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RT : AKB48グループからのお知らせ、このあとライブ配信(動画あり)

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5 days ago by hiro
Dirty-Poor and Ugly
"qiou", a popular memeish thing in China
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11 days ago by nelson
[Censored ] The latest was banned on Chinese social media. You know what John sa…
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june 2018 by yellowcandle
Widening net of China censors puts tech on notice
China's Great Firewall is moving beyond targeting (primarily) political content to instead increase"its grip on cultural and social discourse among the web-savvy youth," as indicated by its recent move to block gay content on the Twitter-like Weibo social media platform. The move spooked investors, as Weibo's stock took a big dip on Friday.

Reuters reports: "The widening net of Chinese censors have put tech on notice. Jokes and gay content are disappearing from the web. It's a fresh sign that Beijing is policing beyond political discourse. For the $26 billion microblog Weibo and peers, appeasing both users and regulators will get harder...It vividly illustrates how censors are shifting the goal posts for Weibo and other social networks like the $6 billion video broadcasting app YY and the $488 billion gaming giant Tencent. Beijing has moved from targeting politically-sensitive content to extending its grip on cultural and social discourse among the web-savvy youth...Investors caught off guard by the latest crackdown wiped $2 billion off Weibo's market capitalisation on Friday, highlighting the risks...China's internet cleanup is proving bad for business."
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april 2018 by dmcdev
. on 's reversal of LGBTQ censorship: Weibo is not Chinese gov, which does not care much (yet)…
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april 2018 by bokane

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