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Nobody Lost, Nobody Found by ClaraxBarton
"Look, dude, I get it. You’re fucked-up. HYDRA fucked you up. I’ve been there. But you’re my fucking Soul Mate!"

“I can kill you. I could kill you without even realizing what I was doing. I’m not fucked-up, I’m a monster. I’m a nightmare. You can’t be here. You can’t- All the people I’ve killed- I will not murder my Soul Mate too. Not after everything else I’ve-”

Clint worked his left hand between their bodies and managed to land a punch to the man’s right side, forcing him to shift his weight, and Clint brought his right hand down on the place where the man’s metal arm met his torso - hidden by the shirt he wore, but on full display in the video Clint had watched.

The man released Clint with a grunt of pain, and Clint pressed his advantage, landing another punch to his abdomen, backing him up against the opposite side of the RV and then pressing the kitchen knife he had pocketed while cleaning up earlier to the man’s throat.

“Like I said, I’m not a Boy Scout. I’m plenty dangerous myself. We clear on that?”


This looks bad, because it is.


How Clint Barton met his Soul Mate
a/u:soulmates  avengers  clint/bucky 
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fall to your knees (bring on the rapture) by citadelofswords
The story goes that the colors appear in the first place you touch your soulmate with your hand, and the deeper the color the deeper the bond runs.

(or, Vox Machina is not the kind of group to do anything by halves, let alone soulmates.)
criticalrole  polymachina  a/u:soulmates 
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Mystic TenSpencerRiedPlease
Soul mate's names appear on their mate's skin. But the names aren't just the ones on their birth certificate- soul marks detailed every name your soul mate would ever receive throughout their lifetime.

Tony’s soul mate is fucking stupid. This idiot used the name ‘Stephen Strange’ and ‘Dr. Strange’- both of which made sense- but then the final tattoo that liked to appear sometimes was fucking ‘Sorcerer Supreme’. He decided from the moment he saw that embarrassing name he was one hundred percent never, ever going to give two shits about his dumbass soul mate.

Stephen had rolled his eyes so hard when ‘Iron Man’ flitted across his arm for the first time. Well, the first time he could read it. But the other names were interesting too- namely Tony Stark.
avengers  tony/strange  a/u:soulmates 
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Mirror by usedupshiver
Tony Stark's soulmate, his Mirror, somehow manages to make him lose an arm long before he is even born.

Then the soulmates meet, and it nearly costs Tony his life.

Things can really only go up from here.
bucky/tony  a/u:soulmates  avengers 
october 2018 by miteymidget
Fiercer and More Frail icarus_chained
Soulbond AU. In a world where soulbonds exist and are sacrosanct, Tony and Rhodey do not have a bond. Then Afghanistan happens.
avengers  tony/rhodey  a/u:soulmates 
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A Different Kind of Knight by jenny_wren
Clint's soulmate's first words to him will be 'Oh shit. You gotta help me hide the body.' Clint's not sure why everybody thinks this is a bad thing.
avengers  a/u:soulmates  tony/clint 
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What's Good for the Goose by Taste_is_Sweet
We all have soulmates, and every soulmate pair shares an animal guide. The Guide is there to lead you to your One True Love, and they represent the aspects of the psyche that you both share. They appear when you're about to meet your soulmate, and often materialize in moments of great personal crisis, offering hope and support. There are stories upon stories about how someone's Guide appeared to lead them to their One True, or how the barest glimpse of their Guide eased their hearts and gave them hope in the midst of despair. The newly-rescued almost always attribute their Guide with giving them the strength and courage to hang on.

Animal Guides are ephemeral, ethereal, and elusive. They are, most often, no more than a warm presence or flicker out of the corner of one's eye. They are incarnate symbols of perseverance, optimism and hope. Foretellers of happiness, and the grand destiny of love.

Except for geese. Geese are assholes.
avengers  a/u:soulmates  bucky/tony 
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First of All by Shi_Toyu
The first words Tony's soulmate will ever say to him are, "I killed your parents." Four little words. Amazing how they can change a life so much.
bucky/tony  a/u:soulmates  avengers 
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A Guy Like You Should Wear A Warning by Laura Kaye (laurakaye)
The words on his arm were crisp and clear, written in a rushed-looking scrawl like someone had taken a purple marker to Phil’s skin.

So I take it that second honeymoon isn’t working out the way you’d hoped?

Phil’s legs went out from under him and he sat down with a painful thud, all brain processes diverted to the task of staring at his arm and wondering—and wondering—

Phil was waiting, was the thing. Not for sex—definitely not for that—but for romance, for a relationship. He knew that not every soulbond was sexual or romantic in nature, but most were, and he wanted that, wanted the kind of marriage his parents had, bound together in every possible way.
And he was going to meet his soulmate on his second honeymoon?
avengers  clint/coulson  a/u:soulmates 
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embrace my soul by greenbergsays
All his life, Steve Rogers had only ever wanted to belong--to something, to someone, to both. And all his life, that belonging had been held just outside his reach.


