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Launch and grow your website-based startup - Monte
I upvoted Monte 2.0 on Product Hunt: Turn your web app idea into a fully functional business at June 26, 2017 at 07:37AM
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2 days ago by iamthefury
Web We Want
"We defend the Web as a public good and a basic right, and as a catalyst for social justice and human rights."

"The Web belongs to all of us, and Web We Want is a global coalition of individuals and groups working together to build a better Web everyone. We are concerned about the growing number of threats to the very existence of the open Web, such as censorship, surveillance and concentrations of power. ...
"offer small grants, community knowledge and resources to people taking action to shape the Web’s future."

"... an initiative of the World Wide Web Foundation, a global non-profit organisation founded by the inventor of the Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee."

Web We Want | | retr 26 jun 2017
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2 days ago by tometaxu
Cell is an API-less framework that creates a self-contained & self-driving DOM.
No API : Remember that Cell is all about how you structure your logic and NOT about learning how to use some proprietary API. This document will walk you through this.
Self contained : Each element is its own universe (context) with its own variables and functions.
Self driving : Each element communicates with outside world via stateless function calls. This means each cell can survive on its own and plug into anything with zero overhead/footprint.
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2 days ago by backspaces
Learn Next.js - Create SSR Enabled React Apps Easily
Zeit Next: To build server rendered JS web apps with React
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2 days ago by backspaces

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