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Only Rises [by glassessay], PG
Theon Greyjoy is murdered on Pyke, thrown over a bridge by his own kin. He drowns.
What is dead may never die.
a.song.of.ice&fire  TheonGreyjoy  RobbStark  SansaStark  AryaStark  AshaGreyjoy  *love!fic  TyrionLannister  genfic  *alt.canon  *loyalty  °glassessay 
april 2019 by mayachain
Winterfell Tales [by anon], PG-13
It's like something out of an old story, Miles thinks: a Betan's idea of what Barrayar was like.
Or: Miles and Ekaterin crash-land on Westeros.
Vorkosigan!fic  a.song.of.ice&fire  MilesVorkosigan  EkaterinVorsoisson  SansaStark  TyrionLannister  genfic  canon!pairing(s)  *crossover  *injury!fic  °anonymous 
october 2017 by mayachain
Power [by All_Our_Sweetest_Hours], R
Wolves are instinctual creatures and Petyr finds himself questioning the relationship between the last two wolves of Winterfell.
a.song.of.ice&fire  SansaStark  JonSnow  Jon/Sansa  AryaStark  PetyrBaelish  *Stark!reunion  *hug!fic  outsider-pov  *politics 
july 2016 by mayachain
the ghosts won't matter cause we'll hide in sin - soapboxblues - A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Game of Thrones (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
wherein rhaegar wins the war, and jaime manages to keep his head by taking a stark for a wife; or five times jaime lannister braved his marriage and the one time he was brave for its sake
a.song.of.ice&fire  *alt.canon  hetfic  JaimeLannister  LyannaStark  *becoming!fic  °soapboxblue 
february 2016 by mayachain
the excellent adventures of lord pigeon ned stark [by janie_tangerine], PG-13
in which Ned doesn't die but wargs into one pigeon instead.

Incidentally, it doesn't stop him from preventing a war and saving both his family and the entirety of Westeros.
a.song.of.ice&fire  NedStark  CatelynStark  RobbStark  SansaStark  TheonGreyjoy  BranStark  *crackfic  *alt.canon  *warg!powers  °janie_tangerine 
december 2015 by mayachain
Now Comes The Cold [by got_exchange anon], PG
Benjen Stark stumbles back to the Wall after the battle and is elected Lord Commander.
a.song.of.ice&fire  *alt.canon  genfic  *bumpyfeelings  *loyalty  JonSnow  BenjenStark  °anon 
august 2015 by mayachain
Under Your Protection [by sandpaperblues], PG
Brienne is granted an audience with the new Queen of Westeros and she uses it to plead for Jaime Lannister’s life.
a.song.of.ice&fire  JaimeLannister  Brienne.of.Tarth  DanaerysTargaryen  SansaStark  TyrionLannister  *futurefic  *proposal/wedding  °sandpaperblues 
july 2015 by mayachain
I Fear No Fate (For You Are My Fate, My Sweet) [by lit_chick08], R
Myrcella Baratheon always knew she would be married to a man for a political alliance. What she did not know was that she was going to be left in the North at 8-years-old to one day become the wife of Robb Stark and just how much it would change her life.
a.song.of.ice&fire  *alt.canon  hetfic  RobbStark  MyrcellaBaratheon  JonSnow  TheonGreyjoy  AryaStark  DanaerysTargaryen  JaimeLannister  CerseiLannister  RobertBaratheon  TyrionLannister  JeyneWesterling  *proposal/wedding  *love!fic  *de-angst  *hug!fic  *backstory  CatelynStark  EddardStark  °lit_chick08 
december 2014 by mayachain
Blood Thrives [by anon], PG-13
Ygritte, her mother, and her life before Winter came and she met Jon Snow.
a.song.of.ice&fire  Ygritte  hetfic  *backstory  *anthropology  °anonymous 
december 2014 by mayachain
The Sword or the Cloak [by anon], PG
In which Theon finds that the Wall is as good a place as any to atone for his sins and to be a man again. And it did matter to him if Baratheon or Bolton was victorious after all.
a.song.of.ice&fire  TheonGreyjoy  JonSnow  genfic  StannisBaratheon  AshaGreyjoy  JeynePoole  *futurefic  *redemption  °anonymous 
november 2014 by mayachain
you could hold me here forever like you're holding me tonight [by janie_tangerine], NC-17
where Jaime has preferences that he can't quite manage to discuss clearly with Brienne and it's his luck that she can figure him out anyway.
a.song.of.ice&fire  hetfic  JaimeLannister  Brienne.of.Tarth  *futurefic  *subordination  *trust!fic  *cuddle!fic  °janie_tangerine 
october 2014 by mayachain
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing [by crossingwinter], NC-17
On their wedding night, Robb expects Roslin to be shy, bashful and self-conscious, but she ends up topping the hell out of him.
a.song.of.ice&fire  RobbStark  RoslinFrey  hetfic  *alt.canon  *proposal/wedding  *first-time  °crossingwinter 
september 2014 by mayachain
Come Hell or High Water [by EmynIthilien], PG
In which Davos succeeds in Lord Manderly’s mission to find a long-lost Stark—just not the Stark everyone had been expecting.
a.song.of.ice&fire  SansaStark  DavosSeaworth  JonSnow  genfic  StannisBaratheon  *Stark!reunion  *hug!fic  *grief!fic  °EmynIthilien 
august 2014 by mayachain
A place in Cape Wroth [by anon], PG-13
Jeyne and Theon form their own little family by adopting all the orphans and bastards they can find.
a.song.of.ice&fire  JeynePoole  TheonGreyjoy  outsider-pov  *futurefic  °anon 
june 2014 by mayachain
allies in a time of war [by L_Cloudy], PG-13
That one AU where Jon goes to war with Robb, and finds out he has more in common with Lady Catelyn than they both expected.
a.song.of.ice&fire  genfic  RobbStark  JonSnow  CatelynStark  *alt.canon  *notquitethereyet  *loyalty  *grief!fic  *injury!fic  *politics  °l_cloudy 
april 2014 by mayachain

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