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Vodafone expands 4G coverage to eight new locations in Cameroon
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21 days ago by stevesong
Rihana | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Rihana Rihana en concierto en Madrrid y Barcelona. Se el primero en decir ya tengo las entradas. Preventa 48 horas antes que los demás. Rihana
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4 weeks ago by wotek
Vodafone numbers paint a picture of mediocrity | Telecoms.com
The UK and India are the main trouble makers here, with each market declining year-on-year by 4.5% and 8.7% respectively. // how long before they sell out of brexit island?
Brexit  vodafone  ovum 
9 weeks ago by yorksranter
Guest Editorial: How 4G improved in 2016 and will turn the corner in 2017 – JM Communications
Clarke reckons VF's big project this year was 2100MHz refarming to 4G and parallel 900MHz refarming to 3G CS voice. given as VF has masses of 2100 this should mean they are awash with capacity. didn't look like it from a customer perspective
vodafone  spectrum  ovum  4g 
9 weeks ago by yorksranter
Vodafone-Kabel-Helpdesk: Belegung Nürnberg
Braucht man immer mal wieder wenn der Fernseher einzelne Sender nicht findet.
tv  nuremberg  vodafone 
11 weeks ago by egoexpress
RT : Endlich tut ach dieses Internetz und Telefon hier wieder 😌
vodafone  from twitter
may 2017 by tack48
UK LTE PPDR project “marred from day one” — PolicyTracker, Apr 2017
"As another damning report from the influential UK Public Accounts Committee (PAC) into the progress of the project is released, we reveal some of the concerns we have heard from sources close to the project.

The PAC, a group of members of parliament, said last week that it was “extremely disappointing that the [Home Office’s] risk management and assurance arrangements did not pick up earlier the risk that emergency services communications could be unsupported from April to September 2020.”"

"The transition to the new network is now not due to start until July 2018, even though the Home Office - the government department in charge of the ESN - told the PAC in November that it would start this September. Significant delays were expected by many commentators, not least because much of the user equipment does not yet exist and key standards are still in development."
LTE  public-safety  PolicyTracker  risk-management  Motorola  Airwave  Vodafone 
april 2017 by pierredv

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