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TIBCO Spotfire Data Visualization and Analytics Software | TIBCO Software
AI-powered, search-driven experience with built-in data wrangling and advanced analytics

TIBCO Spotfire® is the most complete analytics solution in the market, and makes it fast and easy for everyone to visualize new discoveries in data. Using search and recommendations powered by a built-in artificial intelligence engine, anyone can explore data to bring insights.

Whether creating simple dashboard metrics, predictive applications, or dynamic real-time analytics applications, Spotfire® delivers numerous capabilities at-scale, including visual analytics, data wrangling, predictive analytics, location analytics, and streaming analytics."
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3 hours ago by tobym
2019 Fall Foliage Map & Nationwide Peak Leaf Forecast
Sep 16, 2019 - When will the leaves start changing? When will they peak? Our Nationwide 2019 Fall Foliage Map and leaf prediction tool has answers.
maps  visualization  fall  foliage 
5 hours ago by alexpbrown
An Introduction to D3.js
So, you want to create amazing data visualizations on the web and you keep hearing about D3.js. But what is D3.js, and how can you learn it? Let’s start with the question: What is D3?

While it might seem like D3.js is an all-encompassing framework, it’s really just a collection of small modules. Here are all of the modules: each is visualized as a circle - larger circles are modules with larger file sizes.
visualization  javascript 
12 hours ago by bvt
Dataframe Visualization with Pandas Plot – Kanoki
Some simple guidelines on using the basic chart types
python  visualization  pandas  howto 
yesterday by dogrover
C82: Works of Nicholas Rougeux
Midwest web designer, data geek, fractal nut, and animal lover.
artist  design  visualization  to-blog 
yesterday by basus

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