Also known as: the Cap!Steve/modern!Bucky soulmate au that someone actually did ask for.
avengers  a/u:soulmates  stucky 
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Me and You (is who the future belongs to) by melonbutterfly
Tony is in for quite a culture shock when he leaves for Jötunheimr to meet his soulmate for the first time, especially since what little he knows of the place is hearsay passed on through Æsir, who aren't exactly neutral on the subject. But he wouldn't be Tony Stark if he didn't roll with it.
avengers  loki/tony  a/u:soulmates 
may 2018 by miteymidget
It's Nice to Finally Tweet You by Pendragons Dragonlord (PseudoAuthor)
Merlin's eyes scan the headline.

Arthur Pendragon reveals mark in attempt to find the one.

"I pity the guy who's unfortunate enough to get him as a soul mate.”

In which Arthur is a famous celebrity, Merlin is a beloved teacher, and they break Twitter once. Well, twice. Okay so it's a whole bunch of times actually but it's not their fault. Really it's not.
merlin  arthur/merlin  a/u:modern  a/u:soulmates 
april 2018 by miteymidget
Deeds by the5leggedCricket
Arthur is coming of age, and that means he’s about to get Deeds—marks on his body telling him of his soulmate’s greatest accomplishments. But as he tries to find his soulmate, he also makes some worrying discoveries about the kind of person his soulmate is.
merlin  arthur/merlin  a/u:soulmates 
february 2018 by miteymidget
Of Soulmates and Sparkes by covarla
John leaned forward slightly and looked at the marks. He jerked back and looked at Stiles. “You have two soulmates?” he asked incredulously.
Stiles’s eyes slipped over to Chris and Peter again and then he looked away. He nodded.
The Sheriff swore under his breath. “You said you didn’t know who your soulmate was,” John said. He sounded both confused and at the same time frustrated.
Stiles licked his lips and unconsciously took another step backwards. “That may have been inaccurate,” he replied softly.
teenwolf  chris/peter/stiles  a/u:soulmates  ot3 
february 2018 by miteymidget
All Good Things Are by evanelric
They remember when they first found each other, when Chris was twenty-two and well on his way to establishing his own life, and Peter was still stumbling, albeit gracefully, through high school. They learned, though, and cautiously left space for someone else to slot in with them. Nothing so overt as an empty place setting, but sometimes the space in their bed and on their wrists becomes a yawning chasm that threatens to swallow them whole until enough time passes that they can’t help but be inured to it.
That, of course, is when they wake up with a triple loop nestled in the middle of the spirals on their wrists as if it’s been there all along.
teenwolf  ot3  chris/peter/stiles  a/u:soulmates 
february 2018 by miteymidget
The Trouble with Threesomes and Supernatural Soulmates by Akira_of_the_Twilight
Peter looked at Stiles from the corner of his blue eyes and smirked. Stiles swore he saw a flash of red Peter’s eyes, but it might of have been his brain’s lack of oxygen making him hallucinate. “I’m looking for my soul mate. Christopher Argent. I believe he volunteered to be taken in for questioning.”
An iron fist clenched Stiles' heart. This man was Argent’s—Christopher’s soul mate?
Stiles stared at the Peter’s wrist, examining every detail of Peter's soul mark. Stiles couldn’t find anything different between his and the blond’s.
Stiles lifted his hand and ghosted his fingers along Peter’s forearm.
It was lightning all over again, and Stiles yanked his hand back, only to have it caught in an unbreakable grip.
Frosty blue eyes burrowed into Stiles', and he couldn’t stop himself from gulping. The smirk on Peter’s lips grew as the corner of his mouth quirked higher, and he drew Stiles’ hand close to his face.
Peter’s nostrils flared slightly as he stared at Stiles’ soul mark. He pulled Stiles forward, pressing soft lips to Stiles wrist.
“Now what would your name be?” Peter purred.
teenwolf  chris/peter/stiles  a/u:soulmates 
february 2018 by miteymidget
All the Way Back Where I Come From by romanticalgirl
Soul bonds happen. Most of the time, in the vastness of the world, it doesn't amount to anything. Sometimes it does. Sometimes you meet your soul mate.
Sometimes you meet both of them.
At the same time.
leverage  hardison/parker/eliot  ot3  a/u:soulmates 
february 2018 by miteymidget
Paint With all the Colours of the Wind by Della19
From this prompt on tumblr by nikirari: “Harry x Eggsy soulmate au where you only see colour once you meet your soulmate (so you don’t know them until you see them).
And it goes away when they die.”
So um, that. But with less angst. Harry/Eggsy, Soulmate AU, Fix-It.
kingsman  harry/eggsy  a/u:soulmates 
february 2018 by miteymidget
Listen to Your Heart by Kayasurin - Rise of the Guardians
Humans have a Name on their wrist. Pooka’s have a Song in their hearts. Jack Frost can’t read his Name; Bunnymund has only been hearing a Song for the last three hundred years. It doesn’t help that they’ve been getting closer to each other, when both Name and Song say there’s someone else out there for both of them.
riseoftheguardians  jack/bunny  a/u:soulmates 
february 2018 by miteymidget
Where You Go I will Go by lady_ragnell
Athelstan doesn’t believe he’ll ever meet his soulmate, the ache in his chest telling him that whoever it is, they’re far away. Lagertha and Ragnar have felt the pull west since they first met, and when Ragnar finds a way to go there, he goes intending to bring the third soulmate of their bond home. None of them gets quite what they expect.
vikings  Athelstan/Lagertha/Ragnar  ot3  a/u:soulmates 
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