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Things for Alfred
Interact with Things 3 using Alfred
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23 hours ago by codeyard
jordanmerrick/workflows: Workflows I've created.
This repository contains workflows that I've created for the iOS app Workflow.

Most of the workflows have self-explanatory names. Some of the more complex ones include instructions within the workflow.
workflow  ios  produktivität 
yesterday by exon
Buy Capture One Pro
Single-user with 3 workstations
EUR 279 / USD 299 (+ VAT)
RAW  software  photography  workflow 
yesterday by dominomaster
Sketch - SketchTool
SketchTool comes bundled with Sketch (and Sketch Beta). You can find it in To install SketchTool, just download the latest Sketch and run the file in your Terminal.
plugin  sketchapp  workflow 
yesterday by mayrav
Growing up with Dogma
If all software is broken, if everything isn’t bug-free and 100% accessible the first time we build it, then we can’t assume anything we are doing is the ‘correct way.’
workflow  philosophy 
yesterday by Gwendoux

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