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Bifurcation by AlchemyAlice
[Wanted (2008) fusion]

Raven knows pretty much everything about Charles. She knows how much milk he likes in his tea, what shops in Oxford he buys his clothes from, and which possessions he would run back into his flat to save if it were burning down. She knows about his fear of spiders, and his guilty impatience with uncouth behavior. She knows that he can be unbearably pompous, and unbearably kind.

She also, for better or worse, knows about Wesley.
F:X-Men_First_Class  F:Other  T:Fic  W:05-10K  St:Complete  Cat:Slash  Ch:Charles_Xavier  Ch:Raven_Darkholme  Ch:Erik_Lehnsherr  Ch:X-men_cast  P:Lehnsherr/Xavier  R:Pre_relationship  AU:Alt_canon  CT:Character_fusion  OT:Dissociative_identity_disorder  A:AlchemyAlice  L:AO3 
may 2019 by caelulum
Bucky meets the team and manages to survive the experience, Tony is his usual dysfunctional self, and Steve pouts with deadly force.


When Bucky emerges from the lab, feeling wrung out and smug as fuck about it, Steve is sitting on one of the couches in the living room, reading from a tablet. He looks up, and immediately both flushes bright red and gives him the ultimate disappointed face. Normally, Bucky would feel awful about that, but the endorphins are currently cancelling out all of his shame.

“That was quick,” Steve says, sounding slightly strangled.

“We’re men of action,” Bucky says breezily. “What can I say?” Even his new arm feels well-fucked. The future is fantastic.

“Yeah, well,” Steve mutters, going even redder. Bucky despairs of him, but takes pity anyway.
fic  slash  The_Avengers  Bucky/Steve/Tony  Natasha_Romanova  Clint_Barton  Rhodey  Bruce_Banner  Thor  Phil_Coulson  Maria_Hill  Nick_Fury  hot_like_burning  wc:40_000-45_000  [R]  a:AlchemyAlice  Armed_and_Dangerous 
april 2017 by adelate
Bucky is found by SHIELD. Tony wants a project. They meet somewhere in the middle.
The first three weeks, the only people he sees are the doctors, and Steve. Steve makes it bearable, but only just.

Steve worries and bites his lip, and practically bleeds his guilt all over the carpeting, and no matter how many times Bucky tells him that there wasn't anything he could have done, that he doesn't forgive Steve only because there was nothing to forgive in the first place, he can only garner a weak smile and a weaker promise that he'll be out soon, they'll let him out--into the future, holy shit--soon.

He gets restless, breaks his plastic water cup into shards, and throws them like darts at the walls.

Bullseye every time, even with his non-dominant arm.

