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If work dominated your every moment would life be worth living? | Aeon Ideas
By this means, work will ultimately become total, I argue, when it is the centre around which all of human life turns; when everything else is put in its service; when leisure, festivity and play come to resemble and then become work; when there remains no further dimension to life beyond work; when humans fully believe that we were born only to work; and when other ways of life, existing before total work won out, disappear completely from cultural memory.
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20 hours ago by lorenzck
Jobs at Stripe: Full Stack Engineer, Org Effectiveness
Org Effectiveness builds products that enhance knowledge discovery, communication, and culture for all Stripe employees, in turn helping individuals stay connected and have a greater impact.
We aim to work in a company of warm, inclusive people who treat their colleagues exceptionally well. As part of this, we deeply trust one another, enable individuals to learn and grow beyond their role, and work hard to ensure people within Stripe feel connected to each other and our collective goals.

The Org Effectiveness team exists to facilitate this. We build products like Home. Used by 99% of Stripes in any given month, Home is the source of truth for who we are, what we’re doing, and why—and a platform for enabling individuals and helping them get to know one another.

Our internal products like Home don’t face the same scale that our user-facing applications do: it’s less about the number of concurrent requests and more about the ever-changing complexity and scale of our organization. Home is inherently tied to the people at Stripe: for any particular feature we roll out, we have to consider how it affects Stripes new and tenured, based in headquarters and abroad, and people across every role; we need to balance transparency with information overload, serendipity with curated content, and crisp interfaces and team boundaries with the actual human element that makes Stripe what it is.

We’re looking for people with a background in building successful products, experimenting with new ways to structure and share information, distilling complex needs to simple interfaces, and who are comfortable learning new technologies and systems. Most importantly, we’re looking for people who are enthusiastic working with a variety of backgrounds, roles, and needs. If this sounds like you, we’d love to chat.
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23 hours ago by aviflax

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