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Five Days (To Midnight) by Blink_Blue [Archive of Our Own]
It's been months since Steve left Hawkins and walked out of Billy's life. He's back for the holidays and Billy gets one last chance to make things right.

They have five days together. Five days left of the year. Five days to cherish.
7k+  *  *lovely  strangerthings  billy/steve  a.blink_blue  saved  1801 
january 2018 by pastself
Does It Hurt? by Blink_Blue [Archive of Our Own]
Billy is a loose cannon. Steve forgives too easily. Billy wants to see him as broken as he feels.

There's no high quite like fucking with Harrington.

{Billy doesn’t ask for permission. He never does.}
rough-sex  *  strangerthings  dub-con  a.blink_blue  billy/steve  1k+  pwp  saved  1801 
january 2018 by pastself
Monsters by Blink_Blue [Archive of Our Own]
The worst monster Billy knows is the one inside himself. It lashes out like a wild, raging animal. In the aftermath, compulsive and guilt-ridden, Billy has to face a few hard truths.

Harrington couldn't possibly hate him as much as he hates himself.
25k-30k  WIP  a.blink_blue  strangerthings  billy/steve  *  1801 
january 2018 by pastself
Shallow Graves for Shallow Hearts by Blink_Blue [Archive of Our Own]
Nancy doesn't know what she wants. Billy takes advantage and lets her know exactly what she lost.


“What the hell were you thinking, Wheeler?”

“Because now, I’m the one who gets to fuck Steve Harrington.”
3k+  outsiderpov  a.blink_blue  billy/steve  strangerthings  1801 
january 2018 by pastself

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