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Boeuf Mystère by galwednesday
“Quick question,” Bucky said.

Steve looked up, but didn’t stop moving passports and stacks of cash into a nondescript blue duffel, his mind busily ticking through logistics. He’d grab the glock taped behind the hidden drawer in the desk on their way out, and they could buy new clothes once they got across the border into neutral territory, so they didn’t need much else, apart from whatever Bucky wanted to bring. One duffle should be enough. “Yeah, honey?”

“What the fuck.”
F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  T:PodFic_available  W:01-5K  St:Complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Steve_Rogers  Ch:James_(Bucky)_Barnes  P:Rogers/Barnes  R:Established_relationship  AU:Not_canon  AU:Alt_character:Agent_Assassin_or_Spy  G:Humour  A:galwednesday  L:AO3 
november 2018 by caelulum
Consumer Affairs by galwednesday
“Tom,” Sara, the Senior Marketing Associate, said levelly, “if you don’t let me promote our bedroom product line using the Winter Soldier’s tweet reviews, I will quit. I will quit today. I will leave you high and dry with a junior marketing associate and an intern, Tom. The intern just started last week. He doesn’t even know how to work the copier yet.”

The VP for Public Affairs rubbed his temples. “Sara.”

She slapped a piece of paper onto his desk. “I already wrote my letter of resignation. You know what it says? It says that I cannot possibly do my job if I’m deprived of the best free publicity opportunity that has ever crossed my desk, and that will ever cross it again, in the form of one James Buchanan Barnes and his Supersoldier Fuckability Index.”

(Bucky reviews IKEA beds. The marketing team responds.)
F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:01-5K  St:Complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:OC  P:Rogers/Barnes  R:Established_relationship  G:CrackFic  A:galwednesday  L:AO3  R:2  au_canon_temp 
may 2018 by caelulum
Save a Horse, Ride a Captain by galwednesday
Bucky tapped him on the shoulder, swaying back and forth a little as he waited for the man to turn around. “Hello,” he said, and then promptly forgot what else he was going to say, because this guy was fucking beautiful. “Wow. Good face.”

Two of the guy’s friends, a man wearing a suit that fit so well it had to be bespoke and a man with a cute little gap between his front teeth, started cracking up. The petite redhead sitting next to them cocked her head to the side and pulled her phone out of her handbag. Beautiful Face just looked kind of pained, so Bucky redirected. He was a gentleman. He could take a hint. No hitting on beautiful guys who were uncomfortable with that sort of thing, no matter how lickable their jawlines were.

“Hello,” he repeated, doing his best to mind his manners. “I’m very sorry to bother you. Can I have a piggy-back ride?”
F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:01-5K  St:Complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:James_(Bucky)_Barnes  Ch:Steve_Rogers  Ch:Howling_Commandos  Ch:Avengers  P:Rogers/Barnes  R:Pre_slash  AU_life:Other  Is:Modern!Bucky  G:Humour  G:Fluff  A:galwednesday  L:AO3  R:Pre_relationship  AU:Alt_canon 
april 2018 by caelulum
Bait and Switch 'verse (Series Masterpost) by galwednesday
"Post-action tacos?” Tony suggested. “I’m thinking that place by Fordham. BattleBot, you in?”

“Can’t,” the Soldier said, typing something into his phone. “I have a date.”

Tony stopped talking for an entire three seconds. “You. Have a date.”

The Soldier looked up and blinked, clearly nonplussed to find Sam and Tony both staring at him. “Yes.”

“With who?”

“My boyfriend.”

“You have a boyfriend. You have a boyfriend?” Tony looked like he’d just walked into a lamppost, and then the lamppost had handed him a birthday present.

Last update: 12-May-2018, Part 2.
F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:01-5K  St:Complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:James_(Bucky)_Barnes  Ch:Steve_Rogers  Ch:Tony_Stark  Ch:Sam_Wilson_(Marvel)  Ch:Avengers  Ch:Phil_Coulson  P:Rogers/Barnes  R:Established_relationship  AU_life:Other  Is:Skinny!Steve  G:Humour  A:galwednesday  L:AO3  R:2  AU:Alt_canon 
april 2018 by caelulum
The Adventures of Captain America, Not-So-Secret Agent (Series Masterpost) by galwednesday
"Agent Rogers. We have to stop meeting like this."

The Winter Soldier crouched in front of where Steve was slumped against the wall, hands and forearms glued to the stone behind him by some kind of sticky polymer. "Comfortable?"

"No," Steve lied. "My blood circulation has been cut off. I've lost all feeling in my hands."

"Oh, so I should probably cut you loose," the Soldier deadpanned.

"It's a medical emergency. You don't want to be responsible for me losing limbs, do you?"

