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Witness Him, by Barkour
"In that moment, one foot still phased into the wall, Loki had understood how it must have felt every time he’d betrayed someone. It was like witnessing his adopted-brother-twin fucking the Hulk."
f:mcu  u:marvel  t:humor  p:thor/hulk  bp:loki/sif  |slash  c:loki  a:barkour  l:1-5k  d:2017 
november 2017 by Tafadhali
Four and More (hera/kanan - star wars rebels - e)
“Thank you,” said Hera.

“Well.” He was hoarse. His thumb brushed the curve on the inside of her knee. He withdrew his hand, to cup her hand. His fingers encircled her wrist. “You saved me first. So fair’s fair.”
t:fic  a:barkour  wc:20k+  f:starwars  f:starwarsrebels  2015  p:hera/kanan 
march 2015 by woolenglove
I'm Your Fool
The Iron Bull never asked Dorian to stay, but Dorian did.
2015  a:barkour  f:dragonage  p:dorian/bull  wc:5000  r:pg  g:fluff 
january 2015 by radiophile
In Flagrante Delicto
Catching the Iron Bull in the act (that is, the carnal act) didn't start anything. It just brought Dorian's attention to it.
dragonage  a:barkour  bull/dorian  rating:t  20k+ 
january 2015 by psikeval
In Flagrante Delicto
Catching the Iron Bull in the act (that is, the carnal act) didn't start anything. It just brought Dorian's attention to it.
2015  a:barkour  f:dragonage  p:dorian/bull  wc:20000  r:pg13 
january 2015 by radiophile
The Heart of the Labyrinth
Matters come to a head for the Bull and Dorian on an otherwise routine mission.
2014  a:barkour  f:dragonage  p:dorian/bull  wc:10000  r:pg13 
december 2014 by radiophile
Where We Go After That
Scorched earth policies don't leave much to work with, but Dorian and the Iron Bull just might manage.
2014  a:barkour  f:dragonage  p:dorian/bull  wc:5000  r:nc17  g:pwp  k:bdsm 
november 2014 by radiophile
Under the Table
Dorian really shouldn't doubt the Bull.
2014  a:barkour  f:dragonage  p:dorian/bull  wc:5000  r:pg 
november 2014 by radiophile
First Comes Love, Then Comes, by Barkour
My internal Swiss-exchange-student-Luca-from-the-Babysitters-Club is reminding me in his incredulous tones that Bart is "THIRTEEN??" and, yeah, that's a problem for me. But this is also adorable? BE LESS THIRTEEN, BART.
a:barkour  p:jaime.reyes/bart.allen  t:♥  |slash  l:1-5k  f:young.justice  u:dcu  d:2013 
august 2013 by Tafadhali
Yggdrasill Dreaming
The Bifröst is broken and the roads between the worlds are lost; so, too, is the treacherous king Loki lost. Yet in Sif's dreams a shadow walks, and it wears the face of Loki Odinson. Is she going mad, or does Loki yet live? If he does live, then how is she to find him? Through dreams, through memory, Sif seeks Loki.

[I love how the dream quality of this fic continues from beginning to end. It is awesome.]
f:marvel  f:thor  c:sif  c:loki  g:gen  g:het  g:post-text  c:thor  a:barkour 
october 2011 by margrave

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