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US wages have been flat, despite growing economy
“The conundrum of stuck wages [for “non-managerial workers”?] has vexed economists for more than a decade, but their underlying assumption had been that as joblessness drops — it's at 4% now — companies will be forced to push up wages to attract and retain workers. Now that that hasn't happened, the feeling is beginning to creep in that this is the new normal.”
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2 hours ago by cote
Why introverts make great leaders
For decades, introverts have been written off as ineffective and incapable business leaders. Here's why that's utter BS.
productivity  management  work  psychology 
2 hours ago by terry
Gendered language negatively correlated with women’s labor force participation

Drawing on a broad range of historical and linguistic sources, this paper constructs a measure of the proportion of each country’s population whose native language is a gender language. At the cross-country level, this paper documents a robust negative relationship between the prevalence of gender languages and women’s labor force participation. It also shows that traditional views of gender roles are more common in countries with more native speakers of gender languages.
ncp  ncpin  Feminism  Language  Work 
3 hours ago by walt74
1. 把老板当成一个生意上的合作伙伴,要尊重,要合作,要思考如何为他增加价值
2. 把精力投入到学习各种优秀知识,接触优秀的人上面
3. 长期不懈的努力构建自己的体系
work  insight 
4 hours ago by muyun_
Core Readings in Statistical Mediation Analysis – ScienceOpen
This is a collection for researchers who are interested in using statistical mediation analysis. The collection includes not only articles that provide guidelines on mediation analysis, but also readings that present a critical perspective on the topic.
work  data  r 
5 hours ago by Kudusch
Impact of Open Offices on Collaboration | Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
Organizations’ pursuit of increased workplace collaboration has led managers to transform traditional office spaces into ‘open’, transparency-enhancing architectures with fewer walls, doors and other spatial boundaries, yet there is scant direct empirical research on how human interaction patterns change as a result of these architectural changes. In two intervention-based field studies of corporate headquarters transitioning to more open office spaces, we empirically examined—using digital data from advanced wearable devices and from electronic communication servers—the effect of open office architectures on employees' face-to-face, email and instant messaging (IM) interaction patterns. Contrary to common belief, the volume of face-to-face interaction decreased significantly (approx. 70%) in both cases, with an associated increase in electronic interaction. In short, rather than prompting increasingly vibrant face-to-face collaboration, open architecture appeared to trigger a natural human response to socially withdraw from officemates and interact instead over email and IM. This is the first study to empirically measure both face-to-face and electronic interaction before and after the adoption of open office architecture. The results inform our understanding of the impact on human behaviour of workspaces that trend towards fewer spatial boundaries.
work  office  collaboration  architecture  productivity 
5 hours ago by ssorc
  “我是人才评价政策的直接受益者!”成立3年的合肥某生物医药科技公司主攻新药研发,这家公司的总经理同时也是合肥某研究院的研究员。 via Pocket
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8 hours ago by Teecy
raceAhead: How To Tell If Your Employees Feel Welcome At Work | Fortune
“SurveyMonkey has teamed with Paradigm, a diversity consultancy, to create a belonging and inclusion survey template that they believe will help them better understand the lived experiences of their employees. They’re also making the survey template public, so you can better understand yours, as well.”
surveymonkey  surveys  work  2018  via:_sagesharp_ 
13 hours ago by handcoding
Four Reasons Lab Coats Are Essential
There are many industries where a lab coat may be the solution needed for proper uniforms.
lab  coat  safety  work  uniform 
17 hours ago by Adventure_Web
Amazon Aurora Migration Handbook
This paper examines the following major contributors to the success of every database migration project:

- Factors that justify the migration to Amazon Aurora, such as compatibility, performance, cost, and high availability and durability
- Best practices for choosing the optimal migration method
- Best practices for planning and executing a migration
- Migration troubleshooting hints
amazon  databases  rds  aurora  aws  mysql  migration  sql  documentation  reference  howto  pdf  work  papers 
yesterday by oscar-lopez
Float Labels with CSS | CSS-Tricks
You've probably seen this pattern going around. It's an input that appears as if it has placeholder text in it, but when you click/tap into that input,
css  work 
yesterday by bfulop
AWS Application Auto Scaling
Similar to EC2 Auto Scaling, Application Auto Scaling allows you to automatically scale compute and data resources such as Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon ECS, Amazon RDS Aurora replicas, Amazon Appstream 2.0, Amazon SageMaker, Amazon EC2 Spot Fleet, or Amazon EMR. Now, any service that you build with adjustable resource capacity can be automatically scaled using the new Custom Resource Scaling feature of Application Auto Scaling
aws  scalability  apps  amazon  work  reference  documentation  howto 
yesterday by oscar-lopez
Use Advanced CSS to Style HTML Forms Without Javascript
Learn about new and old CSS selectors that you can use to make your HTML forms look great, without resorting to Javascript hacks.
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yesterday by bfulop

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