"Tell you what, if you lose your hands, I'll make you some new ones." He held up his metal hand, smallest finger crooked. “Pinkie promise.”


Secret Agent adversaries-to-lovers AU where the Winter Soldier keeps tying Captain America to walls and sticking around to chat. Shut up, Natasha, it’s not flirting, okay? (It’s definitely flirting.)

Last update: 29-May-2017, Part 2.
F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:10-30K  St:Complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Steve_Rogers  Ch:James_(Bucky)_Barnes  Ch:Pietro_Maximoff  Ch:Wanda_Maximoff  Ch:Avengers  Ch:SHIELD  P:Rogers/Barnes  R:Pre_relationship  AU:Alt_canon  AU:Alt_character:Agent_Assassin_or_Spy  Is:Modern_WS!Bucky  OT:Prisoner  G:Humour  A:galwednesday  L:AO3  R:2 
august 2017 by caelulum
Clint Barton and the Howling Commandogs by galwednesday
All five of the dogs were in the backyard, bounding enthusiastically through an obstacle course assembled from the kind of junk that accumulated in rich people’s attics. There were platforms made of legless chairs, tents of old tablecloths to run through, and a pile of sofa cushions the dogs took great delight in plowing into. The dogs were being directed by a one-armed man with long brown hair and a serious case of resting murderface.

"You guys," Clint hissed. "That's the Winter Soldier."

"Oh, word?" America said. She looked idly at her nails.

"You knew?"

Kate rolled her eyes. "Of course we knew. How many one-armed amnesiacs do you think are running around these days? It's fine, I shot at him a little when he first turned up to make sure he wouldn't go berserk."

"He was real polite about it," America said. "Didn't return fire or anything."


(In which Clint liberates a pack of serum-enhanced dogs and ends up collecting one more stray than he bargained for.)
F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:01-5K  St:Complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:Clint_Barton  Ch:Tony_Stark  Ch:Kate_Bishop  Ch:America_Chavez  Ch:Steve_Rogers  Ch:Sam_Wilson_(Marvel)  OT:Pet/companion  G:Fluff  G:Humour  A:galwednesday  L:AO3  au_canon_temp 
july 2017 by caelulum
Tumblr shorts - Stucky by galwednesday
Scenes and stories from my Tumblr that are too short to justify having their own AO3 listing, one per chapter. Will probably update sporadically, but I don't have a schedule for these, so it depends on how desperate I am to procrastinate on longer WIPs how often I write quick, short stuff.

Chapter 1, Bucky's Jam: Steve/Bucky/plums OT3, or: how Stucky gets even stickier.

Chapter 2, Walk Softly (and Carry a Big Schtick): Bucky offsets the intimidation factor of his murder strut with strategic wardrobe updates.

Chapter 3, Wanna Thank Your Country for a Butt Like That: the response to Bucky Barnes' application to have Steve Rogers' Ass declared a National Historic Landmark.

Chapter 4, Retail Therapy: the Asset comes in from the cold and sleeps in Steve's bathtub. Steve goes on the most righteously determined Bed Bath & Beyond shopping trip in history.

Chapter 5, So What'd I Miss?: Bucky comes out of cryo and gets some unwelcome news.

Chapter 6, You've Got Mail: Modern Shrinkyclinks AU with Clint as a mail-swapping matchmaker.
F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:01-5K  St:Complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:James_(Bucky)_Barnes  Ch:Steve_Rogers  Ch:Avengers  P:Rogers/Barnes  Is:Skinny!Steve  G:Humour  Ep:MCU_Captain_America_2  A:galwednesday  L:AO3  R:3  au_canon_temp  au_not_canon_temp 
may 2017 by caelulum
The Winter Soldier vs. Twitter (hashtag BuckRogers) by galwednesday
“Remember what I said about internet trolls?”

“Don’t feed the trolls.”

“Exactly. Did I not say the same thing to Barnes?” Tony asked rhetorically. “Were those not my exact words? I could have sworn they were, and yet.”

“Bucky’s feeding the trolls?”

“He’s throwing a goddamn seven-course troll banquet. Every time someone on Twitter asks if your relationship announcement is real, he replies. Colorfully.”

Steve opened his mouth to ask what “colorfully” meant, then caught the gleam in Tony’s eye and put two and two together. He blushed. Colorfully. “Oh.”

(Steve and Bucky announce their relationship in a very dignified press conference. Bucky then replies to every goddamn tweet asking him to confirm it with a different dirty euphemism. Things escalate from there.)
F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:01-5K  St:Complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Steve_Rogers  Ch:James_(Bucky)_Barnes  Ch:Tony_Stark  P:Rogers/Barnes  R:Established_relationship  G:Humour  A:galwednesday  L:AO3  R:3  au_canon_temp 
june 2016 by caelulum

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