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token female series
Different stories about girl!Spencer/Bob, girl!Ryan and girl!Jon.
bob/spencer  bandslash  always.a.girl  p!atd  mcr  a.joker-and-thief 
february 2008 by Cassandrexx
The Desperate Housewives AU
10300. The Brendon/Jon part is beautiful, and I'd love to see it fleshed out more. Everyone else broke my heart in a big way.
sad  bandslash  fob  p!atd  a.joker-and-thief  a.ficsoreal 
january 2008 by Cassandrexx
wait, finally?
13000 Bren/Ray. Bren's very, very fucked up, and not quite fixed at the end of the story, but Ray trying to care for her is sweet and intense.
p!atd  bandslash  always.a.girl  rare.pairing  <15000  mcr  a.joker-and-thief 
december 2007 by Cassandrexx

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<15000  a.ficsoreal  always.a.girl  bandslash  bob/spencer  fob  mcr  p!atd  rare.pairing  sad 

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