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Dropwizard is a Java framework for developing ops-friendly, high-performance, RESTful web services. Dropwizard pulls together stable, mature libraries from the Java ecosystem into a simple, light-weight package that lets you focus on getting things done. Dropwizard has out-of-the-box support for sophisticated configuration, application metrics, logging, operational tools, and much more, allowing you and your team to ship a production-quality web service in the shortest time possible.
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17 days ago by dlkinney
Yammer : Embed (configuration)
this is a configuration utility for tweaking the yammer embed.
Yammer  Embed 
november 2017 by dremillard
yammer  ui  webdesign  design  component  react  reference  microsoft  icon 
november 2017 by yoshiagi
Yammer Embed and SharePoint 2013 – Chris Hopkins' Blog – #makinitdostuff
Well mostly just about Yammer Embed to help clear up some questions I get about its capabilities.
Yammer  Embed 
october 2017 by dremillard
Current Yammer integration options in SharePoint | Maarten Eekels's Blog
Are you running IE in compatibility mode? Don’t.
Also, have you added the following two URLs to your Trusted Sites Zone?
october 2017 by dremillard
How to Use Yammer for Page Comments Inside SharePoint
Why you should be using Yammer Open Graph embedded inside a SharePoint page to add page comments and more to boost inter-office communication.
sharepoint  yammer 
october 2017 by pingpongpao
Adding comments, likes and follow from Yammer into you own SharePoint solutions – Are Flyen's Blog
With the Yammer Embed API adding comments, likes and follow content is quite easy to achieve. Using this embed API has a great benefit as it is developed and maintained by Yammer, and will require very little effort to integrate. Features beyond the actions (like and follow) and the feed (comments) can be accomplished with either…
sharepoint  yammer 
october 2017 by pingpongpao

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