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The Line of Death | text/plain
When building applications that display untrusted content, security designers have a major problem— if an attacker has full control of a block of pixels, he can make those pixels look like anything he wants, including the UI of the application itself. He can then induce the user to undertake an unsafe action, and a user will be none the wiser.
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2 hours ago by amenthes
@Designmodo : @adamdepasqua @ProductHunt We don’t offer the trial period, sorry :( But we offer 20 days money back. (via Twitter http://twitter.com/Designmodo/status/1043023988119621632)
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3 hours ago by dcolanduno
@webdesignledger : UI prototyping tools under the spotlight: Are they as good as they claim to be? https://t.co/YV8azJwbg4 (via Twitter http://twitter.com/webdesignledger/status/1042987123253465088)
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6 hours ago by dcolanduno

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