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That viz I made in 2014 for my still working. Didnt expect it really
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5 weeks ago by schee
Beijing Pushes for a Direct Hand in China’s Big Tech Firms
"The Chinese government is pushing some of its biggest tech companies—including Tencent, Weibo and a unit of Alibaba—to offer the state a stake in them and a direct role in corporate decisions. Wary of the increasing power of private businesses, internet regulators have discussed taking 1% stakes with social-media powers Tencent Holdings Ltd. and Weibo Corp. and with Youku Tudou, a YouTube-like video platform owned by e-commerce titan Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. BABA , according to people close to the companies...A document released by China’s leadership last month to encourage entrepreneurship instructs entrepreneurs to put patriotism first and follow the party’s guidance. At Mr. Xi’s urging, a campaign is under way to set up party units in private companies." - Li Yuan, Wall Street Journal
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6 weeks ago by dmcdev
China’s Sina Weibo Hires 1,000 Supervisors to Censor ‘Harmful Content’—Including Women’s Legs
"Chinese tech giant Sina Weibo has recruited 1,000 Weibo supervisors to report on 'pornographic, illegal and harmful content' after China's Cyberspace Administration investigated and fined Weibo for failing to purge banned content from its social media platform.

The policy is already having adverse effects on users, particularly young women, whose photos are being labeled 'pornographic' if they show a woman's leg, abdomen or cleavage. Users who are found to violate the rules may have their 'social credit' scores reduced, which can limit to their ability to use the platform." - Oiwan Lam, Global Voices
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6 weeks ago by dmcdev
China’s Weibo Hires 1000 ‘Supervisors’ to Censor Content
"As Chinese authorities are fiercely cracking down on the internet, China’s top social media platform Weibo doing its best to stay in line. On September 27, Weibo announced it would hire 1,000 'supervisors' from among its users to conduct censorship. Weibo said it will grant each supervisor membership, a special identity label on the platform and an online subsidy equal to 200 yuan (around $30). Furthermore, Weibo said it would reward the supervisors who have the best performance each month with iPhones, other smartphones, notebooks, or other prizes. According to the announcement, all supervisors, 'who work on their leisure time,' should report on no less than 200 pieces of content (including both original posts and comments) that either are pornographic, illegal or harmful. The announcement didn’t clarify what content should be regarded as 'harmful,' but it promised that Weibo would train the supervisors beforehand." - Charlotte Gao, The Diplomat
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7 weeks ago by dmcdev
A gigantic Chinese social-media platform is offering iPhones for citizen censors
Weibo, a Chinese social network with over 340 million monthly users, posted a message (link in Chinese, registration required) on its official account yesterday (Sept. 27) announcing it would seek volunteer censors to help report users who post offensive content. In exchange, the company will offer cash stipends and prizes including an iPhone. The ad highlights how Chinese tech companies are facing increasing pressure to remove politically sensitive content from the internet. In an infographic...Weibo said it is seeking 1,000 'Weibo supervisors' to look out for 'sexual, illegal, or harmful' content in their spare time. The selected supervisors will receive access to a special mechanism that lets them 'report' such content." - Josh Horwitz, Quartz. See the aforementioned infographic (Chinese language) here:
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8 weeks ago by dmcdev
China fines tech giants for not censoring banned content ahead of October's party congress
"Chinese authorities said on Monday that they have handed down maximum fines to the operators of three major social-media platforms in the country for failing to deal with pornography, violence and other banned content on their sites.

The affected platforms are Baidu's online forum Tieba, microblogging site Weibo and Tencent's massively popular social app WeChat. In August, authorities had said the respective operators were under investigation for cybersecurity violations.

The Cyberspace Administration of China, the watchdog that monitors online activities, issued a notice saying tech giants Baidu and Sina Weibo were handed maximum fines under the new cybersecurity law for 'failing to fulfill their management duties' in dealing with pornographic and violent content, as well as information that 'promotes ethnic hatred'"
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8 weeks ago by dmcdev
@Linnk收藏夹 - Linnk 官方微博
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10 weeks ago by mozlingyu
Why Autocrats Sometimes Relax Censorship: Signaling Government Responsiveness on Chinese Social Media #research
From the abstract: "Despite China’s robust censorship capacity, commentary critical of government policies on Chinese social media is ubiquitous. Why would an autocratic regime not fully censor these critiques? We argue that authoritarian leaders periodically relax control to persuade the public that the regime acknowledges citizens’ concerns and will address them. This affords state actors a responsiveness benefit to weigh alongside other factors, including collective action risk or reputational harm. To illustrate, we use a combination of human- and computer-assisted coding techniques to statistically model censorship of relevant posts on the Chinese microblog Weibo during a high-profile air pollution controversy in 2012. We find two distinct trends in censorship around a crisis event during which the state largely relaxes control. After the crisis, leaders adjust to allow some limited critiques, while blocking directly disparaging remarks. This suggests that the state changes censorship in order to signal responsiveness to citizens’ legitimate concerns over governance." - Elizabeth Plantan and Christopher Cairns, Cornell University
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august 2017 by dmcdev
China's WeChat, Weibo and Baidu under investigation
It's not just foreign social media platforms that face difficulties in China: Chinese social media platforms are now also under fire: "China says it is investigating its largest social media platforms - Weibo, WeChat and Baidu Tieba - for alleged violations of cyber security laws. The Cyberspace Administration said people had been using the three platforms to spread terror-related material, rumours and obscenities. The breaches 'jeopardised national security,' the administration said." - BBC
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august 2017 by dmcdev

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