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Give Me Just Enough
23,535. Ryan has a giant cock. Jon likes it.
bandslash  p!atd  <25000  jon/ryan  a.untappedbeauty 
june 2009 by Cassandrexx
But everybody ELSE is doing it
Lots of little background/future snippets for her fic.
a.untappedbeauty  ficlets  bandslash  p!atd 
may 2008 by Cassandrexx
My Memory's Not What It Used To Be
10000. Brendon runs Gabe over in the desert and gives him amnesia. Ryan reluctantly takes care of him. Hilarious and sweet. Gabe/Ryan
a.untappedbeauty  favorite*  au  bandslash  cs  p!atd  rare.pairing  <15000 
january 2008 by Cassandrexx
Meant It When I Said "The Pleasure Is Mine"
1300. If he's perfectly honest, Brendon knows he doesn't do this because he's all that into the act itself. He does it because Ryan is.

He does it because it makes Ryan shiver and push back into it and make these sweet, needy noises, and there's nothin
bandslash  brendon/ryan  rimming  p!atd  kink  a.untappedbeauty 
december 2007 by Cassandrexx
We Started From
21000. "Brendon, you have seen a bunk, right? It has this thing called a curtain, not a door. And I don't want to hear you jerking off. I don't even want to think about you jerking off. Which you're making me do. So stop it." Ryan makes a face.
bandslash  p!atd  groupsex  a.untappedbeauty  <25000  favorite** 
october 2007 by Cassandrexx
It doesn't do him any good to try to steel himself, though, because then Brendon's pulling the comb through his hair lightly, and Spencer just sort of...melts. He has a weakness, okay? He can't help it.
brendon/spencer  p!atd  <5000  a.untappedbeauty 
october 2007 by Cassandrexx
Something Like a Mystery
4000 Gerard is *painfully earnest*. Patrick can't quite deal.
bandslash  fob  mcr  gerard/patrick  <5000  a.untappedbeauty 
august 2007 by Cassandrexx

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