His arm. Fuck.
fic  slash  The_Avengers  Bucky/Tony  Steve_Rogers  Armed_and_Dangerous  wc:01_000-05_000  [PG-13]  a:AlchemyAlice 
april 2017 by adelate
where one starts from, by AlchemyAlice
I've seen like two episodes of this show but it seems like a prime candidate for this kind of "threesomes solve everything" solution.
a:alchemyalice  p:barry/iris/eddie  t:established  t:domestic  t:angst  l:10-20k  |slash  |het  |poly  f:the.flash  p:iris.west/eddie.thawne  u:dcu  d:2016 
august 2016 by Tafadhali
Trust Fall by AlchemyAlice
He watched Cap—Rogers—take in the gleaming armour on the floor, the outfit Tony had on, and the utilitarian but still fairly sophisticated interior of the medical bay. Watched as consternation gave way to creeping dread. “How long?” he asked, after a long moment. He sounded hoarse and far off. “Have we won?”
The door slammed open and both of them jumped. Tony turned to help him and put a hand tentatively on Cap’s wrist. Cap looked at him, watchful, but more trusting than Tony thought he deserved. He tried to keep his voice steady.
“We won,” he said. “We won seventy years ago. My name’s Tony Stark. I’m Howard’s son.”
marvel:avengers  a:AlchemyAlice  AU  content:PTSD  Steve/Tony  slash  email/letter  FANFIC  *MarvelUniverse  @AO3  medium:6.000-20.000 
february 2015 by endeni
I | Anatomy of a Mid-Life Crisis
Ariadne knew, in theory, that at one point in her life she hadn’t had to deal with strange men barging into her life and messing around with it, but now she honestly couldn’t remember what that had been like, or when it had been the case. It was slightly pathetic, and more than slightly irritating.
f:inception  a:alchemyalice  p:ariadne/eames  c:ariadne  c:eames  p:arthur/cobb  l:4k 
august 2014 by ieneblu
I | Retrieval
Arthur’s in Moscow when Cobb finds him. And dammit, Cobb should not be able to find him.
f:inception  a:alchemyalice  p:arthur/cobb  n:winter  l:1k  r:n 
august 2014 by ieneblu
I | Defense Mechanisms
Cobb glanced up at him. “Unless things have changed?” he asked, just as quietly, and Eames was pretty sure he’d never heard their extractor sound so gentle, and almost apologetic.
f:inception  a:alchemyalice  p:arthur/cobb  n:pining  l:2k  r:n 
august 2014 by ieneblu
Closing the Circuit by AlchemyAlice
SHIELD's down, Captain America's AWOL, and on the whole, things are kind of FUBAR. On the other hand, Tony might have some semblance of a plan.
F:Marvel_Cinematic_Universe  T:Fic  W:10-30K  St:Complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:Tony_Stark  Ch:Pepper_Potts  Ch:Steve_Rogers  Ch:James_(Bucky)_Barnes  Ch:Avengers  Ch:Thor_cast  Ch:Iron_Man_cast  Ep:MCU_Captain_America_2  A:AlchemyAlice  L:AO3  OT:Team/Family  au_canon_temp 
july 2014 by caelulum
Closing the Circuit - AlchemyAlice
SHIELD's down, Captain America's AWOL, and on the whole, things are kind of FUBAR. On the other hand, Tony might have some semblance of a plan.

[Tony builds the Avengers 2.0 post CATWS. I love her fics, and this does not disappoint.]
f:avengers  f:captainamerica  f:ironman  g:gen  c:tony-stark  c:steve-rogers  c:james-bucky-barnes  c:natasha-ramanova  c:clint-barton  c:ensemble  c:sam-wilson  a:alchemyalice 
july 2014 by margrave
leave them stunned and stuttering
Coming out as a billionaire playboy to your group of superhero friends is harder than Tony makes it out to be.

Or: Further glimpses of the ever-exasperating life of Bruce Wayne, childhood best friend of Tony Stark.

[HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.Sequel to "When they finally come to destroy the earth (they'll have to go through you first" and part of this series - http://archiveofourown.org/series/105950)]
f:avengers  f:batman  g:gen  c:tony-stark  c:bruce-wayne  g:crossover  a:alchemyalice 
may 2014 by margrave
Accidental Gift by AlchemyAlice
The problem with angel swords was that humans knew fuck-all about them. Worse, the angels were no better. Meanwhile, some post-apocalyptic cracks in the fabric of reality needed mending.
F:Supernatural  T:Fic  W:10-30K  St:Complete  Cat:Gen  Ch:Dean_Winchester  Ch:Castiel  Ch:Sam_Winchester  P:Dean/Castiel  R:Pre_relationship  AU:Alt_canon  CT:WingFic  CT:Ability_other  A:AlchemyAlice  L:AO3 
march 2014 by caelulum
Hollowed and Whole
Oooh, interesting. Dean negotiates with Michael, and when he lets him in, Michael sees what Dean wanted him to see.
f:spn  p:gen  a:alchemyalice  w:<6k  trope:canon.divergence  tag:interesting.oneshot 
february 2014 by fictionalclue
Warm Welcome by AlchemyAlice
When they finally lock him down, Steve’s not allowed to see him for the first eight weeks.
a:AlchemyAlice  FANFIC  Steve/Bucky  slash  @AO3  short:1.000-6.000  marvel:avengers  *MarvelUniverse  via:endeniem 
january 2014 by talitha78

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