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A Message from Earth
A Message from Earth is a celebration of the Voyager Golden Record in its 40th year, featuring contributions from 40+ people influenced by the original.
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3 hours ago by richor
The Websites of 39 Unicorn Startup Companies Before They Became Billion Dollar Companies
Shows initial websites of unicorns in different industries. Notes some of the bigger problems with each.
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yesterday by jeromekatz
Pingler You Need Social Media Auto-Submission
The links coming in and out of your site make a big difference to how valuable your pages look to search engines. Pingler offers a set of tools to help you analyse the links that exist for your site and suggest more. There are also specific tools to allow you to see if your site has any links from authority websites. The Backlink Checker Tool is just one of the link analysis offerings in Pingler’s SEO suite, and it allows you to instantly check how many backlinks your site has got.
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yesterday by global.dwellers
ZEIT – Dockerfile Builds for Static Deployments
You can now use a Dockerfile to describe your build process and host the resulting artifacts as a static deployment
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2 days ago by orlin
New Website Launch: East Coast Property Services
Adventure Web Interactive is excited to announce its newest website launch for East Coast Property Services!
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2 days ago by Adventure_Web

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