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Police custody deaths hit 10-year high, with experts citing austerity | UK news | The Guardian
Police custody deaths have hit their highest level in a decade with police, campaigners and experts warning that austerity and a crisis in mental health services have driven the figure up.

A total of 23 people died in or after detention in 2017-18, according to official figures released by the police watchdog, up from 14 people the previous year.

More than half had mental health problems, according to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), who said the conditions included psychosis, depression and self-harm or suicidal tendencies. Eighteen people had drug and or alcohol issues.
A&E  Police  mental  health  NHS  Austerity  rationing  Council  excess  death  patient  safety 
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A&E Live
Based on published data from NHS England and NHS Digital, this is a simulation of the realtime activity of Emergency Departments in England. To be clear, this is not actual patient details but a representation based on published data. Full details
health  dashboard  vis  dj  a&e  simulation  live 
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NHS failure is inevitable – and it will shock those responsible into action | Jan Filochowski | Opinion | The Guardian
When this happens, as it is now, pretty much across the board, things don’t get worse by 3% because demand has increased by 3%, they get worse by 50% or 100% because there is no slack left to deal with what is only a 3% increase. And the figures are now showing just this: failure multiplying while demand increases only marginally.
NHS  Crisis  Austerity  Council  elderly  adult  social  care  A&E  GP  chronic  sick  population  ageing  premature 
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NHS England treats too many patients as an emergency, watchdog warns | Society | The Guardian
firefighting // failure to put in place enough services outside of hospitals to keep patients healthier.
NHS  Crisis  chronic  sick  population  premature  ageing  sickcare  demand  prevention  public  health  CVD  diabetes  Cancer  obesity  overweight  COPD  Disease  Diseases  GP  A&E 
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Food Standards Scotland chief says NHS at 'tipping point' amid obesity crisis | HeraldScotland
However, the head of Scotland's food watchdog said he believed there was a growing consensus in public and political opinion that a "tipping point" was being reached in the battle against obesity, and that a failure to reverse the crisis would eventually "cripple the NHS". The number of people living in Scotland with Type 2 diabetes has increased by 29 per cent since 2010, to more than 289,000, according to figures published today.
NHS  Crisis  sickcare  demand  Scotland  obesity  overweight  diabetes  CVD  Cancer  GP  A&E  Disabled  premature  ageing  chronic  sick  population  public  health  prevention  S.A.D.  western  diet  lifestyle  Alcohol  tobacco  self-medication 
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GPs offered cash to refer fewer people to hospital | Society | The Guardian
NHS Coastal West Sussex CCG has offered to give groups of practices working together in its area 50% of savings made from GPs referring fewer patients for dermatology care, ear, nose and throat treatment in the community, and minor surgery and wound closure. [...] Peter Swinyard, chair of the , said: “From a patient perspective it means GPs are paid to not look after them. It’s a serious dereliction of duty, influenced by CCGs trying to balance their books.” [...] would let hospitals treat the most needy cases. [...] The Department of Health and Social Care made clear that no patient should be denied care. “Patients must never have their access to necessary care restricted - we would expect local clinical commissioning groups and NHS England to intervene immediately if this were the case,” a spokesperson said. //&! making GPs ever more unpopular - https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/feb/28/satisfaction-with-gps-at-lowest-level-for-30-years-survey-finds https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/feb/27/fifth-of-prescribed-antibiotics-are-unnecessary-study-finds
NHS  Crisis  rationing  chronic  sick  population  Diabetes  CVD  Cancer  sickcare  demand  A&E  ageing  premature  demographic  bubble  Austerity  GP  waiting  times  patient  safety  treatment  delay  CCG  NICE  guidelines 
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Is Marijuana Addictive? | NutritionFacts.org
Speaking of parallels with the tobacco industry, check out:

Animal Protein Compared to Cigarette Smoking
American Medical Association Complicity with Big Tobacco
Big Food Using the Tobacco Industry Playbook
Collaboration with the New Vectors of Disease
How Smoking in 1956 is Like Eating in 2016
If you haven’t yet, you can subscribe to my videos for free by clicking here.
Tobacco  food–industrial  complex  lobby  public  health  crisis  chronic  sick  population  Alcohol  self-medication  abuse  obesity  Cancer  overweight  sickcare  demand  NHS  CVD  diabetes  GP  A&E  premature  ageing  demographic  bubble  S.A.D.  western  diet  lifestye 
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Ambulances stuck at A&E 'unable to respond quickly to 999 calls' | Society | The Guardian
Patients who have a stroke or heart attack are at risk of harm because so many ambulances are stuck at A&E units that they cannot respond quickly enough to 999 calls, an NHS boss has said.
NHS  A&E  Crisis  patient  safety  Austerity 
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Patients suffering as direct result of NHS wait-time failures | Society | The Guardian
[ https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/feb/08/melissa-whiteley-student-dies-flu-after-family-follows-nhs-advice-sepsis-pneumonia - also Sepsis not just the Flu ] Of those, a record 1,043 were on a trolley for more than 12 hours, despite NHS bosses telling hospitals that that should never happen.

Such patients could die, Hassan said, adding: “International studies have consistently shown an association between long waits in emergency departments and avoidable deaths. These figures again make clear that patient safety is at risk.”

Prof John Appleby, the chief economist at the Nuffield Trust health thinktank, said: “A year ago we warned that corridors had become the new emergency wards. It is deeply concerning that 12 months on the position has worsened, with many harrowing reports of patients being treated in busy corridors by stressed and overworked staff.” //&! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-42989197 &! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-42989181 - NHS pressure: Hospital corridors 'the new emergency wards' //&! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-42908908 - Care sector: 'Short of nurses and other key staff' //&! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-42990321 - Hip fracture patients face up to 80-day wait for rehab, survey finds
NHS  Crisis  winter  A&E  GP  patient  safety  Austerity  social  adult  elderly  care  Council 
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Over 3,700 deaths linked to alcohol - BBC News
Alcohol was a factor in more than 3,700 deaths in a single year in Scotland, according to new research.

Findings from NHS Health Scotland show that drink was involved in more than 1,000 deaths from cancer in 2015.

It was also linked to hundreds of deaths from conditions such as liver disease, as well as accidental injuries.

In addition, more than 41,000 people were admitted to hospital as a result of consuming alcohol, the study found.

Experts said the findings show that alcohol has a wider impact on health than many people think.
UK  Alcohol  alcoholism  binge  drinking  public  health  crisis  NHS  A&E  GP  chronic  sick  population  Scotland  culture  sickcare  demand  self-medication  abuse  mental  coping  mechanism  prevention  maladaptive  Cancer  liver  disease  CVD  obesity  overweight 
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We'll live longer but suffer more ill-health by 2035, says study | Society | The Guardian
We'll live longer but suffer more ill-health by 2035, says study
Number of old people suffering from four medical conditions to double in less than 20 years, researchers claim
NHS  sickcare  chronic  sick  population  ageing  premature  demographic  bubble  healthcare  demand  GP  A&E  adult  elderly  social  Care  Council  Crisis 
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