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Awesome Accessibility (@brunopulis)
A curated list of awesome Accessibility tools, articles and resources.
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19 hours ago by shannonlucas
📟 I just published short-and-sweet, an accessible character counter, tested with VoiceOver and NVDA
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2 days ago by davidhund
Short note on getting spaced out with SC 1.4.12 Text Spacing | The Paciello Group – Your Accessibility Partner (WCAG 2.0/508 audits, VPAT, usability and accessible user experience)
“One of the new success criterion in WCAG 2.1 is 1.4.12 Text Spacing. Conforming to this criteria provides accommodation for people to modify their text styles according to their needs.

“The success criterion defines a set of text styles that must be supported. Thinking that this should be pretty simple to test using a bookmarklet I went searching for one that someone may have prepared previously. Not finding any, I whipped one up.”
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2 days ago by handcoding
Untitled (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grrx2Lva7T0)
RT : Det her er en glimrende introduktions-video til Digital Tilgængelighed:
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2 days ago by jenspoder
Hand tremors and the giant-button-problem - Axess Lab
“In this article we’ll examine an overlooked accessibility problem that mainly affects users with hand tremors. It’s in almost every interface out there, but barely ever highlighted in accessibility guidelines or discussions. It’s also super easy to fix!”
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3 days ago by handcoding
SPA Introduction
(There’s not necessarily a lot of new information here for you, but perhaps this could be good for beginners?)
“When creating an accessible single-page application (SPA) several things must happen when new content is loaded and focus must be managed correctly.

“Continue through this single-page application to learn more.”
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3 days ago by handcoding
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 covers a wide range of recommendations for making Web content more accessible. Following these guidelines will make content more accessible to a wider range of people with disabilities
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4 days ago by siggiarni
Managing focus for accessibility
(There’s not a lot of new information here, but perhaps this could be good for beginners?)
“If I’m building a single page web app, what should happen to focus when the user clicks some navigation?”
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4 days ago by handcoding
Functions to Add ARIA to Tables and Lists
Related Other posts in this accidental series: Layout as a Clue to Semantics Display: Contents Is Not a CSS Reset Tables, JSON, CSS, ARIA, RWD, TLAs… Tables, CSS Display Properties, and ARIA A Responsive Accessible Table Hey, It’s Still OK to Use Tables When I presented my talk CSS Display…
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4 days ago by tedw

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