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A Book Apart, Accessibility for Everyone
You make the web more inclusive for everyone, everywhere, when you design with accessibility in mind. Let Laura Kalbag guide you through the accessibility landscape
a11y  books 
17 hours ago by siggiarni
Focusing on Focus
David Walsh on focus in browsers with mouse and keyboard
webdesign  web  design  accessibility  accessible  focus  keyboard  mouse  browser  a11y 
18 hours ago by piperh
Are you concerned about Accessibility? – Offline Camp – Medium
title: Are you concerned about Accessibility?
How to educate developers on creating accessible websites.
webdesign  web  design  accessibility  accessible  site  website  a11y 
18 hours ago by piperh
Overcoming Self Adversity, What is Stopping You?
@ryanseslow and his wonderfully honest experience getting new hearing aids
learna11y  learnaccessibility  accessibility  a11y  hearingaids  hearing 
19 hours ago by laurakalbag
A close look at the sRGB formula
"Evidently, [0.3928] came from the fact that the slope of 1/12.92 is actually a rounded version of a more theoretically correct slope of about 1/12.92321. A cutoff of 0.03928 is what you would arrive at if you used that slope.

"However, the sRGB standard defines 12.92 as the exact value to use. So I don’t think it would be correct to use 12.92321 in sRGB formulas.

"In any case, there’s certainly no reason to use 0.03928 together with 12.92. That would be half-baked, and it leads to a discontinuity that is possibly big enough to be significant."
srgb  2017  color  conversion  accessibility  a11y  wcag 
yesterday by handcoding
Accessibility Club Berlin 2017
RT : The club is going to be back in Berlin right before . Tickets are available now. Space is limited.
btconf  a11y  from twitter
yesterday by matthiasott
Website Usability Testing | User Testing by TryMyUI
A program to connect testers for your UX (User Experience)from around the world.
WordPress  a11y  WebAccessibility 
yesterday by ClearHelper
ResponsiveVoice Text To Speech API
"ResponsiveVoice is a Text-To-Speech API supported in 51 languages. This cross-platform HTML5-based library is open-sourced for non-commercial and non-profit use. It includes speech synthesis and speech recognition SW designed to Voice-Enable websites and apps."
WebAccessibility  a11y  2017  Deaf 
yesterday by ClearHelper
Your nonprofit’s online peer-to-peer fundraising solution
"Empower your supporters to become life long fundraisers and cause ambassadors through peer-to-peer fundraising. With FirstGiving, you'll raise more and keep more, with one of the most affordable, trusted, and experienced online fundraising websites in the market."
WebAccessibility  a11y  2017 
yesterday by ClearHelper
Accessible WordPress Themes
Accessible themes on Word press website creator.
a11y  WebAccessibility  WordPress 
yesterday by ClearHelper
An Algorithm Summarizes Lengthy Text Surprisingly Well
"As information overload grows ever worse, computers may become our only hope for handling a growing deluge of documents. And it may become routine to rely on a machine to analyze and paraphrase articles, research papers, and other text for you."
WebAccessibility  a11y  2017 
yesterday by ClearHelper
AbleLink Technologies - WayFinder 3
"WayFinder 3 is an accessible Garmin or TomTom, and it helps people with intellectual disabilities to travel safely, whether by bus or on foot. The traveler simply taps on the picture of their desired destination and WayFinder 3 takes over from there."
WayFinding  WebAccessibility  a11y  2017 
yesterday by ClearHelper
Automating Accessibility Testing of Web Applications
"IBM has released a new solution that is designed to allow developers and testers to integrate automated accessibility testing within Chrome browser development tools to help deliver an optimized user experience and conform to industry standards."
WebAccessibility  a11y  testing  2017 
yesterday by ClearHelper
UK's Gatwick Airport installs 2,000 Bluetooth beacons for AR-based indoor navigation
"Gatwick Airport, the second-busiest airport in the United Kingdom, is making it easier for passengers to navigate its two terminals with the installation of around 2,000 beacons, initially providing iPhone users their location on indoor maps, with the system also allowing for the use of augmented reality wayfinding in the future."
WayFinding  a11y  2017 
yesterday by ClearHelper
INDEX Blog Disclaimer
"The information contained herein is provided as a public service. The INDEX Program, the Shriver Center, and the University of Massachusetts Medical School"
a11y  WebAccessibility 
yesterday by ClearHelper
Shade - The greatest contrast tool in the galaxy
This looks to be kind of a neat menubar utility for checking color contrast.
contrast  accessibility  a11y  mac  macos  menubar  apps  software  osx  2017  color 
yesterday by handcoding
10 guidelines to improve your web accessibility | Aerolab
There’s a quote by Tim Berners-Lee, Director of W3C and inventor of the World Wide Web, that says, “The power of the web is in its universality”. As people who make a living by making websites, it’s our responsibility to ensure everyone has access to them. Web accessibility seems like a tall order on paper, but it’s definitely much easier than it sounds.
article  tips  webdev  accessibility  accessability  a11y 
yesterday by Jolantis

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