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Using Atom for academic writing - packages - Atom Discussion
There are several packages available for Atom to support academic writing in Pandoc Markdown. This tells me that there is a group of people using it for that purpose and I recently started to be part of that group [smile…
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18 hours ago by jonesbp
Base2Tone - Base2Tone Colorschemes
Base2Tone Colorschemes, 2 base hues - 32 variations >1 theme
tools  workflow 
yesterday by jonesbp
Giving the iPad a full-time job – Justin Searls – Medium
Programmers often describe their ideal tools with adjectives like “powerful”, “feature-rich”, and “highly-configurable”. Few users are seen as wanting more from their computers than programmers. This…
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yesterday by jonesbp
Mac Power Users #383: More Education Workflows with Teddy Svoronos - Relay FM
Harvard Lecturer Teddy Svoronos returns to talk about how he's using his Mac and iOS devices for giving presentations, some very clever iOS automation techniques, and academic writing. Teddy and David also share some of their favorite apps for making music.
Guest Starring: Teddy Svoronos
Links and Show Notes
Teddy Svoronos – Program Evaluation, Teaching, Technology, Intrigue.
Teddy Svoronos (@tedsvo) | Twitter
Keynote - Apple
Mac Power Users #319: Teaching Workflows with Teddy Svoronos - Relay FM
OmniOutliner - outlining & writing for Mac, iPhone, and iPad - The Omni Group
Numbers - Apple
Flexibits | Fantastical 2 for iPhone | The fast and friendly calendar and reminder app.
Teddy's Numbers Spreadsheet for Presentation Timing
There is also a link for using this data in Workflow in the document.
Live interactive audience participation | Poll Everywhere
Perfect Web Browser - Extraordinary Web Browser for iOS
Magnetic Sleeve for Apple Pencil
iPad Pro - Smart Keyboard - Apple
GoodNotes - Stunning Digital Ink
Notability by Ginger Labs
Home - MindNode
Teddy's Workflow – Teaching Reflection + Table
Nebo - The best way to take notes | MyScript
MyScript Stylus Handwriting Input
Screens VNC
Remote Desktop From Any Device | Parallels Access
Copied - A Full Featured Clipboard Manager for iOS and macOS
Coming to iOS 11: Dropbox support in the new Files app | | Dropbox Blog
Hogwarts Pensieve | Harry Potter Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia
Home - MindNode
Click Metronome on the App Store
Chord Cheats & Metronome - Chord diagrams, tone generator and metronome for Watch on the App Store
iReal Pro - Music Book & Play Along on the App Store
forScore on the App Store
PG Music Inc. - Band-in-a-Box, RealBand, and more
Charlie Parker - A Night in Tunisia (featuring the Famous Alto Break) - YouTube
Start at 1:10 to hear the break but you really should listen to the whole do?
Pitch - Tuning App
Bluetooth Page Turner
Loopy, the live looper app for iPhone and iPad
Fake book - Wikipedia
Capo 3 - Learn more songs in less time on the Mac App Store
MPU  podcast  education  workflow 
yesterday by rgl7194
is a Python helper library for Alfred 2 and 3 workflow authors. Alfred workflows typically take user input, fetch data from the Web or elsewhere, filter them and display results to the user. Alfred-Workflow takes care of a lot of the details for you, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on your workflow’s functionality.
alfred  launcher  workflow  python  code  macos  mac  apple  osx 
2 days ago by der_dennis
atlassian/smith: Smith is a Kubernetes workflow engine / resource manager prototype
smith - Smith is a Kubernetes workflow engine / resource manager prototype
kubernetes  workflow  engine  tpr 
4 days ago by pinterb

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