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When Life Gives You Lemons (Say Fuck the Lemons and Bail) - fiddleyoumust - Bandom, Panic At The Disco [Archive of Our Own]
Spencer and Brendon go on a cruise together after Spencer splits up with Haley.

//One of those long and satisfying Spencer and Brendon fics that's very like a black and white movie. Very pretty. (26475 words)
a.fiddleyoumust  f.bandom  f.bandom.patd  m.fic  l.long  _SpencerSmith  _RyanRoss  _BrendonUrie  p.BrendonUrie/SpencerSmith  :failboats  :friendstolovers  r.startingout  r.flirting  r.holidayromance 
june 2012 by Dipenates
fiddleyoumust: Fic - Once Like a Spark (Jon/Spencer) -Part One
Spencer feels like he's been unpacking forever. There are still boxes stacked in corners and no matter how much progress he feels like he makes, they never seem to end. Spencer is usually a big fan of new beginnings, but today, he's somewhat exhausted by this particular one.

He eventually decides to take a break from unpacking by lounging on the couch with a book. He's enjoying the quiet, letting the hum of the heater lull him while he snuggles into one of Ryan's blankets with a cup of Earl Grey. It's mostly lukewarm now, and when Spencer sets it back on the coffee table, he notices a ring forming from the lack of a coaster. He shrugs it off, not wanting to search through more boxes in order to save a table he bought for seven dollars at a garage sale.

The front door opens, and Spencer smiles as Ryan comes walking through. Spencer's ready with questions about Ryan's first day of school until he notices that Ryan looks wary and scared in ways Spencer hasn't seen since they got here.
p.SpencerSmith/JonWalker  p.RyanRoss/BrendonUrie  g.au  f.bandom  f.bandom.patd  r.friendship  r.flirting  r.startingout  r.breakingup  r.reconnecting  m.fic  a.fiddleyoumust  l.long  g.angst  _SpencerSmith  _JonWalker  _RyanRoss  _BrendonUrie  :crying  :alcoholism  :college  :college!Panic  :relationship  :childabuse 
october 2011 by Dipenates
Say, Aren't You Kind of Glad We Did?
3600. So, I don't even know. Spencer's always been a girl and she wants to have sex with Jon. The End.
jon/spencer  bandslash  always.a.girl  p!atd  <5000  a.fiddleyoumust 
december 2008 by Cassandrexx
Lent Isn't That Stuff You Find In Your Pocket by fiddleyoumust
This story is not actually as lighthearted as the title and premise makes it seem, and yet also isn't as brutal as it could be. I like this Brendon and the way he's spastic and bitchy and sincere, all of which feels pretty realistic. The other guys are well-drawn, too. The tension between Ryan, Spencer, and Brendon is the core of the story.
fanfic  bandslash  Brendon/Spencer  Panicatthedisco  a.fiddleyoumust 
september 2008 by joyfulseeker

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