards  au:genderswap 
january 2013 by arzoensis
disturbing the peace; grim_lupine
Harvey has a new strategy for dealing with this thing that isn’t really a thing, because it’s not like it’s planned or regular or something he’s attached to in any way (though he has to admit that this can’t happen again is a resolution that hasn’t exactly held): just don’t talk about it.

Simple. There is no need to discuss what is clearly a straightforward case of Mike being hot and easy and surprisingly flexible and Harvey not being idiot enough to turn that down, so they won’t. Discuss it. Ever.

Harvey drafts this mental memo and files it away under “things to remember,” and that is that.

Maybe he should have made sure to somehow forward it to Mike, though.
a:grim_lupine  fandom:suits  wordcount:1-5k  rating:nc-17  pairing:specter/ross  *♥ 
january 2013 by arzoensis
Grew Into a Hope - grim_lupine - Hockey RPF
The first time Patrick thinks about kissing Johnny, they’re both young and ridiculous with it, all posture and tension and flash.

[Pining and growing up.]
type:fic  f:hockey  t:blackhawks  slash  p:kane/toews  s:ao3  a:grim_lupine  l:00-05 
september 2012 by sylleptic
In the Details
9,900 words | So he has Eduardo now, and maybe Eduardo has learned to not expect too much of him, but Mark—Mark doesn’t want to be that. He wants to see the details, he wants to know how to—how to keep this. He wants to know Eduardo as thoroughly and instinctively as he does Facebook, because he has both again, and this time he will make it work.

So Mark learns the details.
a:grim_lupine  Mark/Eduardo  tsn  ***  fix-it  05-10 
september 2012 by goingmissing

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