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LIN connection cable for PC-LIN interfaces: PEAK system
CAN and LIN fieldbuses are connected together via a D-Sub connector.
CAN  and  LIN  fieldbuses  -  connected  together  via  a  D-Sub  connector  PLIN-USB 
21 hours ago by kilroy2
(5) How to design a Raspberry Pi Hat in 10 minutes - YouTube
How to design a Raspberry Pi Hat in 10 minutes
How  to  design  a  Raspberry  Pi  Hat  in  10  minutes 
yesterday by kilroy2
Apple HomePod Review - a dumb smart speaker?
Apple has finally made an entrance into the growing home AI assistant market, with their recent release of the long awaited HomePod. First announced back in June of 2017 and scheduled for release by December of 2017. After some delays, only recently has it begun shipping to Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States....

The post Apple HomePod Review – a dumb smart speaker? appeared first on .
Apple  HomePod  Review    a  dumb  smart  speaker? 
yesterday by vrzone
(22) How to Service a NuTone 8 Note Long Tube Door Chime Base - YouTube
How to Service a NuTone 8 Note Long Tube Door Chime
How  to  Service  a  NuTone  8  Note  Long  Tube  Door  Chime  -  info 
2 days ago by kilroy2
7 Practical Questions to Ask Your Management or Client before Designing a New Access Database
When you are creating new database from scratch it is important to ask key stakeholders the right questions so that the Access database can meet the requested outcomes
Designing  a  New  Access  Database  Management  mdb  recovery  Ms  Questions  security  requirements 
2 days ago by DataNumen

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